Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kane out of Money in the Bank? Who should replace him?

Kane out of Money in the Bank? Who should replace him?

There are rumors going around that Kane could be replaced at Money in the Bank. If Kane is pulled, who should replace him?

Here are my top 5 choices to replace Kane(NOTE - No one who already has a match will be selected):

1. Brock Lesnar - While this would be highly unlikely and very improbable, Brock in Money in the Bank would be Money in the Bank. I could just see it now. Brock picks up a ladder filled with MITB participants and tosses it in the front row, en route to getting the briefcase.The possibilities could be endless and I'd pay to see him in MITB.

2. The Big Show - Yep, this is going to sound crazy but The Big Show returning means the return of Big Show's gigantic ladder which was really cool. I'd love to see it again. It could also mean the return of Big Show's chair and seeing him hit a home run shot with the chair, knocking multiple wrestlers off the ladder would be a cool moment.

3. Adrian Neville - While he is an NXT talent, he is ready for the main roster. He is the best flyer on the roster and when you think about it, MITB would be the perfect place to debut him.

4. Rey Mysterio - He might or might not be available depending on what is going on with him, but he isn't injured and he would be a good choice. Rey is good in gimmick matches and he could do some serious flying.

5. Bray Wyatt or Luke Harper - Any member of the Wyatt Family would do, but Erick Rowan isn't good and I don't want to see him in there. However, having a Wyatt Family member in Money in the Bank would add some interesting storylines. They would take Kane's place which is fitting since they would have kicked him out in the first place. They would also try to help each other out, which would add some more story to the match.
Let's see how this plays out and feel free to give me suggestions for wrestlers you'd like to see in MITB too!

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