Thursday, September 5, 2013

TNA Impact Wrestling 9/5/2013 Results and Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 9/5/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Package of last weeks events to start.
We got promo's from all the guys in the gauntlet with Kaz saying Kazmania begins tonight.
Park said he would do us proud and Jay Bradley said he was paid to take out Park.

Ace's came out to start the show like they always do.
Bully said Ace's is in control.

Bully hugged his boys and sucked up to Tito and Anderson. He said Anderson was the best VP. Bully said he would stay around to watch Knux wrestle.

Chris Sabin vs. Knux

Knux won by DQ. Bully gave him a hammer, he went to use it and got caught. He lost it and they raced for it and then Sabin just nailed him with it. The match wasn't real good. Knux couldn't take moves too well and the crowd wasn't into it. The ending was lame too.

"This is crap. Crap!" - Chris Sabin | "Sums up my thoughts on TNA well." - Me
Sabin was having a temper tantrum about the hammer and Velvet tried to cool him off.

"I had this big performance planned - smoking monkeys, dancing midgets." - Mickie James on not getting invited to the VMA's.
Mickie James talked about winning her own award - The MJA's.
Mickie James talked about twerking it and Miley Cyrus when ODB came out.

They had a fight with ODB getting the better of it and ODB ripping off Mickie James' top. No, you couldn't see anything as she had something on underneath.

Jay Bradley offered a chance for Hernandez to get in on his deal tonight to get paid for beating up Park.

Anderson and Wes had some kind of discussion about dessert during the break in a teaser.

12 man Bound for Glory series gauntlet for 20 points

 Bradley made the offer again. Hernandez kicked him. Park was out next.

This was off to a boring start as Anderson came in.
Joe came out during the break. I'm offended by this as commercials are my second favorite part of Impact, right behind when Impact ends.
AJ dove at Park and I'm pretty sure both men went over and hit the floor. However, they said AJ made it.
Kazmania was out next.
Anderson went out after a Joe kick.
B.I. threw out Hernandez. If you are watching football instead of TNA, good call. Hardy came out.
Some girl started screaming extremely loud when Roode came out.
AJ put out Bradley.
Aries came out running and did an awesome dive knocking over two people.
Magnus came out next.
EGO knocked out Joe.
Roode threw out Hardy. AJ tossed Kaz on the stage to eliminate him. Daniels threw out Magnus.

AJ jumped off of Roode's back and forearmed Aries out. He then tossed Roode on the stage.
Styles then tossed out Daniels to win. This didn't get interesting until the last few guys and was by large a waste of time.

Bully was upset with Anderson. He said the rest in Ace's won their matches.

Anderson got told and was said not to disappoint Bully or talk down to him.

AJ said he was a winner and was going to win the BFG Series.

Sting talked about not being able to challenge for the title and he said he should thank Bully because that night made him want to get a family.

James Storm & Gunner vs. Garett Bischoff & Wes Brisco in a non-title match

Ace's jumped the faces.

Ace's won with a Bischoff chain shot. This was okay but the finish was lame and this wasn't memorable.

AJ Styles will announce his BFG opponent next. I'd like to get Aries/Styles out of this.

AJ picked Austin Aries as he said Aries was the only person he lost to.
Aries said the fans will win here.
Roode said EGO's goal was to into the final four and they did. He said Magnus was the weak link.
Magnus said he didn't need muppets to help him win.
Magnus said he would go through everyone and win the title.

No DQ - Bully Ray vs. Sting in a non-title match

Bully reminded Sting this was non-title.
Hulk gave Bully what he called a receipt in banning Tito from ringside. Hulk then made this No DQ.

Sting won with the Scorpion Deathlock. The match wasn't much and mostly had chair shots until Bully exposed some of the wood under the ring we got a MEM/Ace's brawl. Anderson got a hold of the hammer and teased giving it to Bully. He then threw it to the side and Bully tapped. After, Anderson said he would challenge Bully next week for the belt and basically turned face.

Overall thoughts:
The last 20 minutes were good but I didn't care for the rest. It just wasn't an interesting show until the ending and didn't do it for me.


  1. I was so down on TNA lately .. it was indeed "crap" more times than it offered awesome things, and I had so little expectations going into this episode, but I was surprised as this ended up being MY FAVOURITE IMPACT EPISODE ALL YEAR LONG !!!

    mike knux is someone I ALWAYS loved when EVERYONE hated him ! and he showed a liiiiiittle bit of how good he can be in his match last night. and I marked out for his win over sabin !

    briscoe/bischoff (the young guns) weren't even half bad in their match ! AT LEAST WE GOT THE TAG DIVISION BACK ON TV !

    I even liked the main event A LOT as sting capatalized on every mistake that happened with him in slammiversary and bully got screwed in every step he did .. and I LOVED IT !

    bully ray is the best heel possible ever.

    mr.anderson (AN-DER-SOOOON !) was awesome, as usuall, this week, too >:)

    mickie james is just absoloutly super awesome, beautiful and talented ! she's the tag division's bad influence, the X-division's austin aries, the main event scene's bobby roode or bully ray of the knockouts division ! she's FANTASTIC ! AMAZING ! I LOVE HER ! SHE'S THE BEST ! DO I NEED TO SAY ANYTHING MORE ?!!!

    the gauntlet match was SUPERB ! I was SOOOOOO INVESTED in e-v-e-r-y little detail that happened in it ! I was marking out for many people through all of it and it's probably my favourite gauntlet/royal rumble match in both wwe/tna in the last 5 freakin' years ! I know a lot of people are saying that I'm overrating it, but that's my opinion and my reaction and I stand by it !

    I was marking out and shouting and jumping and having fun all episode long as if I was a little kid !! and that's all I'm gonna remember :D


  2. btw, AJ styles's feet did NOT touch the ground when he eliminated joseph park. repeat it as much as you'd like until you see it well ! that was a rocket explosion beginning to styles's awesome performance in this gauntlet and every elimination he did (and he did 6 of them) was different than the others and looked awesome as well ! this made him look like the star that he is alright :)