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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 5/24/2013 Results and Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 5/24/2013 Results and Review

MizTV with Fandango and Summer Rae

They did the usual Fandango bits with his name and showed footage of Summer Rae getting turned down by Jericho on Monday. Miz said Fandango looked like a bag of skittles dancing. Fandango said he'd dance over the face of anyone who got close to Summer again. Wade Barrett then came out.
He threatened Fandango and Miz brought up that he was Wade's opponent tonight.
They got into it to end the segment.

Intercontinental Title - Wade Barrett vs The Miz

Fandango danced mid-match.

Miz won by DQ after Fandango interfered. I thought this was a waste of time and the finish was lame. Fandango gets hit by Miz FIRST and isn't allowed to retaliate? Lame.

The heels beat up on Miz and was promised, Wade bull hammer'd Fandango for crossing his path.
DB got mad at the implying that he was a weak link.

Jack Swagger vs Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan won in a shocking upset over Jack Swagger. DB was amazing here. He made some great facials, brought the fire, the stiffness and the aggression. He could have pulled a great one out of Khali with how good he was here. He hit tons of great kicks and his lazy elbow was sweet. Good stuff here. Rating:***1/4

Kane pulled off the snapped DB after.

Damien Sandow ripped on the contests of Mark Henry and Sheamus. He called them "troglodytes" which are an ancient group of people from Africa. He told us he would explain the tale of the Gordian Knot.
Sandow ripped on Striker for being a substitute teacher and had Matt Striker try to break the Gordian Knot.
He ripped on Striker until Sheamus came out.
Sheamus offered and tried to break the knot, but he couldn't. Sandow took out bolt cutters and then broke the knot.

Sheamus went to Brogue Kick Sandow for no apparent reason at all and Sandow got out.
Sheamus tried to teach Sandow about Newton's Law and threw Striker and Sandow. Hey, Sheamus was not only a jerk to Sandow but Striker as well!

Chris Jericho vs The Big Show
I love how Big Show is still the World's Largest Athlete despite being smaller than Khali.

Chris Jericho beat The Big Show by countout after a codebreaker on the outside where Show fell into the time keeper's area. This wasn't long but it was good. They did some nice spots and really just gelled well together. This was better than I had expected and I would have liked to have seen this go longer.

Show tried to get a chair after but Jericho got it and nailed him with it to send him packing.

Paul Heyman talked about his successes with Brock Lesnar and CM Punk. He said he managed two of the three main events which he said nobody ever did before.

Curtis Axel said he accomplished more in one day than his father and grandfather did in their careers combined. He said he left Triple H laying. He said that was just day one and ended the promo.

Curtis Axel vs Sin Cara
These two have had a couple of matches together.
I reviewed their WWE Superstars 5/16/2013 match here:
I reviewed their WWE Saturday Morning Slam 9/8/2012 match here:

Curtis Axel won with the McGillicutter. This was quick but good. Cara flew around, Axel bumped and got the win out of nowhere.

United States Title - Dean Ambrose vs Kofi Kingston

Kofi hits a lame version of Delirious' Shadows Over Hell

Ambrose got DQ'd when The Shield interfered. The match wasn't bad up to that point and it was a shame it was thrown out. Sheamus and Orton came down to even the score, so you know what that means, playa.
Teddy signed a 6-man tag match, playa.

The Shield vs Kofi Kingston, Randy Orton and Sheamus

Dean Ambrose got the win with the headlock driver. Great match here. The crowd went nuts when Orton came in and carried it through the match. Orton got really into it and then Reigns hit his awesome Superman forearm and things just got better. I loved the Reigns spear and the headlock driver(which I take credit for naming) was good as always. Loved this one and you will too. The Shield rule! Rating:***1/2

Overall thoughts: Really good show with three good matches and a fun Damien Sandow segment. This is what SD is all about!

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