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WWF Superstars of Wrestling 3/24/1990

WWF Superstars of Wrestling 3/24/1990

"I'm here with the world's largest unprocessed nut, Jesse Ventura." - Vince McMahon
"I predict the Ultimate Warrior will strike gold at Wrestlemania 6." - Jesse Ventura
"Last week you said the Hulkster was gonna take it." - Vince McMahon
"So sue me, I've reversed myself." - Jesse Ventura
The Big Boss Man vs Bob Bradley
"Big Boss Man, you ain't nothing but a redneck bully." - Slick
"Boss Man, I got an answer for a bully and it's right there." - Akeem
The Big Boss Man beat Bob Bradley in under a minute. He threw a few punches then got a spinebuster for the win. After the match, Bossman hit Bradley with a stick and handcuffed him to the ring ropes. He then choked him with his stick. Slick was right.

They showed some clips from SNME with Warrior accidently clotheslining Hogan when Perfect and Genius attacked from behind:
"Whoa, he clotheslined Hogan!" - Jesse Ventura
"Hulkster coming in from behind." - Vince McMahon
"I knew it! I knew these two couldn't get along!" - Jesse Ventura
"I look into the light Hulk Hogan with no fear, while you Hulk Hogan, look into the darkness with only fear. I Hulk Hogan must take you into my world, my darkness." - Ultimate Warrior, talking about something I don't even understand.
"You know Ultimate Warrior, me and my Hulkamaniacs have had it up to here with your frankenstein talk. We're tired of hearing you grumble for words. We're tired of seeing you search for thoughts brother and I'm tired of hearing you talk about injecting all of my Hulkamaniacs with a poison." - Hulk Hogan
"January 23rd, 1984 in Madison Square Garden brother when I won the WWF championship, I held up a banner that said I fear no man or beast, brother. The only thing that wasn't on the banner was a ghost and that's exactly what you're going to be Ultimate Warrior.
"After Wrestlemania 6, when you find out where the power lies of Hulkamania and the strongest arms in the world, the 24 inch pythons, you of all the Warriors, that are reaching down 6 foot below reaching up from the darkness, you will be placed along side all those warriors past, present and future. The Hulkster is the greatest WWF champion there is, was and ever will be and after Wrestlemania 6, I'm going to prove that to all those Warriors that still believe in you." - Hulk Hogan
The Barbarian with Bobby Heenan vs A Jobber
"Come on baby." - Bobby The Brain Heenan
"I like it, I like it." - Bobby The Brain Heenan
"I've never enjoyed myself more, watching my new find here rip his opponent apart. He is my beast and at Wrestlemania 6, Santana, he's going to do his finest work." - Bobby The Brain Heenan
The finish
The Barbarian won with a diving clothesline from the top in about 90 seconds. Nothing to see here at all...
"There's some ugly rumors going around that (Rick) Rude likes to get some flies and pluck their wings out then step on them. Humiliated by Rick Rude. You better get ready brother. Me and the people wanna know what you gonna do at Wrestlemania 6." - Jimmy Snuka
"When I heard about the star studded line-up at Wrestlemania 6, I said I'd be happy to go on first." - Robert Goulet
Rhythm and Blues vs Jerry Monti and Jim Gorman
The finish
Rhythm and Blues got the win here with a nice double team back suplex. The announcers flipped out when the jobbers got a HEADLOCK in and mentioned that they were having trouble with the jobbers.

R&B then didn't want to leave the ring and wanted to jam some more until the Bushwhackers music hit.
"Look, it's the marching morons." - Jesse Ventura
"Whoa! And the Hammer took care of Butch." - Jesse Ventura
"We've all seen and heard Goulet's greatest hits, now we're getting a taste of Valentine's greatest hits!" - Jesse Ventura
"This isn't right. The Bushwhackers just wanted to come out and wrestle. Somebody stop this!" - Vince McMahon
"Rhythm and blues quickly climbing the charts by scoring two hits at once on the Bushwhackers." - Sean Mooney
The Ultimate Warrior vs Steve Vega
"What's going on? The Warrior is seeing something in his hands, I believe." - Vince McMahon
"Wrestlemania 6." - The Ultimate Warrior
The Ultimate Warrior got the win after gorilla pressing his opponent to the outside. Quick squash here and that bump that Vega took had to hurt bigtime.

The Brother Love Show with Earthquake and Jimmy Hart
"Hercules, you won't survive the Earthquake at Wrestlemania 6." - Earthquake
"What do you predict for the Ultimate Challenge?" - Brother Love
"I predict a natural disasterrrrrr." - Earthquake
"It's gonna be the final countdown for the Colossal Connection but it's going to be a new book, the Book of Success for Demolition." - Demolition Ax
"Just how Macho is the Macho King? We'll find out from Sensational Queen Sherri in my exclusive report at Wrestlemania." - Rona Barrett
"Since my days, wrestling has come a long way, thanks to you, the announcing still has a long way to go." - Steve Allen
The Rockers vs Playboy Buddy Rose and The Brooklyn Brawler
"We are the best tag team of the Far East and the masters of martial arts." - Mr. Fuji

"They'll never get away with that with the Orient Express." - Jesse Ventura
The finish
Shawn Michaels pinned Playboy Buddy Rose after the Rockers hit stereo top rope fist drops. They joined this one in progress but it looked good. IT was really fast and Rose is always fun.
"Bad News Brown only has one message to give. I show no mercy to nobody." - Bad News Brown
"Hohoho, well you're Roddy Piper and you ain't nothin' but a sharecropper with a big belly." - Piper pretending to be Bad News
"See when it comes to me, there's no difference between black and white. I'm them all, baby." - Roddy Piper
"I'll hold my fist up for black power, but it'll be for Nelson Mandella and for me, RP." - Roddy Piper
Overall thoughts: Well, we got some crazy promo's from the usual characters and new ones like Piper. We also got some incomprehensible ones from Snuka. We got a decent squash with the rockers and a good angle with the Bushwhackers. This was an alright episode overall

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