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USWA Memphis Wrestling TV 1/23/1993 Review

USWA Memphis Wrestling TV 1/23/1993 Review

Last week's show is here:

"We had to take the belt away due to his injury. And the quickest and the best and fairest way we could get a new champion is to have a tournament." - Eddie Marlin on stripping the Moondogs of their belts and announcing a tournament.

They went over the teams and bracket.

Tag Tournament - The Bruiser Brothers vs Tony DiNucci and Scott Campione
Davis and Lee were at the desk.

Samples came down to argue with Davis and Lee.

The Bruise Brothers won with the double big boots above. This was all squash and with all of the arguments going on at the desk between Samples/Lee/Davis, it wasn't very good. The focus wasn't on the match and I got tired of listening to them.

"You gonna take The Moondog's place? You gonna get in there with us?" - One of the Harris'

They had a brawl with Lee getting his arm stomped on and Davis getting the advantage before Spot came out and cleared the Brothers out.
"I've got more fight in my little body that you've got in your big stinking bodies. When I got Moondog Spot and Richard Lee by my side, we can't go wrong." - Danny Davis
"Mike Samples, if you wanna get to the top of the mountain, you gotta take our Moondogs out. And you ain't got the guts." - Lee
We got some promo's.
"WARNING. The surgeon general has determined that getting into the ring with The Bruise Brothers, Ron and Don Harris, will definitely be hazardous to your health." - Mike Samples
"Mr. Deadly and Mr. Unpredictable take no prisoners. They can tell you all about it." - Mike Samples
"If you're a Moondog, if you're a Jarrett, we're gonna destroy ya." - Prentice
 Glad to see the promo's back. They are a big highlight of Memphis wrestling and Samples and Prentice usually come up with some good stuff. Short and sweet is where it is at.

Tag Tournament - The Masters of Terror vs Jeff Jarrett and Jerry Lawler
Mike Miller and Brian Christopher are at the desk.
"Master of Terror #2 was injured a couple of weeks ago but it looks like he found a substitute Master of Terror." - Brown
Anyone else wanna visit The Master of Terror store for some last minute Christmas shopping?

Lawler got the win in a quick one with a Sunset Flip. At least it wasn't a squash, but it wasn't much of a match either.
"Jerry Lawler, you cannot whip me." - Brian Christopher | "Get in the ring! Get in the ring." - The fans
Lawler dared him to get in and then he did. But then he went right back out as he claimed JJ was gonna jump in.

Tag Tournament - Moondog Spot and Danny Davis vs Reggie B. Fine and Jeff Gaylord

"This was originally supposed to be Mr. Hughes but due to travel connections, probably caused by Moondog Spot and Danny Davis, he couldn't be here." - Prentice
I just love the thought of Moondog Spot out on the freeway jacking people's cars.
"Either way, the Samples Foundation is going to be walking away with those belts." - Prentice | "The Samples Foundation? A non-profit, charitable organization, I guess you're gonna tell me.." - Brown | "We make plenty of profit, thank you." - Prentice
"I just read in The Wrestling Observer, which is sort of the Bible of Wrestling, you were voted the sixth best wrestling commentator in the entire world, did you know that?" - Samples | "I appreciate it but I don't usually bring that sort of thing up." - Brown | "I also wanted to mention that your co-host here, Mr. Corey Maclin, was voted the 8th worst wrestling announcer on the entire planet." - Samples
"Mike, wasn't I voted the best manager in professional wrestling?" - Prentice | "You were the #1 manager." - Samples
 Davis got the win with a crossbody on Fine. This was short and Gaylord was wasting time and posing for most of this. The commentary was funny but distracting.

Miss Texas and Sapphire came out.
"Now he may be a funny man, but I'm gonna show him, I am not a funny woman." - Sapphire on Bert Prentice | "Hold on girlfriend, I deserve the first shot at Buffalo Butt, okay?" - Miss Texas
Prentice came out to challenge Texas now.

Texas got into it with Bert and Leslie Belenger came out and held Texas while Bert whipped her with his belt. JJ made the save and Texas got revenge.
"Bert Prentice, I'm gonna have this belt with me. You better get ready for a good old fashioned butt whipping." - Miss Texas
"It's real unusual for me to be cheering for two guys that I can't stand and that's Mean Mike Miller and Brian Christopher. But I find myself wanting them to win because you see, if they keep winning, then we get a chance to face them." - Lawler
"We'll see you at ringside, Brian Christopher and Mike Miller." - JJ
Doug Gilbert came out without Eddie(boooo!) who they said wasn't here.
"I'm still the younger brother, but I'm not the smaller brother." - Doug Gilbert
"Eddie Gilbert's got this disease. It's where your mouth runs off before your brain can think of what its saying." - Doug Gilbert
"I've been looking around. I see a young man, names Tony DiNucci or something like that. I'll take him, it looks like he got beat up on a little bit, but I'll take him and you put him with me and we'll win the tournament." - Gilbert
Tag Tournament - Tony DiNucci and Doug Gilbert vs Brian Christopher and Mike Miller

The heels won with a backbreaker/top rope legdrop combo after Doug Gilbert turned on Tony DiNucci for some odd reason. Not a very interesting match with a lot of restholds and DiNucci getting beaten up like always. I really have no idea what the point of the turn was.
The heels stomped DiNucci after and JJ/King made the save.

That was it.

Overall thoughts: Well, this show was better than last week, but that's not saying that much. The matches weren't very good but I did like Mike Samples on the mic, the quick Bruise Brothers promo and the Sapphire/Miss Texas ordeal. Not enough though to make this a good episode or a recommended one.

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