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WWE Saturday Morning Slam 9/8/2012 Review

WWE Saturday Morning Slam 9/8/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

Saturday Morning Spotlight
They focused on Damien Sandow. We got a Damien's Dictionary segment. The first word is matriculate - to begin or to enroll
The second word is sophomoric - childish or juvenile
The third word is valedictorian - the highest ranking student in a graduating class

Video Vault
They then showed past wrestlers who were smart or had educational backgrounds like Bobby Heenan, The Genius, Dean Douglas and Matt Striker. They said Douglas got a failing grade with the WWE Universe.

The Third Degree - Fans ask Superstars questions
Question - What was your favorite school subject?
Cody said History, Natalya said English, The Miz said all of them, Ryder said Math, Slater said Gym, Clay said Gym and Kofi said Science.

We got a commercial for B.A. Star with Sheamus, Punk, Cena and others. I guess in Sheamus' case, stealing ADR's car and damaging it because you don't like him is not considered bullying.

William Regal and Josh Matthews are on commentary for this one.
Sin Cara vs Michael McGillicutty
McGillicutty actually wasn't on TV at all this week, which is surprising since he's been on Superstars and NXT like crazy. McGillicutty got on his knees to fight Cara in the beginning of this. Cara did his typical head stand into the ropes and almost fell on his head on the rebound backflip from it. They cut to a break and when they came back they had CM Punk do a don't try this at home ad. McGillicutty hit a backdrop and a suplex in this and Cara followed with a top rope hurracanrana, a tope and a top rope cross body. Finally, he hit a really weak La Mistica drop for the win.

We got more B.A. Star stuff. Ryan Lochte was at one of their events along with Pauly D from the Jersey Shore. Hornswoggle was there and he has a tongue ring. Terry Crews aka T-Money from Battle Dome was also there.

Next Week - A tour of South Africa with Justin Gabriel. They are pushing this as an international edition.

Damien Sandow then taught us about the word curriculum.

Overall thoughts: Skip it. I think even kids would have gotten bored with Damien's Dictionary.

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