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WWE Saturday Morning Slam 10/6/2012 Review

WWE Saturday Morning Slam 10/6/2012 Review

Last week's edition is here:

Rey Mysterio vs Michael McGillicutty
McGillicutty is back to being a heel here after his one-off face turn on Superstars (see it here: ). Santino talked about his goal of touching Michael's beard. Michael made fun of Rey's size early, patting him on the nead and then getting on his knees. Mike then yelled, "He's just like you guys, he's just a little guy". Rey faked Mike out and had him running back and forth by himself on the ropes. Mike then regained control and threw Rey out, only for Rey to start doing Jumpin' Jacks. We then went to commercial.

They ran commercials for a bunch of different action figures and it made me wonder why WWE doesn't. Okay, their figures aren't as cool as the Gigazord but they do have Kamala.

We got a Dolph Ziggler promo for "don't try this at home". Michael had Rey down and started yelling, "Where is your little man now?". Mike then put Rey in the bearhug and it really looked like a dad and his kid. Mike then went to pat Rey on the head as he put in him in the corner, then got dropkicked for his troubles. Rey took over for a little from here and he almost hit the 619, but Mike smartly stopped it with a simple kick. Rey hit a different version of the 619 as he had Mike with his back into the ropes then Rey hit a top rope splash for the win. Nothing wrong with this match at all. They worked the story of Mike not respecting Rey and looking at him like a kid until he paid for it. Rating:*1/2

We got another promo for Be A Star with a bunch of talking heads saying don't bully people. I'll save my usual Sheamus bullying Alberto Del Rio joke.

Saturday Morning Spotlight with Santino Marella
They showed a highlight video of Santino Marella and the Cobra.

They then featured lots of various superstars dancing and compared the various stars to election season.

They asked various questions to Daniel Bryan. Bryan answered that he doesn't eat hamburgers, never loses, thinks unicorns are the stupidest thing he's ever imagined, hates magic because it's fake, doesn't want a tag partner because he can do it by himself and hates goats. Then he flipped out and they showed Kane and DB hugging. I hope the answers tell you the questions because they came too fast for me to type. My apologies.

The Third Degree Debate - The Cobra vs Socko
Mick Foley said that on this day 14 years ago, Mr. Socko was born. They showed the classic segment of Foley introducing Mr. McMahon to Mr. Socko in the hospital. We even got a Yurple appearance.

Miz went with Socko, Alicia Fox went with Socko, Dolph went with Socko, Jimmy and Truth couldn't agree on an answer, Foley said that Cobra is make believe and Santino said that nobody runs from a Sock.

Next week: A segment on the man who makes WWE music

To finish it off Santino said that socko/cobra are even and then said that the cobra was better. He wished us a "Saturday Morning Slamming Day".

Overall thoughts: This was a quick and decent show. The debate was interesting and DB made the 5 questions segment entertaining. Decent Rey/Mike match too, but it is SMS so no need to check this out.

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