Monday, September 23, 2013

WWE Monday Night Raw 9/23/2013 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 9/23/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

On the app before the show, Renee interviewed Brad Maddox. Brad said that there was unrest in the locker room but management will handle it tonight.

Vince did a voiceover for Angelo Savoldi saying "they don't make them like they used to".
The protesting wrestlers were on stage and Steph/HHH came out.

They thanked the wrestlers for steeping up and being men.
RVD said they were fighting for DB and HHH would screw them all if he could. HHH and Steph asked if the wrestlers should be getting the shots instead of DB and should be the faces of WWE.
They said none of them got the shots because The Shield beat them all down. HHH said they were all frustrated at The Shield, not because of DB. He said he would give them all an elimination handicap match against The Shield.
HHH said DB would be their partner. Steph said we could vote on whether it would be Dolph, Truth or Rob Van Dam to fight Randy Orton tonight. The crowd chanted for CM Punk since they were in Chicago. Steph told them where to vote and got booed for it for an LOL moment.

HHH made ADR vs Kofi on the app.

Alberto Del Rio vs Kofi Kingston

Alberto won with the armbar. The match wasn't bad. He worked Kofi's arm the whole time and near the end, Kofi accidentally rammed the post and then got armbarred. The TiP into a German spot was cool and Kofi's dive was good. Crowd wasn't into it though.

Josh interviewed Truth on the app. Truth said he hasn't gotten a shot in a long time and the WWE should give him a shot because of it. Truth said "it couldn't get no righter" when talking about getting a shot.

Renee Young interviewed The Miz.
HHH jumped in and said he won't let Miz near Orton as there is no telling what Orton would do to him. HHH said Chicago wants its MizTV and the crowd booed it. HHH said The Big Show would be Miz's guest.

Josh interviewed Dolph on the app. Dolph said he deserved a shot.

The Wyatt Family vs The Prime Time Players

Luke Harper got the win with a Zangief spinning clothesline. The match was kind of boring but the finishing lariat was pretty good. The lights went out for a second during the match and the announcers said it's a common thing in Wyatt Family matches which is so common that I've never seen it happen before.

Justin Gabriel and Zack Ryder were interviewed on the app. Zack said he went for the brass ring and it didn't work out. He said they have everyone's back. Gabriel said there's 11 of them and 3 of The shield. Zack said it would be payback.

MizTV with The Big Show
"I'm really banged up and pissed off." - Miz

Miz said he would get payback and brought out Show.

Miz quizzed Show on why he knocked out Dusty.
Miz said Show was being used as an example since he is the biggest guy out there. Steph came out.
"You know you're not a major player, Miz. You're a utility player. When we need someone to do appearances in some far corner of the world, you're the man we call." - Stephanie McMahon
Steph said Miz was slandering her and he told her to shove it up her ass. She buried Miz.
Steph made Big Show knock out The Miz and he did it immediately.

Randy Orton vs Rob Van Dam

This went to a Double Count Out when Orton beat up RVD on the outside and wouldn't stop. He took apart a guard rail and backdropped him on it and threw him into stuff.

Orton beat up RVD more after and Alberto beat up and armbarred RVD on the app.
Orton said what he just did would be a fraction of what he does to DB. He tried to hit on Brie too.

They showed a vid of the Steph/HHH wedding and Steph gave AJ a copy so she could experience a wedding anytime. AJ was not excited about her tag match later.
Steph told her AJ would wrestle and threatened her.

Santino was interviewed and said he would be on the "rooster" for the new WWE game.

Fandango vs Santino

Fandango won in a quick squash with a Alabama Jam.

Brad was interviewed on the app. He said it would be CM Punk vs Ryback at WWE Battleground.

"It's gonna read in Grey's Sports Almanac that CM Punk lost to Paul Heyman." - CM Punk
Punk said he tried to get the Stanley Cup here but it was being engraved. He said it feels like he's been letting everyone down.
He talked about being proud of Chicago and said even if he is down, he will come back.

Paul came out singing and Punk said he had 18,000 people who would bail him out of jail when he gets his hands on him.

"Yeah, I may be a walrus but I pinned the biggest shark in the city of Chicago." - Paul Heyman
Paul bragged about his win and Chicago being 2nd to everything.  Punk asked if he goes after Paul, can his goons get Punk before he gets Paul.

They had a big brawl with people going into the stage and Punk evetually getting gorilla pressed off the stage.

Aksana, AJ Lee, Layla Tamina and Alicia Fox vs The Funkadactyl's, Natalya and The Bella's

Brie got the win on AJ in a quick match with a facebuster. This was not noteworthy but Nikki Bella returned here.

The Shield said the match tonight was best for business and when they are against the odds, they win and do their job.
DB talked about being stripped and how goofy it was that he conspired with Scott Armstrong. DB thought it was odd how Scott got a lot of money in his deal when he left. He said he didn't know or care what happened at NoC but he will win at WWE Battleground.
DB said all Orton would hear is YES after their match. The Shield came out

Cody Rhodes and Goldust returned, jumping The Shield.

11 on 3 Handicap Match
Ambrose took out RVD early and pinned him for some odd reason.
I'd like to know why the faces, if they are so mad at The Shield, are totally cool with following traditional rules for a tag team match here. I know I wouldn't if I were them. I'd gang jump them since they did it to me. But I'm also not a brainless WWE face.

Ambrose pinned Kingston.

Reigns speared Titus to pin him.
He then speared Ryder to take him out.

The Uso's hit a Samoan Splash to take out Reigns which they said was the first time Reigns had ever been pinned in WWE.
Rollins got DY with a flying knee to the head. Dolph hit a Zig Zag to eliminate Ambrose.

Daniel Bryan pinned Rollins with a flying knee. The match was exciting and pretty decent but there were obviously a lot of inconsistencies and things that didn't make a ton of sense if thought of. Rollins' footstomp to Truth's head was nasty and the Uso's dives were really great. Reigns got a little overexposed here though.

Overall thoughts: I thought all of the angles were good but the wrestling was really weak as usual. The main event gave me headaches in trying to come up with the logic for it.


  1. "But I'm also not a brainless WWE face."

    LMAO ! very good review as usuall. keep up the great work. man ;)

  2. "The lights went out for a second during the match and the announcers said it's a common thing in Wyatt Family matches which is so common that I've never seen it happen before."

    I laughed so hard. I also chuckled at the statement that tarek lababidi quoted.