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WWE Monday Night Raw 6/10/2013 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 6/10/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

I previewed WWE Monday Night Raw 6/10/2013 here:

Curtis Axel vs Triple H

Vince came down and DQ'd Triple H for no reason. Triple H then restarted the match. Vince then forfeited the match. Triple H restarted it as a 60 minute Iron Man Match.

Vince then told Axel to leave and that ended it. This was bizarre.

Triple H was mad, Steph said Vince goes crazy sometimes and begged him not to hurt Vince.

Kane vs Dean Ambrose

There was no bell for this as Vince took the bell during the last match.

On the app, Ambrose was stomping on Kane. Dean hit some headbutts and some clubs before Kane started to come back with right punches. Kane sold his knee then missed a jumping elbow. Dean Ambrose then hit a clothesline version of the sliding D. They made a joke about not saying anything you don't want to hear come back to you on air because the feds are watching. Cole said the feds are surely watching Raw.

The Shield ran in for the DQ on Dean Ambrose and Orton and Kane came in for the save. The match wasn't bad and the highlights were Ambrose's selling and Kane grabbing Dean's leg and flopping him on his face.
 They announced Sheamus vs Damien Sandow for the Payback Kickoff pre-show. Sheamus on a pre-show is shocking.
They did a vote where you could vote for Daniel Bryan's opponent between Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. I voted for Rollins.

DB and Orton argued over who meant to hit the other on Smackdown. Kane stepped in and tried to stop them.

Vickie stepped in and signed Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton vs The Shield for the WWE Tag Titles at WWE Payback. She then signed Kane vs Dean Ambrose for the US Title and Kane hugged her and laughed.

On the Raw app, Paul Heyman had a proposition for Vickie Guerrero that he said would make Vickie look good to Vince.

The Miz vs Cody Rhodes
They announced that Fandango cannot compete at WWE Payback. Instead, it will be The Miz vs Wade Barrett in a US Title match.

Miz won with a figure four in a quick match. The match wasn't bad as Cody worked the leg most of the match.

Paul Heyman then came out and anounced it would be Curtis Axel vs Wade Barrett vs The Miz for the US Title at WWE Payback.

They did a video saying that Mark Henry will return next week. Josh interviewed Kaitlyn on the WWE app.
Steph tried to talk with Vince and they just kind of argued. Not much happened here and Vince repeated Triple H's lines about not liking what he had to say.

Jericho said CM Punk was his best opponent and takes him to the limit. He said they came up in wrestling the same way and their classic trilogy will continue at Payback. Jericho said neither him or
Punk will be the same after their match and Dolph Ziggler came out.

Dolph said people tried to take his title away and no one gave him a chance. He said he would outclass Alberto Del Rio. Jericho said they should do a tune-up match now.
Dolph agreed that a tune-up match was needed and said Jericho would fight Big E Langston.

Big E Langston vs Chris Jericho
On the app, Big E took control early and Jericho stalled.

Alberto was on the app and was excited that Dolph was back. He said he'd win the title at Payback and Ricardo said "Show Off".

Jericho won with a Codebreaker when ADR came down and attacked Dolph and distracted Big E. Big E wasn't bad here and the match was passable I guess.

Zeb Coulter was interviewed on the app and wasn't happy about ADR interfering. Apparently Sin Cara walked in.

Antonio Cesaro vs Sin Cara

Zeb said he had no problem with Cesaro as Cesaro was here legally, but Cara wasn't. Zeb wasn't worried about the NSA as he said, he wanted them to hear what he had to say.

Cesaro won with a Neutralizer in a quick but good match. Zeb was the highlight here though.

They did a very fast Wyatt Family package.

On the app, DB told Orton they need to pull it together.
They talked about changing some match. I couldn't understand it minus something about keeping the lumberjacks around during the Cena/Ryback match.

Randy Orton vs Roman Reigns

DB came down to watch.

The ref rules this a no contest after interference from both teams. This was pretty boring. The next match began after.

Seth Rollins vs Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan won with a surprise cradle. Near the end, Reigns tried to interfere and Orton stopped him. Very good match. They exchanged surfboards and Bryan put him all the way back for one with a dragon sleeper. Another cool spot had DB reverse a enzugiri into a single leg crab and Rollins hitting a buckle bomb on Bryan. The crowd absolutely loved this and the announcers put it over too. Good stuff. Rating:***1/2

Kaitlyn finds out who her secret admirer is
Big E Langston came out.
Who is Kaitlyn's secret admirer? It's Big E Langston.

The crowd didn't care at all and this got no reaction. Big E Langston then dropped Kaitlyn and AJ Lee came out.

AJ Lee said she did all of this because Kaitlyn wasn't there for her when she was going through crap with Cena and Daniel Bryan.

They fought to end this and AJ Lee blew a kiss, saying she'd take the belt Sunday. During the segment she called Kaitlyn trailer trash and a cow. This was lame.

Damien Sandow vs R-Truth
They pimped a Hardee's cheeseburger during this. Naturally, King was really pimping it even though he shouldn't be eating it due to his heart attack. Hardee's does rule though and I love their burgers. I think they have the best fast food burgers.
Sandow came out and said he'd annihilate Sheamus at Payback.

Damien Sandow won with The Silencer. The match wasn't much and wasn't that good. After the match, Sheamus talked trash to Sandow AND GOT BOOED! YES! To a nicer guy, it couldn't have happened. He threatened Sandow and left.

Steph was in the back telling seperate people to get Triple H and Vince to her office.

We got a McMahon family argument, which was clearly what we all want to see. Vince said Curtis Axel was below Triple H, reminding us that he is not a main eventer and should be treated as a nobody. Vince said he wanted Triple H to work behind the desk. Vince then told Triple H he could fight Curtis Axel next week. Triple H said he didn't want it and Vince said Vince wanted it. Then they all hugged after Steph demanded it.

John Cena and Ryback - Face to Face

Ryback chose to stay at the stage. He said he was staying up there for Cena's benefit.
Ryback said Cena left him high and dry when he needed him most. Cena asked if he needed to clean his diaper. Cena said he never had a guardian angel before in the WWE, obviously forgetting about his old friend Jesus the Bodyguard.
Ryback said before Cena gave him his spot but Sunday, Ryback takes his spot.

Ryback charged down, they barely touched each other and the lumberjacks kept them apart. It was a lame end to a mostly lame show.

Overall thoughts: The show had some decent to good wrestling but the non-wrestling stuff was pretty bad. Really you just need to see Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins and you can skip the rest. I had enough of the McMahon Family stuff in 2000 and could have done without reliving it.

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