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TNA Impact Wrestling 9/19/2013 Results and Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 9/19/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Magnus got jumped by EGO during an interview in the back.

Magnus came out.
He talked about being in pain from the match with AJ last week.
He dared a member of EGO to come out and fight him and Roode did. So did Daniels.
Kaz joined in too until MEM ran them off.
Sting challenged them to a six man tag later.

Sabin talked to Manik backstage, acting heelish and saying he got Manik where he is.

Manik vs Jeff Hardy

Hardy won with a swanton in a typical X-Division type of match. Tons of fast action here and I didn't quite understand why Manik, the X Champion, took an unnecessary loss.
Sabin then turned heel on Manik for um some reason and Hardy saved Manik.
Sabin said no one respects him and that Manik is disrespectful.

Knockouts title - Mickie James vs ODB

ODB has new and even bigger boobs.

ODB won with a TKO. Afterwards, EY and Park came out to celebrate with her. Not a bad match at all. ODB bumped big and they matched up pretty good.

The Broman's made jokes about ODB and Park. Park made a threat and they talked about making challenges. Park said he couldn't fight due to being in a suit and they made EY vs Robbie E.

Eric Young vs Robbie E
EY won in seconds with a roll-up.
E said that wasn't a real match and that he really wanted Park in a match.
E accused Park of being scared, so Park came down to start it.

Robbie E vs Joseph Park
Park rolled up E in seconds to win.

The Broman's jumped them and Park fired up and cleared them off.

Hulk asked Dixie what was up with AJ but she said she got this one.

Brooke's ass and Ace's came out.

Bully said nothing.

The boys thought Bully was putting too much emphasis on Brooke and said Bully isn't as good as he used to be since Brooke came along. Bully took this constructive criticism by threatening his crew. Bully talked about slapping Garrett and Knux dared him to slap himself instead.
Knux called him out on his BS and said Bully didn't care about the club. Knux said the club is failing since they went from 25 members to 4. He also said Bully forgot about the biggest rule - "bro's before hoes". Knux was really good here. Bully pushed him for that comment and of course threatened him. Bully, negative reinforcement is clearly not the answer tonight. Knux went at him and Bully left.

Sting said they were down in numbers but told Magnus to keep being himself.

Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero vs James Storm and Gunner

Chavo said he wasn't cleared to wrestle. Gunner then challenged Hernandez.

Hernandez vs Gunner

Gunner won with a Rock Bottom backbreaker on the knee. The match was pretty spotty and kind of clunk. Hernandez is like a 2013 poor man's John Kronus in that he has cool stuff but that's it and he has no idea what else to do.


Roode pinned Magnus after a baseball bat shot. I didn't like this one. I thought it was really boring until the faces made their comeback.It went too long and hey didn't make the best of this.

It's main event talking time!
AJ ripped on the Carter's buying TNA. He's right, it hasn't proven to be a smart decision. AJ said they traded in Jerry Lynn and Low-Ki for MMA stars. Uh, Lynn retired and Ki has done more harm to himself than anyone else. AJ said despite what the internet thinks, he doesn't have a contract.
 I hate this gimmick.
Dixie said she was sorry and is accountable. She said she was sorry that she never told AJ that he was only a bit better than average. She said "The Phenomenal One" was a marketing gimmick she created and said AJ hasn't had any 5 star matches lately. Well, no one in TNA has but the last two best TNA matches were AJ Styles matches. Dixie said she built this house and her dad pays AJ, and he is lucky to be here.
 AJ told her where to stick the mic.
"Cut that mic, this show is over. Cut that off." - Dixie Carter
Overall thoughts: I hate this show.

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  1. ha ha you're free to think so, man.

    personally, I LOVED this show SO MUCH !

    the bro-mans/joseph park and EY exchange was so entertaining ! the aces & 8's stuff were very well-acted and built and it was intense there ! they had one of the best X-division and knockouts matches in a while. I liked the character development with sabin. all the EGO vs MEM stuff were very good (and I think you don't like heel-ish tactics, but these things are my favourite things in wrestling).

    and then, here came this very needed promo in these hard times for TNA ! AJ said all the right things (btw, although lynn and ki retired, they weren't really used well in TNA before they did. same thing with alex shelley, jay lethal, etc)(and the MMA guys and old wrestlers that always took the spotlight from the original talent frustrated everybody). then, dixie surprised us all by showing a great performance ! I mean, where did that come from?! she also said all the right things (TNA wouldn't have survived without her dad's money, and AJ is her employee and should know his place). it's not a heel vs face thing .. it's a real life thing, where everyone can side with whoever's side he loved :)

    all in all, I only hated gunner/hernandez's match.