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WWE Monday Night Raw 6/3/2013 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 6/3/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

My preview for this show is here:

Stephanie McMahon came out to talk about Triple H. She said she "made an executive decision, not to allow Triple H to compete".
Stephanie then couldn't resist and said Curtis Axel was "beneath" Triple H.

Vince McMahon came out and asked us not to boo Stephanie. She then got booed. Vince confirmed that Triple H will not compete tonight.
Vince got mad that people chanted for Kofi to get powerbombed through a table again last week.
The Shield arrived and we went to break.

Apparently, Vince and Steph left during the break.

Team Hell No and Randy Orton vs The Shield

Dean Ambrose won with a headlock driver on DB. Great match, as always. There was tons of heat and once DB made his comeback, the roof blew off. He did a cool super huricanrana onto Rollins, which sent Rollins flying into a laying Ambrose. Kane did a double suplex on The Shield and Orton did a double hanging DDT on them.Orton ran into DB on accident near the end for the loss. Good stuff here. Rating:***1/2

Db went nuts about the weak link thing and the loss. He was angry at both and said he'd have another match tonight to get respect.

Triple H said he was going to wrestle. Vince told him to get his ego out of it. Triple H said he still would wrestle.
Vince said don't do something you would regret.

The Uso's vs The Prime Time Players
The Uso's were wearing facepaint. They said it was because it was their rebirth.

The Uso's won with a Samoan Splash in a quick and okay match.

Alberto Del Rio vs Big E Langston
As I mentioned, these two are 2-2 against each other. Cole even brought it up, so I'm assuming he is reading this blog, because it is not like WWE to know that.

Alberto won with a roll-through on an armbar for the pin. The match was short but decent. Big E picked up ADR while he was in the armbar again.

Sheamus vs Cody Rhodes

JBL mentioned Roller Derby not being real.
Damien Sandow was reading a book by JBL's wife.

Sheamus won with a Brogue Kick. The match wasn't bad. Near the end, Cody busted out his moonsault. He missed. Sheamus hit White Noise and the Brogue to win. After the match, Sheamus wanted to shake Sandow's hand. Sandow knocked his hand away and refused. Sheamus then decided that it would be appropriate to hit Sandow for no reason and left him laying. Sheamus is an awful face.
Triple H left, saying he was upset and didn't want to have to beat up Vince.

The announcers said Kofi got injured last week due to Ryback and had to get surgery on his elbow.
DB kicked something and he talked to Ryback. Ryback challenged him and said he had puke bigger than him.

Vince announced that Curtis Axel would fight John Cena tonight in a No DQ match and would wrestle on Smackdown. Vince offered to say this in Yiddish. You know, because Paul Heyman is Jewish.

Fandango vs The Great Khali

 The Great Khali won by countout when Fandango walked away. Fandango slipped during his exit and fell. During his exit, Miz came out. Wade Barrett snuck behind him and hit a Bull Hammer. The announcers said they were supposed to wrestle tonight.

Wade Barrett vs The Miz

The Miz won with a Figure Four. Not much to this one. It was short and Fandango came out to dance during it, throwing Wade off and causing him to lose.

Jericho made fun of CM Punk's tattoos, saying he has a "doughnut, a piece of pizza and an ice cream sandwich" on him.

Paul asked if Jericho was ready to fight Punk in Chicago, where the crowd would love Punk.
Jericho asked about having the match in different places like MSG, Summerslam and tonight, but Paul Heyman said no.

Jericho signed the contract and tucked it in Paul Heyman's pants.

They announced Sheamus vs Antonio Cesaro for Main Event. I'll believe it when I see it.

The Funkadactyl's and Kaitlyn vs The Bella Twins and AJ Lee

Kaitlyn got the win here. AJ walked out because she didn't want to fight Kaitlyn and Kaitlyn rolled up a Bella for the win. This wasn't that great. The highlight was Naomi diving into the ropes or trying a Tiger feint and bouncing off and going splat.

Kane tried to tell DB he didn't have anything to prove. DB said he didn't want Kane out with him tonight. Kane said DB lost his mind and to call him when he finds it.

They aired another Wyatt Family promo. The recently fired Audrey Marie quickly appeared in it.. She's behind Bray.

Audrey Marie

Daniel Bryan vs Ryback

Daniel Bryan won by DQ when Ryback powerbombed him through a table. As always with DB, this was good. DB did a sweet flying headbutt, a tope into the announce table, his old standing indian deathlock and tons of good kicks. DB brought tons of intensity and looked like a world beater here. Rating:***1/2

After the match, Ryback went to put him through another table, but Cena came out. They stared each other down then Curtis Axel came out.

No DQ - Curtis Axel vs John Cena

Curtis Axel won by Count Out after Ryback interfered and put Cena through a table. The finish was obvious but the match wasn't bad. Paul Heyman was great when he interjected himself and Axel got a lot in. This was mostly chair shots. Rating:***

Overall thoughts: There were a couple of good matches which made this show good overall. Loved the trios match and Daniel Bryan was the MVP tonight, being in two *** matches.

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