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WWE Saturday Morning Slam 4/13/2013 Results and Review

WWE Saturday Morning Slam 4/13/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

They have new graphics here for SMS with the pictures of the wrestlers, matches and the Saturday Morning Spotlight.

Justin Gabriel and Zack Ryder vs Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre

This was really quick and uninteresting. Ryder went up to the top, Slater pushed him off and Drew grabbed the tights on a rollup for the pin. After the match, 3MB threw out their opponents. Kofi was on commentary and had enough. He splashed all three members from the top and they cleared 3MB out. Mick Foley then arrived.

Mick Foley said while Kofi's actions may have been justified, he is the boss and must maintain order. He said commentators can't be involved so he removed him from the commentary position. However, he said Kofi is now free to wrestle, which he will do next against Heath Slater. He also said the rest of 3MB would be banned from ring side as he played air guitar out.

Dolph Ziggler came out for commentary.

Kofi Kingston vs Heath Slater
Heath ate a reverse atomic drop early and got armdragged. Kofi did the air guitar motion from the corner and monkey flipped Slater before going back to the arm. Kofi then did some leapfrogging before hitting a back elbow. Slater hit a nice knee from behind which sent Kofi into the corner. as we went to break.

We came back with Kofi jumping up to the top and spinning around for a splash. Kofi hit his comeback with the boom drop. Kofi went for two SOS's before finally hitting a third for the pin. The match wasn't bad. Nothing great though and fairly basic. I thought it went a little bit too quickly myself.

Mick Foley was in a chair in the back with lava lamps. Daniel Bryan came in and asked about being an Assistant General Manager. Foley said he was busy and expecting a meeting, so he couldn't chat. Mark Henry came in and DB said, "NO, you have to wait your turn". Foley was going to announce Mark's match and DB said no. Mark Henry then said, cancel my opponent as I want Daniel. Foley thought it was a great idea and said it was the biggest match in the history of Saturday Morning Slam. DB was shocked and asked if he can get the position. Mick Foley said he wouldn't offer that, but would offer something else - a hug. DB said, "NO, NO".

We got a package on Mark Henry.

Mark Henry vs Daniel Bryan

They cut out the words on Mark Henry's music since there is a lot of swearing and this is a kids show. DB offered a hug early. Mark Henry shook his head. Henry hugged in and then bear hugged him. Mark went for a splash and missed as DB moved. Zig called it a "bonehead move". Henry then confronted him and said, "What you laughin' at?".  Zig said Josh told him a joke earlier and he was laughing at it. DB took control before getting pushed out of the ring during a pin. Mark hit a big lariat and DB countered with a dropkick to the knee. DB went up top for a crossbody and got caught. Henry hit the WSS for the win.

Overall thoughts: Skipable show here. The matches were all pretty quick, but I give them credit for squeezing in 3 matches in 30 minutes. The show was inoffensive at least.

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