Thursday, September 5, 2013

WWE NXT 9/4/2013 Results and Review

WWE NXT 9/4/2013 Results and Review

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Bayley and Charlotte vs Alicia Fox and Aksana

"The Hugplex" - Alex Riley
It seems Ric Flair's top rope prowess has been passed down to Charlotte

Bayley rolled up Alicia Fox to win. This wasn't good. Bayley and her gimmick were fine but the end stretch got screwed up somehow and the booking of it was weird. Bayley force tagged herself in, Fox threw her into the ropes and went for a Yakuza kick. She then missed, nailed Aksana and Bayley rolled her up. I didn't get it at all. Bayley was over though and seems to have caught on.

Sylvester LeFort and the Legionaires were in the back. He said Dawson got embarrassed by Mason Ryan and it was time for payback. He said he brought Alexander Rusev in to be the muscle and Rusev talked in another language.
"So, Rusev, what are you going to do to Mason Ryan?" - Lefort

"Whoa, now that's what I'm talking about." - Lefort
"After you win, we make the money then we're going to Sizzler." - Lefort | "Sizzler? That's my favorite!" - Dawson
Rick Victor vs Corey Graves
Rick Victor was carrying a tag belt and they said it was because Victor stole it during the Graves attack last week.

Anyone else think Victor and Neville look pretty similar these days?
Graves won with a pin out of an overhead slam. The match made sense but was not exciting and totally died. The crowd didn't care at all. Rick worked the ribs the whole time with stomps to the ribs and some various holds. Near the end, O'Brian got on the apron then Neville nailed him and dove on him.

Summer Rae was stirring up stuff with Sasha in the back. She said this is Sasha's biggest match and she would beat the crap out of Paige if she could. She asked Sasha if she had the inner rage to beat Paige and tried to say that with Paige calling herself the anti-diva, she is really saying she's too good for the other divas.

"Summer Rae doesn't seem to know what an anti-diva is. It doesn't mean I want to be a cover girl, it means I'm here to cover other girls and win here in the ring." - Paige
Paige said she will give Sasha a good match next week and said she's going to be the best WWE diva ever.

Mason Ryan vs Alexander Rusev

Alexander Rusev beat Mason Ryan with a Camel Clutch. I thought this was fun. Rusev brought it and was pretty quick here. He reminded me in ways of Big E and all of his offense looked pretty good. They had a condensed version of a power match and Rusev's cartwheel kick was good.  Rusev using the camel clutch was cool too and he got the first win ever on Mason Ryan on NXT. Lefort and Dawson got involved near the end.

Leo Kruger was giggling like a school girl and apparently laid out Xavier Woods in the back.

Sami Zayn vs Jack Swagger

Jack Swagger beat Sami Zayn with Patriot Lock, which Alex Riley claimed he never saw before. Odd ending to this on here. Bo Dallas came down, did nothing and actually encouraged Sami to continue on and pin Swag, but Zayn instead refused and yelled at him then got submitted. I didn't get this finish at all as Bo looked like the good guy out of it. I get what they were trying to do, but they failed. All Bo had to do was get involved somehow whether it be interfering or attempting to help Zayn sincerely or insincerely and failing and it would have worked better.

As for the match, it was pretty good and maybe Swagger's best ever. The crowd was absolutely nuclear for this match and one of the hottest crowds I've seen in a long time. They loved this one and ate it up. It was mostly Swagger hitting slams and working submissions with Zayn making small comebacks, which were all pretty good. He hit a great Yakuza kick in the corner and his selling of Swag's lariat was really good. Credit has to be given to the crowd though, because they made this one. Rating:***

Overall thoughts: There were two finishes that I didn't really get. However, Rusev/Ryan was good as was the main event. So basically, it had some good moments but some not so good moments as well. I think most people would like it though.


  1. I think what it was supposed to be was Bayley getting shoved into the heel corner, dodging an Alicia Fox kick, Alicia accidentally hitting Aksana with it and Bayley rolling up Alicia for a clean three.

    What it ended UP being was LET’S RUN INTO THE CORNER TOGETHER, Alicia’s leg going up over Bayley’s shoulder for some reason and grazing Aksana, Aksana selling it like she’s jumping out of an airplane and Bayley awkwardly rolling Alicia up with her feet all tangled in the ropes. Of course, ace referee Charles Robinson still counts the three, because he is forever and always a mark for the Flairs.

    Lil’ Naitch reffing Charlotte’s matches should be a conflict of interests, shouldn’t it?

  2. alex riely might very well be the worst commentator ever, even when cole or lawler are way worse, mainly because he's commentating the BEST WRESTLING SHOW, N-freakin'-X-fudging-T ! and he won't stop talking about the miz, mentioning wrestlers being good at any other sport EXCEPT for wrestling, being racist (listen to what he says when alicia fox comes out) and because he said this: "a little confusion there, but IRREGARDLESS, they pulled it off!” ... yeah, this is a person WWE is paying to speak on television. The Internet. Whatever.


  3. The announce team tries to get Mason Ryan over as “the strongest person on the NXT roster,” which is total, total bullshit, both because of Mason’s powerless vanity muscles and because Antonio Cesaro was JUST here. Cesaro could lie down on a couch and pick Alexander Rusev up with one arm, Mason Ryan couldn’t pick up Paige without her doing a push-up on his shoulder.

  4. I think you're SOOOOOOOOOO UNDERRATING the NXT sami zayn main events, dude ...

    his match with cesaro deserved AT LEAST 4 stars ! and I thought it deserved even more than that !

    same thing with this match with swagger !

    you seem like the only one that isn't feeling the same feelings as the crowd and everyone watching NXT around the world is feeling ...

    maybe it's because of the finish of the "I’M HERE, YOU’RE DISTRACTED, NOW YOU LOSE" pro wrestling trope of doom. It happens. He doesn’t really DO anything, but he’s there, so he gets hated for it. That’s Bo Dallas in a nutshell, isn’t he?