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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 4/12/2013 Results and Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 4/12/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

The quality is pretty bad here so the pictures and gifs will be limited unfortunately.

Big E Langston announced for Dolph Ziggler, mocking Ricardo Rodriguez.

Dolph talked and really said nothing of note.
Zeb introduced himself and Zeb tried to get Jack a title shot. Dolph told him, "Back of the line, Jack.".  Jack teased going up to the ring, but didn't get in. Zeb then told him that Jack wouldn't wait for long.
Zig talked more smack for a second until Alberto came out.
Zig offered Alberto a rematch right now if he could limp down.
ADR said congratulations to Zig and said he wasn't here to complain. ADR said when his ankle heals and he gets a rematch, Zig would be crying and complaining. ADR said hasta la vista baby until then. Zig then flipped out after being interrupted again.
Zig said that the next person who interrupted him would see why he is the real champ. Jericho then came out.
Jericho tried to star a "AJ's crazy" chant and it failed. Jericho said he was the original show-off and he got some news from Booker T. He said Ziggler would face Jericho for the title tonight. Jericho also called Ziggler fans "Dolphins".

Team Hell No vs The Prime Time Players
The faces beat the PTP's blindfolded and with hands tied behind their back, so this shouldn't be hard,

Team Hell No got the win in no time with a No Lock. The math had nothing to it and it was a waste of time. The Shield then popped on the Titantron.

They said The Shield won't back down from a fight and mocked the Brothers of Destruction.

Wade Barrett vs Santino Marella

Wade got the win with a Bull Hammer in no time. Santino went for the Cobra and got clocked clean. This was a quick squash. The only thing of note here was Santino trying twice to hit a kip up before succeeding the third time.

Sheamus was upset that his match got overruled on Raw.
Orton wanted Show too so Booker made Sheamus and Randy Orton vs The Big Show.

The Bella Twins and Tamina Snuka vs The Funkadactyl's and Kaitlyn

The heels got the win here by throwing I think Naomi back to the mat. The match went 100MPH and was easy to miss if you even blinked. It ended as soon as it started for the most part.

Triple H talked for a second about going to war with Brock until 3MB came out.
Heath Slater told Triple H to shut up. Good call. Heath said to get noticed you have to take down a big dog and 3MB went to attack. Just as they got on the apron, The Shield's music hit.
The Shield took out 3MB.

Right as they went to attack, Team Hell No made the save and they left.
Booker T said he booked the handicap match because Big Show stuck his nose where it didn't belong when he interfered in the match on Monday. Show said he could walk out of the ring and not even wrestle if he wanted to.
Booker T dared him to and said he would take him to court if he did. He then said Show is up next.

The Big Show vs Sheamus and Randy Orton
Big Show got RKO'd then Brogue Kicked and left for the countout loss. Not much of a match here as the faces got hot early and had Show ready to be taken out before he left. It made sense but it wasn't interesting. The faces should have gone after Show since they hated him so much though.

Sheamus said revenge was sweet tonight and said your size doesn't matter and only your heart matters in wrestling. Mark Henry then attacked.
Henry just ran him over into the snack table and said, "It doesn't matter, huh?".

Antonio Cesaro vs Kofi Kingston
Kofi got the upset with a Trouble in Paradise kick. Again, this was a short match but it was fine for what it was. Sad to see Cesaro lose, esepcially since Kofi has done nothing lately.

Fandango came out to watch the next match.

The crowd was "Fandangoing".

Chris Jericho vs Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler beat Chris Jericho after Big E took a shot on Jericho. The match was okay but only about halfway through when the finish occurred. Fandango got up on the apron and got dropkicked and we got some post match shenanigans.
Fandango hit his top rope legdrop and said his name to close the show. Tons of Fandangoing here.

Overall thoughts: Not a really interesting show. Tons of short matches with dirty finishes and this show was mostly here to get things started for some programs. Skip it.

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