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TNA Impact Wrestling 4/25/2013 Results and Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 4/25/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

They showed AJ winning last week with his newly named move, "The Calf Killer".

Storm said Aj brought the fight and kicked his butt but his problem was with Ace's. Bad Influence then came out.
B.I. said TNA needs 4, which means Fortune. Kaz said AJ needs to get away from the fartknockers in the audience and reform Fortune.

They fought after Daniels called Storm obsolete. Ace's then came out. Park then came out but ate a 3D.
Park went out on a stretcher and Bully Ray bragged about taking out TNA heroes.
Bully Ray said Hulk Hogan had until the end of the show to answer his challenge.

They talked about Velvet sky vs Mickie James for the Knockouts title tonight.

Teryn Terrel vs Tara
Terrell got the win with a schoolboy.  Pretty good match here with Tara being rough and aggressive. Terrell was okay but she stuck to very basic moves. Tara was posing and mocking Terrell most of the match before paying for it and getting rolled up for the win. Tons of booty shots here which was probably the only purpose for this.

Robbie E was talking to Jesse in the back and trying to start stuff with him and Robbie T. Jesse wasn't interesting.

Jesse vs Rob Terry
Rob Terry won with basically just an AA. The match wasn't that bad. I liked it when Terry threw Jesse into E which was cool. Terry isn't going to be any over than he was before in this face run though. He's still Rob Terry.
Kaz talked to Robert Roode about bringing back Fortune to take on Ace's.

They announced Jeff Hardy is thinking of walking away and they announced the return of Chris Sabin.
Aries asked Roode about Fortune and said if he screws Aries, he screws himself.

World Tag Team Titles - Chavo Guerrero Jr and Hernandez vs Austin Aries and Robert Roode
Chavo picked up the win here with a frogsplash. Decent match with a whole lot going on. Bad Influence were at the booth and were trying to recruit Roode. Roode wasn't paying attention to Aries a few times because he was talking with them. B.I. interfered and it backfired which led to the faces getting the win. They hinted at Roode and Aries splitting up which would really suck. One of the big hightlights here was Hernandez missing his running stage dive into the ring and going down hard.

Matt Morgan said Hogan is making a big mistake going in there with Bully tonight and said he had a solution.
They showed Hulk Hogan welcoming some football player to Hogan's Beach restaurant, which is failing and sounds like a total disaster from what I heard.

Matt Morgan came out and did his usual lame spiel about Hogan. Morgan told Hogan he had the ultimate solution to his problems and said, "come on down". You know, watching The Price is Right would be my solution to watching Matt Morgan do anything.
Morgan offered to help Hogan against Ace's for a price. WHY? I have no idea. He's been on and on about hating Hogan for months so this makes no sense at all.
Hulk said he's been hoping Morgan would be THE SECOND COMING OF THE MANIA, BROTHER. What the hell? It's MATT MORGAN. Maybe the second coming of Bundymania, but I don't think he could even reach those heights. Hogan said he'd do this on his own. This was a really stupid segment, but Matt Morgan and bad gimmicks, angles, matches and interviews go hand in hand.

Bully ripped on Hogan and Park and said he'd destroy him tonight.

They announced some On the Clock challenge with voting for wrestlers to be in it.

TNA Knockouts title - Velvet Sky vs Mickie James
They teased Velvet Sky's knee getting injured and buckling early.

Good match here with a dumb finish. Sky just kind of won with a schoolboy out of nowhere after Mickie worked her leg. Good selling by Sky and it may have been Sky's best match ever. Lots of knee work here.

Bully and Devon talked and didn't say much. Bully brought up that they were the best tag team of all time and Bully talked about getting rid of Hogan.

Brooke begged Hulk not to go out but Hulk said he had to show whether he was a good guy or a bad guy. Brooke cried to end the segment.

Bully Ray had a list of people that Ace's took out and said Hogan was the only one left.
Bully said Hogan was scared of him because Bully reminded Hulk of Hulk. Bully spit in Hulk's face and Hulk teased like he was going to cry. Bully laughed and turned his back and Hulk ripped his shirt and Hulked up. They both did the "YOU" finger point and fought a little before Bully got Ace's. Ace's surrounded the ring and the lights went out with Sting coming backj. He teased hitting Hulk with the bat but instead him and Hulk cleared out Ace's and then Sting and Hulk both stared each other down after.

The angle was good but there is a huge problem with it. The two big faces of this one are over 50, with Hulk being around 60. The payoff is going to be Hulk Hogan vs Bully Ray with Hulk going over and in the end, that is no good for business or wrestling.

Overall thoughts: There was more good than bad here but I'm seeing traces of the old TNA and I don't like it. Overall though, the show was good and I liked the tag title match and both women's matches.

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