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TNA Slammiversary XI Preview

TNA Slammiversary XI Preview

Ultimate X - X Division Title - Kenny King vs Suicide vs Chris Sabin
To show you how well this one has been promoted, I just discovered that this will be an Ultimate X Match, today. Yes, after weeks of watching TNA, I didn't even see this. The X Division is at a pretty low level right now. Maybe not as low as when Russo booked it didn't focus on it at all, but it is pretty close. They started doing all three way matches and it has led to matches of lesser quality and less interest in total. It has become a joke and tonight probably won't help it. I love gimmick matches, so of course I love Ultimate X, but if I were any of these guys, I wouldn't take one single big bump for what will be a throwaway Ultimate X match. 

The match should be good. It is Ultimate X and someone will do something crazy. By nature, it is exciting and has some risk spots to it so I have high hopes for this one. The winner should obviously be Chris Sabin though. He just returned from injury and is clearly someone they are trying to push, so there is no reason for him to lose here. Suicide really has no chance and shouldn't win unless the result is to surprise people. King really doesn't need to win. WINNER - Chris Sabin

TNA Tag Titles - Elimination Match - Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Hernandez vs Austin Aries and Bobby Roode vs Bad Influence vs James Storm and Gunner
Truthfully, I am looking forward to this more than any other match on the show. The Chavo/Hernandez vs Roode/Aries vs Bad Influence feud has been really good over the last few months and this might serve as an end to it. We've gotten a lot of good matches between these teams and tonight should be no different. There should be a nice of everything including big moves, comedy and a fast pace. Hopefully, Storm and Gunner are the first ones out and do not win this one. I'm also hoping that Chavo/Hernandez don't win but either Bad Influence or Aries/Roode winning are good options. I'd be up for either team getting a run and I really want to see those two teams have an extended feud with each other. Aries and Roode are main eventers, so I'll pick them. WINNERS - Austin Aries and Bobby Roode.
Last Man Standing - Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell
These two have had a good feud and this may be the end of it. I wouldn't call their feud a classic, but it has been consistently good. Taryn is good at beating Gail up and Gail is good at being a jerk. The obvious storyline tonight would be to have Gail work Taryn's knee and put it around the post with a figure four and try to have Taryn recover and fight back. Hopefully they go that route, because it would be good. I think this could be the sleeper of the night and will impress people. WINNER - Taryn Terrell

TNA Television Championship - Devon vs Joseph Park
We've seen this before and it wasn't good then and it won't be good tonight. Joseph Park is really entertaining but no one has solved the equation to getting a good singles match out of Devon. Park ain't going to do it tonight either. I just hope this is short. Park winning would be the logical route to go and hopefully, this feud ends tonight. Park winning would also make the crowd happy and Park will sell it well. WINNER - Joseph Park

Jeff Hardy Returns - Ace's and 8's vs Magnus, Samoa Joe and Jeff Hardy
Well, this one is really obvious to pick. Jeff Hardy is returning and the chances of him losing on his return match should be slim and none. I don't expect much out of this and hope they keep it short. WINNERS - Magnus, Samoa Joe and Jeff Hardy

AJ Styles vs Kurt Angle
This one has been going on for a while and honestly, AJ is the sympathetic one here. Kurt has been calling him out and trying to beat him in choosing a side between Ace's and TNA. Kurt then took a shot with a weapon and really had it coming. Hopefully the match gets time and keeps Ace's out of it, but I could see them jumping in at some point. This could be the best match on the show but I know Ace's will get involved. AJ Styles should win this one since this is maybe his second match back and they should make him look strong. Kurt doesn't need this either way and this is really just a feud to keep AJ busy until the Bound For Glory Series starts. WINNER - AJ Styles

TNA Title - Sting can never get a shot again if he loses - Bully Ray vs Sting
Sting would be the obvious pick here with the stipulation involved, but this is TNA and I don't have faith in them. The thing is, I'm thinking Ace's loses most of their matches tonight, so I could see TNA wanting to give Bully the win. However, that would keep Sting out of title matches, so they can't really do it. The match might be okay but is surely going to have a lot of shenanigans with Ace's involved. I expect a big brawl and weapons even though this isn't No DQ. A lot of people are going to run in here too. I wouldn't be surprised either if D'Lo Brown turns on Bully to help Sting win either. Somehow, Sting should probably get the win here. WINNER - Sting

Stay tuned tonight for a live review of TNA Slammiversary with pics and maybe gifs starting at 8PM EST, after Chikara Anniversario!

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