Friday, September 6, 2013

TNA One Night Only - Knockouts Knockdown PPV Results and Review

TNA One Night Only - Knockouts Knockdown PPV  Results and Review

I did a podcast on this show here:

We got an opening video package on the girls.

All the girls came out.

Brooke came out to talk. She said tonight they will be having a tournament to see who is Queen of the Knockouts.
They showed a video of Roxxy Leveau vs Gail Kim to determine the 1st Knockouts Champion.

Gail won with an ugly White Noise. This looks like it was aired off of youtube.

Gail talked about her accomplishments and Madison Rayne wished her good luck.

Gail Kim vs Alissa Flash

Alissa Flash was back, looked old and said  she was going for the gold.
"Alissa uh really looks a lot different." - Tazz
Tazz sounds like he's been chugging Tylenol.

Alissa hit a rough german early.

"Wow, that'll make you flatchested real quick." - Tazz

Gail won with a Eat Defeat. The match wasn't bad for the girls, but the crowd was kind of deflated and ruined it. They both looked a bit slow but I really liked Flash's submissions and how she turned them into moves.

We got some replays of Lei'D Tapa from her Gut Check Challenge videos.
She cried when she said her uncle The Barbarian said he was proud of her.
Velez talked about MMA and ruining her relationship with her mom.

Ivelisse Velez vs Lei'd Tapa
Their first match was reviewed here -

Yep, they misspelled Tapa's name. Way to go.

Tapa won with a bad and very ugly side slam. Velez had her from the guillotine position and was on wrapped around her and Tapa dropped her. If you are wondering why we haven't seen much of Tapa, it might be because she looked awful here. Just totally awkward and botching everything. Meanwhile, Velez looked like the best wrestler on this show and was good. She showed nice fire and I liked her flying and submissions. Someone needs to sign her ASAP.

We saw clips of Tara winning the Knockouts Title. She introduced Jesse here.
Broash interviewed Tara and Jesse. Tara said JB never gets Jesse's name right. She said she was the Queen of Impact Wrestling and she didn't know who Mia Yim was. Jesse said he didn't either, but they knew who he was.

Tara vs Mia Yim

Yim did a quick promo saying she toured Japan. Tazz called her Mia Hamm.

Tara won with the Widow's Peak. Yim looked pretty good here. She did an asai and missed a corkscrew moonsault and threw some kicks in there. There was too much interference though and there was one weird spot. Yim went to the wrong side when coming off the ropes and the girls just kind of spun around.

We got a slideshow of Knockouts in swimsuits.

We got footage of Tessmacher beating Gail Kim for the Knockouts title with the interview after.

Brooke Tessmacher vs Santana Garrett

Miss Tessmacher beat Santana with a front buster from the backdrop position. Santana didn't look bad at all. She did some lucha spots and some decent flying. I also liked her submissions here. Brooke's butt made an appearance, so I was happy.

ODB said she was crazy and mentioned fighting with Trinity before.

We got clips from an ODB/EY wedding.
I never saw this so this was interesting. They got married in a cage. They showed like the entire segment as this went around 10-15 minutes.

Sarita and Rosita tried to tempt him.

Everyone stripped down, including the priest in by far the strangest wedding ceremony I've ever seen. I cannot believe I never heard of this before. They got married.

ODB vs Trinity

ODB won with a TKO in a bad match. ODB just gassed out here and this ended up being nothing. Trinity got almost nothing in, which is a shame since I remember her doing flying spots before.

They showed Taryn beating Gail Kim. I miss Taryn. I hope she has her baby and comes back soon.

Taryn Terrell vs Jackie Moore

You have to give Jackie credit. She's been going for 20+ years now.
Jackie won with a dropkick to a seated Taryn. This bombed. The crowd died and they didn't click at all. This got off to a slow start and didn't pick up in time. You could heard individual crowd members here.

They had Hulk talking about TNA's British Bootcamp where he signed everyone. They all appeared once, maybe twice in Spud's case, and we haven't see any of them since.
Hannah Blossom said she was motivated without her sister here. I have no idea why they didn't bring them both.

Taeler Hendrix vs Sojo Bolt vs Hannah Blossom in a Three Way Match

Sojo said she was back and no one was "meaner, badder or blacker".

Hannah Blossom won with a Brogue Kick. This was mostly comedy with Hendrix and Sojo working together and for the most part failing. They beat up on Hannah some until they messed up in the end and she got the win off of it. Taz buried everyone in this calling Hannah - Betty Blossom and Betty Bootcamp.

Velvet Sky vs Jillian Hall

Jillian sang pre-match, singing no knockout can hold her down.
Velvet won with the In Yo Face. This wasn't good. Jillian actually wasn't bad and showed the best character so far on the show but they had a bunch of awkward spots including the one directly above and the crowd was dead, which seems to be the theme of the show.

Mickie James vs Serena Deeb

Tons of stalling here. They are going with the storyline of them being friendly and then turning on each other.
Mickie James won with a jumping DDT. They started out okay but never picked up on it and really paced this one to be a long match, when it really wasn't that long in the end. This had the least amount of botches so far but still wasn't good.

Long 5 minute recap video.

Queen of the Knockouts Gauntlet Match

Hannah and Gail started this.
Gail eliminated Hannah quick.

Tapa and Tara were next in.

Mickie was in next.

Tapa went out next and Mickie eliminated herself in the process, but no one counted it. Tessmacher then came in.

Jackie was in next.

ODB was in next.
Velvet was in next. This is totally boring and too long.
Velvet eliminated ODB and then Gail took out Velvet. Tara kicked out Tessmacher. Mickie spin kicked Tara and took her out.

Gail faked an injury, a doctor came to help her then she rolled up Mickie. This sucked. It was slow, it had no heat and just had nothing of note whatsoever. I am so glad this is over and I never want to see a gauntlet match ever again. Ever.

Madison Rayne came out and gave Gail a crown to end the show.

Overall thoughts: Look, they tried here, but they couldn't deliver. This show was a bad idea and was pretty bad. The girls just aren't on a respectable level in the ring and are light years behind their Japanese counter parts. Ivelisse Velez was the star of the show and definitely the MVP, so naturally she lost. I really don't recommend this one and while it could have been worse, it wasn't good. I think it also says something that the longest thing on this show was a wedding from a few years ago.


  1. Crowd was alright i was there but im not watching how it played out on PPV

  2. Wasn't good? Mickie vs Serena was good.

  3. This was one of the worst PPVs they've ever had. I only liked the opener and the triple threat match, everything else was just horrific.

  4. serena was fantastic. ivelisse is the best choice to sign ! alissa flash would be very good. mia yim was awesome ! hannah blossom was great ! I miss taryn tarrel, taeler hendrix, tara and madisone rayne ... but I understand that taryn will be back, taeler quit and madisone and tara got nothing left to do as they did everything possible in their time.

    anyways, mickie and gail were awesome all night long !

    odb, tessmacher and velvet were as usuall. santana and trinity didn't impress. sojo, jillian hall and jackie moore not so much ...

    taz was the worst here. and the IMPACT zone crowd sucks.

    overall, this show was fun when I watched it along with my friends. and it showed that TNA can, if they want, bring up 20+ knockouts ! but sadly, they stick with 3-4 tops, nowadays ...

    most matches were solid to very good ! but the gauntlet at the end was shit. it . was. shit !

    can you recommend any one women's match for me from japan ? someone told me to watch serena vs kana. do you have something else, too ?