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Ring of Honor TV 6/22/2013 Results and Review

Ring of Honor TV 6/22/2013

Last week's show is here:

This was an edition of ROH TV solely focused on The Briscoes. They will be showing clips and interviews with them. I'm not going to be doing any pics for this one.

Jay Briscoe was driving over a bridge and mocking Mark Briscoe for saying that he could jump off of it and be okay. Mark gave us some tips on jumping off the bridge safely.

The Briscoes introduced us to Sandy Fork, Delaware.  They had Papa Briscoe talking and they labeled him as "Big Man".

Mark Briscoe talked about not being good at basketball and said he needed to be a role player who didn't score much. They showed us some of their pit bulls and said it is all about the owner, not the dog.

Jay talked about going to an ECW show with John Kronus getting blood on his shirt from Ulf Hermann. They showed their ring that they built over a trampoline. They showed their ring in their backyard. Papa Briscoe talked about them lighting each other on fire. Mark also talked about jumping off of roof's and putting Jay through tables. He showed three different roofs that he jumped off of .

Jay talked about the Jay Briscoe vs Mark Briscoe match from Honor Invades Boston.They showed some clips from it. Incase you were wondering, Mark Briscoe won with a wrist-clutch burning hammer. It was a pretty good match with lots of stiff moves. On a side note, this is the period of ROH that got me into the promotion and I really enjoyed those days so much.

Jay said he couldn't remember that match since it was so long ago. He said the craziest match he was in was when Mark lost his teeth or got stretchered out. Mark talked about getting his teeth knocked out and say Jay did it. They said they were wrestling in the ECW Arena and Jay cracked him with a chair on accident when he was winding up. Mark was behind him and got nailed. Jay said Mark smiled at him after, minus two front teeth. Jay said it was Mark's fault. Mark said he used to watch Foley and Benoit and knew someday he would lose a tooth.

The Briscoes talked about winning the tag titles for the first time with Jim Cornette managing them.

They showed clips of The Briscoes vs Izzy and Dixie of Special K from ROH Wrath of the Racket. I still have a Special K shirt believe it or not. Special K was a group of rich drug using teenagers who mostly did spotfests. As expected, the match was pretty spotty. Mark did a SSP from the top and Izzy hit a cool springboard enzugiri while Mark was on the 2nd rope. Jay took a reverse Franensteiner. The Briscoes hit a Veg-O-Matic for a nearfall on Izzy and a springboard Doomsday Device with a Jay Driller to win it.

Papa Briscoe said even he doesn't understand what the Briscoes are talking about sometimes.

The Briscoes said their feud with Steenerico took a ton of time off their careers with the various injuries. They called it a war. They showed Steenerico vs The Briscoes in a ladder war. I really loved this match. They did some really big spots like a springboard Doomsday in between the open space of a ladder, a double super hiptoss on a ladder,a package piledriver through a ladder, a Jay Driller through a ladder and other big bumps. Jay got the belts to get the win, though it took him about 3 minutes to unhook them. Steen was so thin in this match.

They showed some clips of a Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team vs The Briscoes tag title match where The Briscoes won the titles for a 7th time.

They showed clips of Papa Briscoe in action and looking pretty good. They showed clips from The Kings of Wrestling vs The Briscoes and Papa Briscoe with him kissing Sara Del Ray.  Papa Briscoe hit the Doomsday Device for the win.

They showed the Briscoes playing with their kids in a ring outside.

They then showed clips of Jay Briscoe vs Kevin Steen for the ROH Title. They then showed clips of Mark Briscoe challenging Jay Briscoe for the PPV.

They had different wrestlers pick who would win the battle of the Briscoes. Nigel chose Jay as did Lethal. Strong picked Mark.

They showed some various interviews with The Briscoe's on their match in the last few weeks to close the show.

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