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TNA Impact Wrestling 4/11/2013 Results and Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 4/11/2013 Results and Review

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Welcome to my review of TNA Impact Wrestling for April 11, 2013. Tonight, we have a ton of stuff on a loaded TNA Impact. We have a Full Metal Mayhem match, we have a 2/3 falls tag titles match and Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell, which should be fun.

Hulk asked Hardy if he was ready and he said he was born ready.

2/3 Falls - TNA Tag Titles - Austin Aries and Bobby Roode vs Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero Jr.
The heels jumped the faces en route to a quick first fall win. Some boxer was with Chavo and Hernandez but I don't know who. Hernandez got taken out early here.
The faces then got the 2nd seconds later when Aries missed a splash. This is the quickest two falls I've ever seen which makes 2/3 worthless.
Faces got the win here with a Chavo frogsplash. The match was good all around. Nice heat, work and pace here which led to a good match. Hernandez did two superman dive's here into the ring. and double suplexed both heels. I would have liked to have seen longer falls though.

Joey Ryan offered to ref the knockouts match and Brooke shot him down. She said Hulk found someone bigger than him that he would fight tonight.

Ace's arrived on bikes.
Joseph Park came out and said Ace's behavior would stop now.
Park also said he wrote up an annulment for Bully and Brooke.
Devon ripped up the papers, told Park to stay out of family business and then hit him in the stomach with a chain.

Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell
ODB was announced as the ref.
Taryn Terrell beat Gail Kim in a quick match. Kim went to grab the tights on a roll-up, ODB saw it and told her to kiss her backside and it distracted Gail. Gail then got rolled up. Gail tried to argue after with ODB but ran from her. The match was mostly a waste of time and a letdown.
Taryn Terrell was interviewed after. She wanted to know who wants to get physical and slapped Christy Hemme's butt after.

Gut Check Challenge with Adam Pearce and Magno
Adam Pearce looked fine but Magno made me wonder if Magno was spanish for botch.
Al Snow blamed the Magno botches on loose ropes. Snow brought up Pearce taking shortcuts and Bruce enjoyed those.
Bruce said their gut check had a lot of hype and everyone was advising them.
They chose MAGNO. WHAT? Did we watch the same match last week? Well, at least this gives Brian XL hope of making it into TNA someday.

Hulk said AJ needs to decide now. They asked about Sting and he left. He also mentioned being stressed. An interviewer tried to ask AJ a question and he pushed him. Anderson then said something and said to think about joining Ace's.

Hulk Hogan came out and called out AJ Styles.
James Storm came out and said it is time to fight.
Kazarian and Daniels came out and said this was a bunch of poop. Kazarian brought up how both sides want to use him then Bad Influence asked AJ Styles to join their side.
Daniels said they were brothers and they should go against the world. AJ then stared down Storm and walked out. Hulk made AJ Styles vs James Storm for next week.

Kurt Angle said the balance of power changes tonight when Hardy wins. Angle also announced that he asked for Kurt Angle vs Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco for next week.

Joey Ryan vs Rob Terry
Rob Terry won in no time with a fireman's carry into a spinebuster. This was a waste and Terry still looks the same as he always does in-ring.

Hulk wanted Brooke to come to some marketing thing but Brooke wanted to see how stupid Bully felt when he lost.

Morgan said he should have been chosen for a title match and he made another "Hogan mistake". Morgan said Hulk's mistakes would come crashing down on him.

Gut Check Challenge with Magno
Danny Davis said if Magno was in OVW, he'd make him a star. SO PUT HIM IN OVW LIKE THE REST OF THE GUT CHECK CHALLENGE WINNERS. Davis said No. Huh? The crowd chanted for him.
Magno said he wants the world to know him and he's wrestled everywhere. He also talked in Spanish which couldn't have helped him unless the judges speak it, which is unlikely.
Bruce Prichard said no and said Magno needs more seasoning. Well, this was a waste of time.

Bully Ray was getting hyped up by Ace's in the back and asked for them not to interfere as he wanted to shove it up Hogan's ass.

Full Metal Mayhem - TNA Title - Bully Ray vs Jeff Hardy
Bully Ray broke a table just by sitting on it and got slapped by Brooke.

Bully Ray beat Jeff Hardy in Full Metal Mayhem with a hammer shot. Taz gve bully Ray a hammer, he nailed Hardy with it which sent him through a table and took the win. The match was pretty good though a ladder ruined the spot with Hardy getting suplexed into a ladder and the table broke when Bully sat on it. Other than though, it was enjoyable. Jeff Hardy did a swanton through a table and Hardy fell through one off of a ladder. They also played up the Brooke/Bully thing with Brooke slapping Bully. Rating:***1/2
 Bully Ray closed the show by saying when you ride with the Ace's and 8's, you never ride alone.

Overall thoughts: Good show with some good wrestling and a nice main event. I liked the AJ Styles storyline as well.

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  1. "When you ride with aces and eights, you never ride alone" should be the saying but instead its the nonsensical "when you RIDE with aces and eights you never WALK alone" can ride or walk but not both at the same time.