Wednesday, July 31, 2013

WWE Main Event 7/31/2013 Results and Review

WWE Main Event 7/31/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

I previewed tonight's Main Event here:

Wade Barrett vs. R-Truth 

"Is it Mrs. R?" - JBL after Josh had a problem with JBL calling Truth's wife - Mrs Truth

Wade Barrett got the win with a Bull Hammer as Truth was going for a tope. Decent match and honestly it was better than I expected. Truth got some nice facials in and these two worked together fine. They didn't do too much but I did like the sunset bomb and the finish. Rating:***

The Usos vs. The Prime Time Players

The Uso's won with a Samoan Splash. This picked up near the finish. DY had a terrible collision with an Uso, then did an amazing fall over the corner. The Uso's then finished them off soon after. One of the Uso's had really great facials here. I enjoyed this one but wish the opening part would have been as good as the end.

Mark Henry vs. Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre was out alone. Where was 3MB? They were on the WWE Australian tour.

Mark Henry won in a quick squash with a WSS.

Overall thoughts: I enjoyed this one. The first two matches got a good amount of time and I ended up liking them. Darren Young took some hard bumps and Truth/Wade was better than expected.

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