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WWE Saturday Morning Slam 4/27/2013 Results and Review

WWE Saturday Morning Slam 4/27/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

The Great Khali, Natalya and Hornswoggle vs Primo, Epico and Rosa Mendes

"Well, I think we've had some real weirdos in the history of the WWE and The Great Khali empitomizes that." - Wade Barrett
"Unorthodox is a good way to describe the style of Rosa." - Josh | "So is uncoordinated." - Me
I make the same face when watching The Great Khali.
The Great Khali beat Primo with the Punjabi Plunge. This was all comedy and not even really good comedy at that. This was a waste of time and mostly a rehash of their Smackdown match from a few weeks back. Meanwhile, Antonio Cesaro is nowhere to be found...

Team Rhodes Scholars were trying to get people to sign for their petition to get Mick Foley out of the Hall of Fame. No one was signing, not even The Brooklyn Brawler. The Uso's walked in, they argued a little and then Foley came in, making the match between the two teams.

Team Rhodes Scholars vs The Uso Brothers
"Team Rhodes Scholars is competing in this match under official protest. You're welcome." - Sandow
Cody fakes an injury to lead to a distraction

"Wow! It's a miracle!" - Cody Rhodes | "The regenerative powers of Cody Rhodes." - Wade Barrett
The pin
The Uso's got the win with a schoolboy. Good match here due to Team Rhodes Scholars being absolutely awesome. They were great scuzzy heels here and this was possibly their best work as a team. Cody's "miracle" recovery from his injury was hilarious and Damien Sandow being in shock after the match was great. The Scholars made this match here and this was a ton of fun. Rating:***

Overall thoughts: The Uso's/Scholars tag was really entertaining and worth a look, but the trios match can be skipped. Still, it was a good SMS.

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