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Big Japan Pro Wrestling - Big Japan Death Vegas 2019 - 9/15/2019

Big Japan Pro Wrestling - Big Japan Death Vegas 2019 - 9/15/2019

Kosuke Sato & Masaki Morihiro vs. Akira Hyodo & Takuho Kato

BJW Young Lions Represent! Come get some NJPW! Morihiro has the yellow stripe on his tights. Hyodo is double thick and Kato is thick too. They matwrestle to start. Mori gets beat up by the bigger guys. He is almost suplexed, but rolls back in and ends up basically suplexing Hyodo. Hyodo pops up Sato, then hip throws him down. Sato tries to dive on Kato in the corner but he moves and he lands hard. Hyodo does a thick senton to Sato. Sato does a standing choke where he sits on Kato, but Kato powers out and tosses him like a rag doll overhead. Kato boston crabs Sato and wins it. It's a young lions match, so you can only say so much, but I like what I saw of Kato and Hyodo. 

Barbedwire boards, lemonboards razor boards - Ryuji Ito and Yuko Miyamoto vs Kankuro Hoshino and Yuki Ishikawa vs Masashi Takeda and Takumi Tsukamoto vs Gumba-chan and Masaya Takahashi

That's right - lemonboards. Exactly as it sounds. Gumba chan is some kind of kids rocking horse toy that has spikes where you would sit on it. Ito immediately tries to break it with a cane while the announcers lose their minds. We get a 4 way chair battle. Masaya goes through the barbed wire early. A bunch of people get slammed through the baredwire while it is on top of Masaya. Ishikawa and Hoshino then break up the barbedwire board with chairs while it is on Masaya. Ito and Miyamoto bring out fruit and squeeze it in Masaya's bloody head. Ito takes a ride on Gumba-chan, as does Takeda and Tsukamoto. Then Miyamoto does too. Ishikawa then gets a ride and Hoshino does too. Masaya then throws it outside at opponents. Takeda and Tsukamoto put Miyamoto face first through razorboards. Ito throws a chair at Ishikawa's face. Miyamoto does moonsault knees on Masaya and powerbombs him onto a razorboard. Miyamoto then moonsaults through a razorboard with Masaya underneath, then pins him by pushing the lemonboard on him. There was too much going on here and this was really just to squeeze everyone onto the card. This wasn't going to be anything more than it was - a rushed hardcore match with some comedy.

Daisuke Sekimoto and the Bodyguard vs Fuminori Abe and Takuya Nomura

THE BODYGUARD RETURNS! My man! Abe and Nomura are wearing shirts with "astronauts" on it. I really hope that's their team name. Nomura is about to get chopped in the corner early and just ducks out, and I love it. Abe does an arm takedown of Sek and his landing is great. Abe and Sek have their legs locked and Abe just chops him in the head. Sek deadlifts Nomura, Nomura tries to block it then gets german'd. Nomura gets worked on for a bit with simple stuff. Abe finally gets the hot tag in and runs up Sek's back and does a big dropkick on Bodyguard. Abe does a nice job of selling a BG boston crab. Abe then ankle locks him. Abe reminds me so much of Munenori Sawa that I'm starting to think it is actually him. Abe hits a nice wind-up right hand. Nomura comes in and gives kicks to BG who comes back with chops. He then slaps BG absolutely silly and gets bolo punched super hard for it. Body then does his machine gun lariats and drops an elbow off the 2nd rope for 2. The smaller guys lock in double submissions, but Sek kicks Nomura off and samoan drops Abe. BG winds up Sek for a lariat and they do a suplex/crossbody combo. Sek ends up landing mostly on BG though and he sells it too lol Sek goes up top and gets enzugiri's off by Abe then Nomura rolls up BG with a close armbar. The smaller guys team up and take out Sek then get double lariated by BG. Nomura hits a big release german on BG then Abe does a wind-up pitcher's punch on BG. Nomura then wins it with a german. This was longer than it needed to be and I didn't think the youngsters got enough in, but this ended up being a good match. It could have been better, but it told a simple story and the result was definitely unexpected. Abe's good.

BJW Strong Title - Kohei Sato vs Hideyoshi Kamitani

These matches are misleading on tube sites. You see 24 minutes and you think - do I really want to see Kohei Sato for 24 minutes? They once you get past intros its less than 15.

Kohei blocks a judo throw early. Hard chest slaps early from both and Kami drops a bunch of elbows on him. Kami puts the double underhook WAR special that Tenryu used to do on him. Kami hits more chest slaps but goes down to a single forearm, then gets kicked hard in the back. Sato I think busts his own head open with a headbutt on Kami. Then he goes up top and misses a knee and lands hard. Kami splashes him hard in the corner and takes a knee to the gut as he comes off the ropes. Kami takes a bunch of chest kicks and tries to power through them, then Sato hits the biggest falcon arrow you've seen. Kami comes back with a backdrop and a lariat and hits hard with a flying shoulder. Kami tries to get him with a stretch plum, but Sato hits the ropes at 15 minutes in. Kami goes up top and lands on him with a heavy elbow. Kami final cut's him. Kami does a running shoulder and just steamrolls Kohei with it. Kohei punches him and then he germans him. He powers up and no sells, then Kohei drops him with a forearm for 2. Kohei then hits him with a piledriver and wins it. I liked this match. Kami is still green and while he doesn't do a ton of cool moves, he knows how to make those moves look good. He's got a way to go yet, but this was a real good performance. Fun match here with the younger guy trying to take down the vet.

BJW Title - Scaffold, lighttubes, barbwire boards and razorboards - Isami Kodaka vs Toshiyuki Sakuda

The finish

We start off with a fight on top of the scaffold. They duel light tubes and Isami takes two. He jumps down and Sakuda dives on him. Isami takes a ride into both lighttube ropes. Sakuda gets slammed into the razorboards, then Isami grabs one after and cuts his head with it, then starts cutting him with lighttubes. Isami blocks Sakuda's razor and then gets him with it, then sends him into the lighttube ropes more. He then puts some lighttubes on his back and breaks them with a kick. Isami picks him up and rams his head into the scaffold. Sakuda codebreakers Isami with lighttubes. Sakuda tries with a corkscrew off the middle rope but Isami moves and he lands hard on his neck and shoulders. Sakuda gets something sharp and puts it through Isami's cheeks, then 619's him with it in there. Then he camel clutches him and puts something sharp in his mouth and head. Sakuda gets laid across a ladder on the middle rope. Isami pulls the thing out of his mouth then double knees him off the scaffold onto the ladder. Sakuda does a top rop shiranui on him. Then he puts a barbwire board on top of him and swantons off the ladder onto it!

He then puts lighttubes on Isami and tries a 450, but Isami throws the tubes up in him. Sakuda no sells a german, then Isami mostly no sells a german. They bring in a lighttube rail and they challenge each other to go up top. Then they do a suplex off the scaffold onto the tube rail! Only a 2 count though, this is BJW afterall. Usami puts the barbwire board on him and kicks him through it then Isami does a weird suplex on tubes on him and wins it.

The stunts were cool, but the selling and story were not here at all, so it is hard to give it a good rating. See my gifs and you won't miss a thing.

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