Tuesday, July 23, 2013

GLOW Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling Disk 13 Part 3

GLOW Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling Disk 13 Part 3

I'm not sure if this is a complete show or not, but we will go with what's available.

"You, Headhunter, don't try breaking any limbs today or else it'll cost you an arm and a leg." - The ref

MTV tried to sing the and the ref insulted her, so she beat him up.

Today's card:

Again, I'm not sure how much of this is actually on this disk.

"Aunt Kitty, I want to thank you for the fruit cake you made me. Is it good? Perfect! The best door stop I have ever had!" - David McLane
We got the GLOW song:

Amy The Famer's Daughter vs Palestina

"I'm Palestina, I came to kill, so won't you drive my biggest thrill?..."
"...I'll put a knife up to your throat, and make you squeal just like a goat." - Palestina

"I've got flowers for ya cuz your sooo nice." - Amy The Farmer's Daughter
Amy asked David to make sure Palestina's machete was kept out of this, and he agreed. I kind of figured not bringing swords/knives/guns/bombs to the ring were unofficial rules...
Palestina chopped up the flowers then kicked the ref in the gut for no DQ.

Palestina bites Amy's backside

Palestina won with a weird pin where she made Amy do a split as shown above. This wasn't very good and there were a couple of instances where they ran into each other and had no idea what to do next. Palestina threw out McLane after and beat up Amy and the ref.
Tina Ferrari came in after and pounded on Palestina before kicking her out.

"I knew Proctology was the end to all of my problems. I knew it was the light at the end of the tunnel for me." - The Doctor

The California Doll vs Mana The Headhunter
"Be like the good girls, honest and fair, and you'll be a winner everywhere." - The California Doll

The California Doll beat Mana The Headhunter when Mana wouldn't stop choking her on the ropes. This wasn't that bad I guess but it was a little bit akward when Doll went off the top. I'm surprised she didn't end up breaking her leg Sid Vicious style. This was all brawl with Mana jumping on The Doll for most of this.

"If I eat all of my dessert, can I still fit into my bathing suit?" - Customer | "Only with a crowbar." - Angel
"Do sexy banana's have a peel?" - The California Doll
Tina told us to try to play tennis "to start a love match" with the boy we like. No tips for boys unfortunately.

"Can you make a sentence using the word - fortify?" - Teacher
"Yeah, I bought a new coat for forti-fy dollars!" -  Adore
They showed the Nasty and Mean video.

I had to go to Disk 14 for the rest of this show.

Handicap Match - Mt. Fiji and Little Fiji vs Attache, Hollywood and Vine
"In the ring, I'm just obscene. I'm Attache, the killer marine." - Attache

Little Fiji got the win after Mt. Fiji put her foot on her back to hold her down. This was good. The heels triple teamed Fiji and beat up Little Fiji until it was time for the face comeback and win. As usual, Attache was super over here and I liked her bump to the outside.

"Vladimir, you don't have to report in today, it's your birthday. Did you get the caviar I sent you?...What do you mean it was no good?...It tasted like fish?  Vladimir, If I have it my way, you will be working on earthquake detection, FROM UNDERGROUND." - Colonel Ninotchka

That's pretty much all from this show. The Susie Spirit and Americana vs Heavy Metal Sisters match was nowhere to be found.

Overall thoughts: Not a great disk as usual, but the handicap match was fine

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