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TNA Impact Wrestling 5/30/2013 Results and Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 5/30/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

The show starts at 9PM tonight, instead of 8PM, which is why my review is later than usual.

 Bully told his troops that AJ Styles was the goal tonight. D'Lo was acting smart to Kennedy and said that he was sorry the plan with AJ didn't work out. Anderson then decked him for it.

Bully talked about Sting.

He dared Sting to do all the things he promised last week, like breaking his bones and making him bleed. Bully talked about different people Sting beat and basically said that he was a good wrestler.
Bully said he wanted to beat Sting and said he needed to be patient to get the match. Bully asked for Team 3D vs Sting and Joseph Park now.

Bully Ray and Devon vs Sting and Joseph Park

They brawled on the outside to start.

Sting got a roll-up win here after Abyss's music hit for a distraction and nobody came out. The heels had their backs turned and Sting capitalized on Devon for the win. The match wasn't bad and the camera's really caught everything well. Shouldn't Devon have to wash bikes and get beers now that he lost? D'Lo did.

Kurt was angry at AJ and said he'd be watching his match closely tonight.

Dixie said they would tell us the next person in the TNA Hall of Fame at the PPV.

Ace's came out and were mad that Dixie wished Sting good luck. They cornered her and Magnus and Joe came out and cleared them off. Joe challenged Garrett Bischoff.

Samoa Joe vs Garrett Bischoff
Joe beat up Bisch early.

The match ended when Ace's beat up Magnus and Joe dove on all of them. I don't know what the result was as the bell just rang.

Joe announced Samoa Joe, Magnus and Jeff Hardy vs Garrett Bischoff, Wes Brisco and Doc for the PPV. Ace's were upset and Taz thought it was bs.

Storm said he chose Gunner as his partner at the PPV because Gunner killed people.

Hulk warned Brooke about Bully after last week and said Sting will beat him.

Bad Influence,Austin Aries and Bobby Roode vs Gunner, James Storm, Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

The faces got the win here with Gunner finishing it. Decent match. It was very action packed and had a fast pace to it. I really liked this one.

Bully told Devon that he better get the job done with Park. Bully was mad that Hardy would return.
Bully said he was declaring war on TNA, and said if there weren't victims, members of Ace's would be victims. I'm not sure how Bully can declare war on TNA when they are already at war.

Mickie James was coming out for her victory celebration.

Mickie said thank you to the fans and did a cheap shill for her album. She said some people doubted the way she won and she brought out Velvet Sky.

Mickie said Velvet's knee just gave out last week and said she then became champ.

Velvet challenged Mickie for Sunday. Mickie said he had opponents already and couldn't give her one until after. Gail came out.

Gail said she would finish what she started and attacked Velvet. She went do the figure four around the post and Taryn Terrell came out and stopped it.

Mickie just watched the whole time and didn't help the friend "she loved".

Chris Sabin and Taryn Terrell vs Gail Kim and Kenny King

Sabin won with a Perfect Driver. Good match here with a fast pace. Gail kept cheating and grabbing Sabin's hair until Taryn had enough and chased her. The women kept getting stopped by the men and after all of that mess Sabin hit his finisher for the win.
Sabin was talking about coming back from injury after until King attacked him. Suicide made the save.
Sting talked about how his win against Flair for the title at Great American Bash 1990 was his biggest win and he said beating Hogan for the title in WCW was big too. He said this match with Bully is about the title and taking away power from Bully.

AJ Styles vs Mr. Anderson

AJ won by DQ when Angle attacked him.This one was not good. The crowd didn't care and they just didn't click. It also went too long for these two when it would have been much better if it were shorter. After the match, Ace's came in and attacked both men, Team TNA came in and fought Aces, then Sting and Bully went at it. Sting ate a 3D and Ace's posed.

Overall thoughts: I thought the show was okay as a whole. Pretty much all the matches were decent and that is the most important thing to me.

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