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WWE Total Divas Episode 6 Review

WWE Total Divas Episode 6 Review

Last week's show is here:

Jo Jo was watching Justin Gabriel stretch and she and Eva talked to Chris Jericho. Jo Jo had a crush on Justin.

Daniel Bryan kissed Brie and Jo Jo said they were cute.  Brie said DB will walk out on the ramp with lipstick from the kiss. Jo Jo was showing phone pictures to Justin Gabriel. Jo Jo said she missed her ex Sebastian. Eva said she was worried about this. I would not take dating advice from Eva Marie.

Jo and Eva watched Justin Gabriel wrestle. They said they would have a house warming party for their apartment and wanted to invite Justin. Michael Hayes came from behind and scared them.

At the NXT Dojo, the girls were working on matches. A Bella was giving submission wrestling advice for working arms. Something seems wrong with that idea. Nikki wanted to plan a bachelor party for Nat with lots of naked men and champagne. Nat was worried TJ was going to find out. She didn't seem too worried with Jaret last time...

Nat then brought up the date with Jaret. The girls didn't like the idea that Nat was kind of into Jaret. Nat said Fandango was cute and they all check out the guys. Trin said "Nattie, what the hell are you doing?". One of the Bella's wanted to show a new move on the ropes on Trin. She sat on her neck and then flipped back. The girls thought Trin was hurt.

Jo Jo was nervous for the party. A Bella, Trin, TJ, Nat and others showed up. A Bella broke a wine glass. They encouraged Brie to drink and yelled "Brie Mode". They said Brie gets "creeepy" when intoxicated.

Justin hugged Jo Jo and Ariane showed up. Nat said Jaret wanted to get Nat in better shape and Nikki said he wanted to work her out in bed.

They all danced and Ariane mocked Nat's dancing. Ariane said she dated a 41 year old at 20 and a 25 year old at 17.

Jo and Justin kissed on the balcony. Eva said she was worried, saying they won't mix.

We came back from a break with Jo and Justin having a date. Justin ripped on her for being underage and unable to drink wine.  It seems that everyone on the roster drinks daily. Jo wanted food to go.

John Cena and Nikki Bella were going to a purse store to buy Nat a gift. Nikki brought up Nat only sleeping with TJ and only kissing him. Cena wasn't impressed. Nikki said her family would do backflips if she only slept with one person. John wanted to know how many people and he said "hopefully it's between 1 and 1,000".

Vincent, The World's Most Dangerous Man, met with Ariane. Ariane was getting ready for a bachelorette party. Vince wanted to come but Ariane said he can't because he's not a wrestler.Vince said this sucks and Ariane got mad.

The guys and the girls celebrated the bachelor party together. Jo Jo climbed some pole and I think it was in the shower. Curt Hawkins made an appearance and there was tons of alcohol. Nikki said "here's to boners". The girls and guys got into swimwear.  Jon said the other girls don't have no "been there". Jon was hitting on Trin and said "I like my barbecue burned".

Nat got a text from Jaret. Nikki wasn't happy, as she said this was too flirty.  Jaret said "I'll be thinking of you in my dreams". Nat asked Nikki not to tell anyone and Nikki said she should feel bad.

Jo Jo saw Justin Gabriel talking to another girl at the pool. They aren't a couple so it's fair game as far as I'm concerned.

Nattie was drinking shots. The girls were getting ready to go see the Chippendale's.  Nikki said this was amazing. One of the guys lasso'd Nat on the stage and then mooned the audience. More alcohol. Jo Jo wasn't happy to be in Vegas because she's 19 and can't do anything in Vegas. True story too. They saw Justin Gabriel with a girl, who looked better than Jo Jo. Eva saw Justin get in a cab with a girl. Jo Jo said "I'm done. "F*** you, I'm done. I'm in complete shock".

Eva said we warned her and was cocky about it all. Jo Jo was crying, of course. The other girls were drinking a lot. Brie was dancing drunk with the rest of them. Ariane was dancing and her crotch had to be blurred. Nikki Bella took a nice bump off of a couch and spilled alcohol all over herself.

Nat said she couldn't get Jaret out of her mind. Brie said she needed a 1 on 1 with Nat. Brie had to have her crotch blurred out when getting on the bed. You know, there are these things called underwear. They stop your private parts from being exposed. Nat said she was overwhelmed and cried for the 2nd cry of the show.

Brie had junk on her legs and had to sneak in her room at 4:20AM.  She forgot her key so that wasn't happening. DB was sleeping and we got another blurred shot on Brie. Brie put handcuffs on Bryan. Brie got woken up by DB in the morning and she said she went into Brie Mode last night. Bryan knew. DB grabbed her by the head and shook it. He said he'd rather be grumpy than drunk. DB splashed Brie on the bed.

The cast were at a celebratory dinner type of deal and were drinking, of course. Jo Jo said it was awkward to be with Justin there. Jo Jo asked for explanations from Justin. He wanted to play with her hair and say she is pretty. Justin said the age gap is too much and she's too young, breaking their thing up. Jo Jo said this didn't make sense.

Nikki Bella's vibrator

Brie Bella was reading a porn magazine and Brie threw Nikki Bella's vibrator at her.. Trin told Ariane to "Open the damn door". Ariane said Vince hopped on the plane to come. Ariane said she has to be a babysitter. Vince kissed Ariane and she said "ew".  Vince jumped in the hot tub and she said "his energy is on a 20". Vince said he wanted to grow his hair out.  Ariane sprayed him with something.

"Oh My God, Antonio Cesaro." - Trinity

The cast went to a club and of course, were drinking, again. TJ spilled a drink on himself and they toasted to boners. Nat spit her drink out and got some cake or something that had a guy in a thong.  They played with a playdoh weiner. No, I'm not making this up.

Vince got the cotton candy and was hitting Ariane with it and being a pig. He then spilled something on himself. They went to another bar/club. They all danced and drank. Vince ordered some shots of Don Julio. He got drunk and argued with Ariane.

Elevator - 1, Vincent - 0

Vince spilled a drink on Ariane's dress for his second spill of the night. They then left, with Vince pounding on an elevator.

Overall thoughts: I've seen better and worse. I don't drink so the getting drunk stuff doesn't really phase me.

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