Thursday, September 12, 2013

TNA Impact Wrestling 9/12/2013 Results and Review - TNA No Surrender

TNA Impact Wrestling 9/12/2013 Results and Review - TNA No Surrender

Last week's show is here:

They showed Magnus arriving.
We got an opening package on the BFG competitors.

Bully said he was in a bad mood but was willing to forgive Mr Anderson. He blamed the issues on Hogan.
Hulk was ripping off Billy Graham lines and welcomes us to the show. He thanked Spike for making this show free. He should be thanking the fans who didn't buy the show as a PPV.

Ken blew off Hulk on a hand shake and Bully said they were still strong. He asked for an apology.
"You're right, I was out of line. And I can't wait to get out of line tonight." - Mr. Anderson
Anderson then decked Bully.

Hulk said this would be Last Man Standing.

BFG Series - AJ Styles vs Austin Aries

AJ Styles beat Austin Aries with a Super Styles Clash. Great match but a bit short for these two. They flew all around the two spots near the finish were cool. Loved AJ's pele to Aries sitting in the corner and his Super Styles clash was really cool. Also loved him knocking Aries silly with a roaring elbow. Rating:***1/2

Magnus was with Sting and Joe. He said he's tired of being regarded as the future because the future is now.

Roode was yelling at Taz to get Magnus out here.

BFG Series - Magnus vs Bobby Roode

Magnus won with a roll-up pin. They really moved fast here at a good pace. It was pretty crazy tempo wise but it wasn't bad. Nothing special though because it is a Magnus match.
Roode was mad at Hogan for no reason and said he'd get revenge on him.

Manik was unmasked and Hulk said he becomes Hogan like when he puts the mask on .Dixie then said Bellator pulled Titos and Rampage from all shows and they both were totally cool with it. Hey, people got fired for nothing for those two, what's not to be happy about.

Bully wasn't happy and said that his crew wanted to make Anderson champ and not him. He went insane insisting his crew back him up tonight.

TNA World Title - Last Man Standing - Bully Ray vs Mr. Anderson

Nully won with a spear through a table. This started out good but dragged on too long and even though Ace's did beat up Anderson, they didn't really exploit the who's side are they on thing. The last half was your usual masturbatory Ace's stuff but Anderson was pretty good here. He brawled well and really brought his character into this match, which made it much better than it could have been. Rating:***

Anderson got stretchered out and Bully knocked him off of it. He then hit a piledriver on the stage.

ODB said she wanted to be "knocked-up champ next week against Mickie.

Chavo and Hernandez came out after Storm said nothing for a few minutes.They said Storm and Gunner were on a losing streak, so they should do a tag match for the titles.
Gunner told them if they can beat them next week, they will get a title shot.

Bound For Glory Series Finals - AJ Styles vs Magnus

EGO came in and jumped everyone. Where was MEM or Hogan? Who knows. They left during the commercial break.

AJ won with the Spiral Tap. Good match, pretty much all due to AJ. I liked his strikes near the end and the Spiral Tap. I also enjoyed Magnus busting out Cesaro's uppercut. Rating:***1/4

AJ told Dixie this was her wake up call and talked about having something to say to Dixie next week.

Overall thoughts:
This was the best TNA show in months. It's amazing how much better they are when they just stick to wrestling. I wish they would do this more often. This show is definitely recommended.


  1. this truly was the best IMPACT all year (after last week's IMPACT was really good, IMO, too)

    I respect your opinions, ofcourse. but I personally give styles/aries 3.75 or 4 stars at least, and bully anderson 4 stars for sure !

    your final advice to TNA is so spot on, too ! they are better when they "just stick to wrestling" !!

    and I'm hyped for manik/hardy, mickie/ODB and gunstorm/los steriotypicos next week :)

  2. I thought bully/anderson, in the span of maybe just the last month or something (along with a little longer backstory from their partnership before), and with this match to end it all (and the pre-match and post-match stuff), is my favourite f*cking fued of the year !

    with the best grudge ending match full of storytelling in every little detail ! (ok, maybe on the same par with punk/heyman's fued, but that one dragged so long and got a lot of repeated promos repeating the same talk, and also got curtis axel in it, so ...)

    even taz was acting so well here (he was very good all episode long this week, but especially in this world title match !), even tessmacher did her job, even mike know was kissing anderson and patting him and saying that he's sorry before hitting him ! infact, bully also used women as a shield, and trash talked AND attacked a referee, busted out the bully cutter ALL with this having the stipulation of a last man standing ! infact, anderson also attacking bully before he entered the ring, getting the tables (a shout out to devon), bleeding, getting up multiple times when we thought it was over for sure (after the low blow, after the powerbomb, after the shot to the eye with the steel chain ...) and smiling, too ! but also, the pile-freakin'-driver on the steel floor while anderson's neck was already injured and after he took the A&8's cut from him, is a moment to remember for ever.

    yeah, bully/anderson is my personal "fued of the year" by now !

  3. The Styles-Magnus match surprised me at how good it turned out. Magnus looked like he belonged in a main event slot. Like others have said, this was the best TNA TV of the year.