Monday, June 10, 2013

WWE Monday Night Raw 6/10/2013 Preview

WWE Monday Night Raw 6/10/2013 Preview

Last week's show is here:

Tonight, we actually know most of what will happen. We will be getting Curtis Axel vs Triple H II, Fandango will not be wrestling, Dolph Ziggler will be appearing, Kaitlyn's secret admirer is supposed to be revealed and it is expected that three major angles are set to take place. We might also be seeing CM Punk's return.

The show should be loaded tonight and it looks like one to watch.

Let's take a look at tonight's topics:

Curtis Axel vs Triple H should be interesting. Will Triple H go down again due to whatever is wrong with him or will he just destroy Axel? I'm guessing the latter is more likely, but who knows.
One thing to keep an eye out for is The McMahon's. They appeared last week out of the blue and should be back again doing something this week. Stephanie could even get involved in the Axel/Triple H match.

Fandango has suffered a concussion and will not be wrestling tonight. However, he is a dancer and I do expect to see him doing a lot of that. He may also get an attack in on someone without taking anything in return.

Dolph Ziggler should be appearing, but I don't think he will be wrestling. He is cleared to go, but why give it away for free? Expect him to do something to Alberto to get people interested in their match.

Kaitlyn's secret admirer will be revealed. Nobody knows who it will be, but it should be one of the NXT Diva's. Not that it would be a great angle, but they have plenty of women who are ready to make a jump to the main roster. Other candidates are Big E Langston, which would amount to nothing and The Bella's, which also wouldn't amount to much.

CM Punk could be returning and maybe talking, but that is it. There is no way that he is wrestling tonight but he could get a shot in on Jericho.

Something should be happening with Sheamus and Damien Sandow. Their match for Payback is official and Sandow will surely have something to say. Sheamus will try to get revenge after taking a well deserved whooping on Friday.

Expect something with Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton tonight. Orton RKO'd Bryan and Bryan should be more upset than usual. Something is going on there and it should unfold tonight.

Expect some kind of Wade Barrett vs Miz match tonight. Miz beat Wade last week, but Fandango can't do much now and they will want to highlight that program.

Elsewhere on the show, look out for something with Cena and Ryback. They were both in unrelated matches last week and since they in the main event, they should be doing something to get their angle over tonight.

Overall, this is guaranteed to be a big Raw. Stay tuned at 8PM EST for a live review with pics and gifs. Check back after the show for more pics and gifs.

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