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WWE NXT 4/10/2013 Results and Review

WWE NXT 4/10/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Brad Maddox(Yay) and Tom Phillips(Boo) are on commentary.

They recapped some of the Kassius Ohno vs William Regal feud to start.

The Shield vs Percy Watson, Axl Keegan and Scott Dawson
The finish
Seth Rollins got the win with a shiranui on Axl Keegan. This was a quick squash with The Shield being cheered like faces and taking care of business in quick fashion.

The Shield beat up Scott Dawson after and said justice has been served to major pops. Rollins said they run Raw and now NXT.
Corey Graves said The Shield ruined two of his title matches and one of them will pay the price next week and they will stay down.
Rollins said he started it with Corey Graves and he will finish it with Corey Graves. He gave the rest of The Shield off time for next week.

Tony Dawson was interviewing Summer Rae.

Summer Rae said she didn't leave last week, she just left her curling iron on and wanted to unplug it so as not to burn the building down. She said Paige is lucky as her career would have went up in flames otherwise.
"Who am I Tony Dawkins?" - Summer Rae
Summer Rae was great here and is really the complete package so far. She just plays her character perfectly while adding her own twists to it.

 Renee Young interviewed Emma.

Renee Young said that the fans think Emma is a klutz. Emma said she isn't and is more like a Lady Gaga or Madonna. Emma said that the Electric Slide and Macarena pale in comparison to the Emmalution. Emma then tripped on her exist after asking Renee Young to do the Emmalution.

The Funkadactyl's vs The Bella Twins

The finish
The Bella Twins got the win here with a double leg roll. Good match here with tons of booty shaking. Both teams looked good and I'm really enjoying both teams work as of late. This was a little on the short side though.

Kassius Ohno said he's seen a lot of Regal matches and listened to everything he said, but when he fights him, no one will hear from Regal again.

They announced NXT Clash of the Champions in two weeks. It will have Kaitlyn vs AJ for the Divas title, Big E Langston vs Brad Maddox for the NXT title, Cesaro vs Neville for the US Title and Wade Barrett vs Bo Dallas for the IC Title.

"To Kassius Ohno, for what you are about to receive, may my children forgive me." - Regal

Kassius Ohno vs William Regal
William Regal got the win with a running knee. This was a very interesting match. It was two dudes working submissions in the most brutal ways possible and just beating the tar out of each other. This felt like a match that would have been seen in the snakepit back in the day. Really strong stuff here. Regal sold so amazingly well and both guys really put over the brutality of this one. This is a must see match that just left me wanting more and more. Rating:***1/2

Overall thoughts: Great show overall. There was good interviews, good wrestling and there were no real flaws to this.

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  1. exactly ! summer rae has really developed so well lately.