Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ring of Honor TV 6/15/2013 Results and Review

Ring of Honor TV 6/15/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

This is a Road Rage edition of ROH. Steve Corino and Joe Dombrowski are on commentary.

Steve Corino said he was hosting because he gave Kevin Kelly the wrong directions. He told him to get a GPS which is sound advice. I'll go one better and say just get a smart phone.

Corino made fun of BJ Whitmer, insinuating that he was a drunk and calling Jay Briscoe a redneck.
"If I could wish two people would kill themselves tonight, it would sure be these two." - Steve Corino
He called Steen a turd and ripped on every wrestler who was wrestling and wasn't in Scum.

Jay Lethal, Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander vs Matt Taven and Red Dragon

This was joined in progress from Richmond, Virginia.

C&C picked up the win with The Overtime, which is a jumping hurricanrana followed by a frogsplash. They showed very little of this but the crowd loved it and it looked good. The big highlight was Red Dragon hitting a hard looking backdrop/jumping leg drop combination.

They showed part of a BJ Whitmer promo where he said the title meant more to him than Jay Briscoe and he would win it.

Steve Corino did a mocking hype for some of tonight's matches. Corino talked about the matches for the PPV. He also did his usual spiel about killing ROH.

Kevin Steen vs Jimmy Jacobs
They brawled on the outside to start and Jacobs ended up spearing a guard rail when Steen moved.

Jacob's got DQ'd quickly after he choked Steen with a chain. There was very little to say about this because it only went 2 minutes. Steen then was separated by security from Jacobs and asked this to be made no DQ. The ref agreed and it was on.

No DQ - Jimmy Jacobs vs Kevin Steen

Steen launched a security guard onto Scum to start this.

Steen got the win with a package piledriver on a barrier. Good match. Tons of brawling here with weapons shots and both guys busting out some good stuff. Loved Steen's cannonball to Jacobs who was in the tree of woe position. I also really enjoyed the security guard getting flung. Rating:***

Mark Briscoe cut a promo.

He said next week would be an All-Briscoe episode of ROH and promised chickens would appear on our tv sets. He said they'd show clips of their matches and clips of them on the farm. Sign me up.

ROH World Title - Jay Briscoe vs BJ Whitmer

Jay Briscoe won with a grounded dragon sleeper. I wasn't a fan of this one. It had weak brawling to start then got really out of hand with no selling. BJ Whitmer took a very dangerous headfirst fall into a table from the inside of the ring to the outside and went trough a table. He sold it for a while then came back in. Jay hit him with a Jay Driller and he kicked right out and made a comeback after. That took me out of the match. BJ took way too much here and it killed the match.

They cut between promo's from Jacobs, Taven and Lethal. Lethal said he came to get gold and end scum, Matt Taven and Truth talked about threesomes and winning the belt and Jacobs didn't say anything of value.
Strong said he didn't think Cole's attitude had changed.
Strong said Cole would go against a different Strong and Cole said he'd be the winner of their match.

The American Wolves cut their usual awful promo with Edwards just saying they were the Wolves and Davey saying they started Best in the World.

Elgin said he was unbreakable and doesn't back down.

C&C said they'd clean up the Scum and slay the Red Dragon and win the belts at Best in the World.
Steen said he'd prove that Hardy isn't stronger than death or a broken neck.

Corino said that Scum would win the tag titles and Jacobs would win the TV title at Best in the World.

Mark talked about different towns that would be at Best in the World and he said he'd beat Jay at the show.

Overall thoughts: The show was okay as a whole, but I didn't get too into it. Too much Corino and I'd rather see new matches than stuff from house shows.


  1. I really hope Jimmy Jacobs gonna become new TV Champion at Best in the World.

  2. It's a possibility. He definitely worked his butt off enough.

  3. Is he still using his "Sickness and Sorrow" theme? Or is it the SCUM theme now?