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TNA One Night Only Results and Review

TNA One Night Only Results and Review

We got a list of top 10 X-Division moments to start us off.

Cage Match
York eliminated Lince Dorado with a swinging neckbreaker. Sam Shaw then took out Puma soon after with a pin from a Orton neckbreaker into a neckbreaker.

Shaw hit the same move on Puma and Bentley got the pin on him.
Rave then got Silva with the Lightning spiral.

York then got Bentley after.
York got the win after leaving the cage. The match wasn't that good. No big dives at all and no flow at all. It was just a bunch of random people doing moves and it sucked. York did a do a swinging neckbreaker off the cage near the end though.

Tony Nese said he would show that he was the future of the X-Division and Rashad Cameron aka BLK Jeez said the same thing.

Kid Kash and Douglas Williams vs Anthon=ony Nese and Rashad Cameron
Kash blew a snotrocket at Nese and Taz talked about Ace's and 8's having snotrocket contests. He said DOC had a 17 foot snotrocket shot.
Douglas Williams got the win with the Chaos Theory. Good match here with a decent pace and some good stuff. Nese was the highlight here basically doing everything and looking awesome doing it. Williams was great and may be the best guy in the X-Division, so naturally he is never on TV. Everyone was decent here leading to a good match. Rating:***1/4

We got some Samoa Joe highlights.
Joe said he was in the X-Division because he had no limits. He talked about Aries and said he would beat him down and choke him out.

Robbie E said he invented the X-Division and traveled "Asia, Antartica and New Jersey". He let everyone stand up and give him a round of applause.
Chavo said the X-Division came from the Cruiserweight Division which came from Lucha Libre which Gory Guerrero competed in, so he said Gory invented it and challenged him for a match.
E said he would do it but there's no ref so he can't. Chavo said Joseph Park would be the ref.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Robbie E
Taz and Mike argued repeatedly throughout with Taz saying he didn't like Mando or Chavo. Taz also went off on lawyers again which he did earlier when talking about Cameron wanting to be an investment banker.
Chavo Guerrero Jr won with a frogsplash. The commentary was so bad here. Legit the worst announcing of the year. It ruined the match, which wasn't that great since it was all comedy anyway and made me want to mute the volume.

They showed some crazy moves from the X-Division.

King said there were alot of X-Dvision greats in the back and he said he was here to prove he was the X-Division.

Ultimate X - Zema Ion vs Kenny King vs Rubix vs Mason Andrews
Taz made some really incomprehensible joke about Rubix being from Israel. Rubix is Jigsaw from Chikara.
Taz, paying close attention, told Rubix to get a cover. In a match without pins.

King got hit in the nuts and Taz called it "Yambag Yahtzee".
 Kenny King got the win here. Rubix got the X but he didn't touch the ring. King caught him in an electric chair and stole the X for the win. Good match here. They did some dives but didn't do too much off the ropes up top. The only real big bump from that area was Zema getting hit with a reverse STO. Nice pace here with some good spots and overall I did like this. The finish was dumb though. Taz was again awful here. He couldn't get Rubix's name right and kept calling him Rubic.
Daniels said they would win tonight and called Val - So Cal Valerie. He also gave us permission to worship them.

Petey Williams said he was doing sit ups in his mom's stomach and bit the umbilical cord off with his teeth. I think Sonjay said he was "Jeeta from the Veeta" but I don't know what the heck he was talking about.

Daniels and Kazarian vs Petey Williams and Sonjay Dutt
Tenay said Petey hadn't been in TNA since 2010. This was taped preivously as he was on TV thursday.

Taz said Hebner is distracted by a flash of light. He also said that getting information and history on wrestlers in the ring is a "gimmick".
Daniels got the win with the BME. Good match here with a quick pace and lots of good stuff. This was what you would expect and it was good. Daniels accidently hit Kaz after the match on a double team and then Petey cleaned Kaz with a Candian Destroyer. Rating:***

No Disqualification - Jerry Lynn vs Rob Van Dam
There was no explanation for the no disqualification rule.

Rob Van Dam won with a frogsplash with a little bit of a twist. Good match here. The pace was fast, they were stiff and they did some decent spots with tables. I enjoyed htis alot more than some of their ECW matches, that's for sure. They saved the cutesy stuff for another time which made this good. Rating:***1/2
RVD and Jerry Lynn hugged after and the roster came out to congratulation Jerry Lynn who was on his retirement tour and was having his last TNA match.

Aries said TNA calls on him and Joe to have great matches. Aries said they would show what makes TNA the best and the best match of the year.
Jerry Lynn said this is the end for him and RVD talked about how great their matches were. Lynn said that he was sorry for anyone who became a wrestler because of RVD and Lynn.
RVD said thanks to Lynn for one last match and Lynn said he'd see him again. Lynn said thanks to the fans.
AJ and Joe said the threeway with Daniels was untoppable.

Samoa Joe vs Austin Aries
Tenay brought up Joe being a long reigning champ in Ring of Honor before losing to Austin Aries. Taz said that Tenay spent hours and hours researching that and it was sad. I'll tell you what's sad, Taz's announcing.
Austin Aries got the win with a reverse on a muscle buster. Good match here. Aries got his ear busted open early on. Both guys were pretty stiff with each other and had a slower build to the match which was fine. They got a ton of time and ended up going around 20-25 minutes. Joe seemed inspired here for a changed and this one of his better performances. The finish was kind of out of nowhere though and there wasn't alot of build to it. Rating:***

Overall thoughts: The show was good as a whole. Only the opener was bad and there were a bunch of ***+ matches. However, Taz was awful. This may have been the single worst performance from a commentator that I have ever seen. He buried everything and did his best to ruin everything. It wasn't even that he didn't care, he just went out of his way to be as annoying and brash at all times as he could. The match of the show was probably RVD/Lynn or Ultimate X. I would recommend this show as a whole though while it was good, a few of the matches had bad finishes that hurt the matches.

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