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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 4/26/2013 Results and Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 4/26/2013 Results and Review

 Last week's show is here:

No Disqualification - Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger
"I'm gonna break you." - Swagger
Swagger won out of nowhere with a gutwrench powerbomb. This one had some good points but didn't have any real story as a whole. They started off attacking the injured parts they both have, but forgot about them for the most part. Alberto then started putting on armbars out of nowhere and Zeb interfered to get Swagger out of one, before the finish. WWE decided to do their stupid cutaways on every weapon shot so I really couldn't see half of them, which makes the weapons pointless. Again, I really hope this is the end of this one because I've seen enough of the two.

Aksana vs Layla
Looks like the teased Layla heel turn idea is gone as they never followed up on it. I'm happy with this as Layla is a good face.
Layla's Infinity

Layla won with her CIMA-style pinning combination called Infinity. The match wasn't bad at all.  Aksana worked the hand and the arm until Layla picked up the surprise win out of nowhere. It could have been more but it okay enough.

They replayed about 7-10 minutes of the 6-man from Raw.

The Shield cut a promo.
They said justice prevailed on Monday but the true injustice was Taker escaping with his soul intact.
Ambrose said the win wasn't enough though because Taker is still walking. He then said he would beat Taker.

Fandango vs Justin Gabriel
They bullied Josh here. It sent a lovely message to the kids they are preaching to in their BE A STAR campaign.
Fandango won with the diving leg drop from the top. Good match here with lots of action and Fandango looking crisp and like a star. This was mostly a squash and I enjoyed it. The crowd loved Fandango.

Sheamus vs The Big Show
This may be the most overdone match-up in the WWE.

Big Show got the win after Mark Henry came down and distracted Sheamus. Show then hit the Knockout Punch. The match was okay but not one of their best. These two work best when Sheamus gets to do big strength spots but besides a White Noise, he didn't really do any.

William Regal vs Wade Barrett
This is a pretty rare Brit vs Brit match in WWE. Not sure how many there has been, but there must have not been many.
Wade Barrett talked about the London Grave Robberies and said Regal was robbed from his. He said he would put him back in it tonight.
Wade won in under a minute with a Bull Hammer. This was disappointing as this probably could have been great with the right time.

Randy Orton vs Mark Henry
I'm thinking this doesn't go long as Sheamus will jump in.
Mark Henry won by DQ when Sheamus hit Henry with the Brogue Kick. This wasn't very good but the Henry/Orton match-up never is. At least this didn't go too long. Orton was really playing to the crowd and trying to hype them up and even hit Henry with an RKO after the match.

The Undertaker vs Dean Ambrose
The finish
The Undertaker beat Dean Ambrose in about 8 minutes or so. The match was good but not great and definitely shorter than what a lot of people wanted. The Shield teased interfering but mostly stayed out of it. After the match, The Shield struck and Taker fought them off before taking a spear through the guard rails, chairshots and a powerbomb on the table. The crowd was into it and The Shield looked really good out there. This is definitely leading to more and I am looking forward to it.
Overall thoughts:
Good show overall with some decent wrestling and a good angle to end the show. Check this out.

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