Friday, June 14, 2013

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 6/14/2013 Results and Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 6/14/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

I'll be reviewing WWE Payback live with pics and gifs starting at 730PM EST on Sunday with the WWE Payback Kickoff.

He said he knew he could win the title from the start but didn't think he'd lose it so quickly in a match and wouldn't be teaming with Kane. He called out Kane.

Kane said he was just interested in tonight's match only.
DB brought up how at Payback, he will be a tag team champion with someone else and it will be the end of their team.
"Let me get this straight. Are you like breaking up with me?" - Kane | "Because Daniel, you should know the same thing will happen when I win the US title from Dean Ambrose on Sunday." - Kane
DB said his team with Orton would be "Team RKNO".
Kane said he didn't think RKNO could do it. DB said he'd prove he wasn't the weak link. DB then said that he thought Kane was the weak link. Kane went to chokeslam Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton came down and stopped it.

DB was mad that Orton tried to save him. Kane had enough and wanted to leave. Then The Shield appeared.

Ambrose said Hell No was angry because they keep losing to them, but they are angry at themselves and not The Shield. The Shield said they'd win at Payback.

Sheamus vs Antonio Cesaro
No entrance for Cesaro.

Sandow ripped on Sheamus' language knowledge and said on Sunday he will "play host to your Irish wake". Cole then said Sheamus speaks Gaelic. They said Zeb Coulter likes Cesaro.

Antonio Cesaro hits Sheamus with an Alpamare Waterslide
Sheamus won with a surprise Brogue Kick. Good match here, pretty much all due to Cesaro. He looked really good here. They were stiff with each other and did a lot of clubbering. Loved Cesaro busting out the Alpamare Waterslide and just wish they'd let him do the UFO. Rating:***
Sandow decked Sheamus real quick after the match and sent him flying.
Teddy Long was talking about cheeseburgers with someone on the phone. He went for a bite and Dolph/AJ came in.
Dolph wanted to talk about him coming back to Smackdown, you know, since he is the champ of it.
Dolph wasn't happy about being in a tag match tonight after just coming back from an injury. Teddy was more considered about his cheeseburger.

Big E Langston then stole Teddy Long's burger. I don't see what the big deal was since there were two burgers on the table. Teddy could share. Big E Langston working a Hamburglar gimmick has potential though.

The Great Khali vs Heath Slater
They said Booker T was too injured to work since he tore his tricep. You know, you have to be really injured to not be able to make matches against The Undertaker and eat cheeseburgers. Someone get this guy a doctor ASAP.

Slater won with a short DDT in a quick and stupid match. The heels pushed Hornswoggle on the outside and Jinder took a brain chop for it.

Chris Jericho and Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston

ADR won with a surprise cradle out of nowhere. Decent match. They kept it pretty fast and I loved Big E just running over people. Jericho definitely earned his pay, as did Zig. Both looked good here.

Jericho said his match on Sunday has taken a life of its own. Jericho said this match will exceed expectations and said don't miss this.
Paul said best of luck but then said that Punk said that luck was for losers. Paul said Jericho would need luck.

Jericho hit him in the chin with the mic to end the segment, as Paul was boasting about Punk.

Aksana vs Kaitlyn

I have no idea what the result of this was. Kaitlyn went nuts on Aksana for laughing at what happened to her on Monday and nailed the ref twice for it.

Curtis Axel vs Wade Barrett

Wade asked to speak to Paul beforehand. He asked why they would have this match when Wadecould injure Curtis.
Wade asked to wait until Sunday to do this and Miz mocked it. Miz demanded they fight, the bell rang and they just did. Doesn't take much convincing I guess.
Axel won with a McGillicutter as Wade was re-entering the ring. This was very very quick. The only thing of note was Axel nailing Miz when Wade ducked. Miz got revenge after.

The Shield vs Team Hell No and Randy Orton

"For the first time in a six man tag team contest, The Shield have been defeated!" - Lillian Garcia

Daniel Bryan got the win with The No Lock. The Shield finally lost a trios match by pinfall/submission. Great match here. DB just turned the match on a whole different level when he made his comeback and had everyone going nuts. The pop and celebration for the big win was nuts and was truly a great moment. Strong match too. Loved Kane pushing off Rollins for a Super RKO and Kane chokeslamming Ambrose into Reigns. This is a must see main event and is one you won't forget. Rating:***3/4

Overall thoughts: The main event and a good Sheamus/Cesaro match definitely make this worth a look. Don't miss the main event! You will love it.


  1. Daniel Bryan got the win with The No Lock. The Shield finally lost a trios match by pinfall.

    **trios match by pinfall/submission

    you mean.