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TNA Slammiversary XI Results and Review

TNA Slammiversary XI Results and Review

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Ultimate X - X Division Title - Kenny King vs Suicide vs Chris Sabin

Sabin retrieved the belt to win. Good match but it was short and they didn't do much at all.  The crowd was into it though. Sabin started bleeding bad near the end. He smacked his face off the apron earlier in the match which may have caused it. The cool spots here with Suicide walking up both of his opponents near the turnbuckle, two falls from the lines and a suplex/cutter/backdrop combo.

Hogan announced that Sabin would get into Bound For Glory due to his win. Ace's had a problem with it and the match got started. Hulk called Eric Bischoff and his son bitches during their mic battle and was pretty vulgar.

Ace's and 8's vs Jeff Hardy, Magnus and Samoa Joe

 Hardy got the win with a swanton. Ace's mostly bumped around here but the crowd loved it. I had too many tech issues here to really say much about this.

Ace's beat up Joseph Park in the back.

Sam Shaw vs Jay Bradley

Jay Bradley got the win with a lariat. The match wasn't bad, but it was short and the crowd didn't care at all. Sam Shaw doesn't have a good in-ring presence and kind of moves like a dork.

Jay got interviewed after. He said he would win the Bound for Glory series and would be the next champ.
Aries and Roode got interviewed. They brought up that Roode was the longest reigning TNA champ and they said they would win tonight.

TNA Television Championship - Devon vs Joseph Park

Park didn't come out. Devon said Park fell and couldn't get up. Devon said this was like the Boston Celtics in the NBA playoffs.

Devon threatened the ref to ring the bell and count Park out. He said if the ref didn't ring the bell, he was allowed to beat him up. I've never heard of that rule, strange. Park never showed up and lost by countout.
Devon said he'd whoop Abyss's ass if Abyss showed up. So Abyss did

TNA Television Title - Devon vs Abyss

Abyss won in a short one with the Black Hole Slam. The match wasn't that interesting and I was glad that it was short.

Dixie brought out the TNA roster to announcce that Kurt Angle will be the next person in the TNA Hall of Fame.

Kurt Angle was crying. It was a nice moment and the video package on him was pretty good. Dixie Carter talked about how they knew they would make it with Angle and how they did make it with Angle. I guess money wasn't the thing they wanted to make, because I still don't think they accomplished that.
Kurt thanked everybody and said TNA made him "love it again".

They showed Sting arriving earlier.

Bad Influence said they made the TNA tag titles valuable again. Kaz called Jeremy "Jeremiah".
They said the belts would go back "around our delicious waists".

TNA Tag Titles - Elimination Match - Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Hernandez vs Austin Aries and Bobby Roode vs Bad Influence vs James Storm and Gunner

Bad Influence got eliminated for Daniels using the belt. Aries then schoolboyed Chavo seconds later to eliminate Chavo and Hernandez.

Gunner and James Storm won with a torture rack. The match was good but this was just a vehicle to put over Gunner. He was good but this team was my 4th choice to win. I hated the elimination of Bad Influence. The highlights here were Bad Influence being wacky and the double superman dives from Chavo and Hernandez. Chavo was inspired here. Rating:***

Brooke Hogan said it's been a crazy year for the knockouts and didn't want to talk about Bully.

Last Man Standing - Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell

Taz said both girls were "suffering from estrogen issues".

This was great. Taryn won after a BULLDOG OFF THE STAGE. Holy crap. So much good stuff here. Gail speared a chair and made a huge smacking sound. Taryn went splat twice on the stage and then the finish happened. Really strong match here that got a "This is Awesome" chant. This was even better than expected and I thought this would be good. This is a must see match. Rating:****

AJ Styles vs Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle won with a double leg pin off of a sunset flip. Great match here. AJ took some nasty suplexes including a belly to belly into the corner on his head and a release german. He also missed a 450 when Angle moved and did it right onto his face. They worked a technical match with AJ's knee vs Angle's leg. I popped multiple times and this was just a great match. Rating:****

Bully Ray reminded Sting that this was no holds barred.
Bully cut a good promo about how no holds barred used to be about using banned holds. Therefore, he said he would use a move that wrestlers try not to do to each other, which was a piledriver. He said he'd beat Sting with the piledriver and said he'd break his neck.

TNA Title - Sting can never get a shot again if he loses - Bully Ray vs Sting

Bully Ray won with a hammer shot on a diving Sting. This was a heck of a match. They pulled the ring mats up and Sting took a piledriver on exposed wood, and Bully followed by taking a scorpion on the wood. Ace's got involved after. Sting fought them off for a little, but they overcame him and Bully hit the hammer shot for the win. Rating:***1/2

Overall thoughts: There were 5 matches I liked on this with two being 4 stars. This was a great show and recommended!

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  1. indeed ! I totally agree ! this might be my favourite PPV between TNA and WWE of the year !! summerslam is like the second, maybe. this whole summer was SO GREAT for wrestling all over the world !!!