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WWE Saturday Morning Slam 9/29/2012 Review

WWE Saturday Morning Slam 9/29/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

We started this week off with a match. The Miz and Josh Matthews are commentating today.

Santino Marella vs Heath Slater
Slater also has a match on Superstars this week against Yoshitatsu(The review will be up soon). Santino chased Heath around early with the Cobra. Heath and Santino alternated doing the air guitar and the air trombone. Then Slater tried to do the trombone, harmonica, the knee symbols and drums while Santino tried to do the piano, violin, the standing country guitar with the string(Sorry, don't know the name, but think every cartoon country band ever) and the trumpet. We then cut to break.

We got a don't try this at home with the Miz. I'm pretty sure this was filmed last week when Miz did his 5 ways to be awesome segment.

Santino took some body first bumps into the corners and then took a reverse bear hug. Slater put Santino in the body scissors for the second time. Slater went back to the body scissors a third time but did his air guitar motion while slapping Santino in the back of the head first. Santino then made his comeback with a big hiptoss and took out the Cobra. Heath dodged it four times then took it to the leg. Santino then hit a roll-up for the win.

This was a perfectly fine opening style match. They worked around the SMS limitations and the crowd really liked it. They substituted the usual SMS dancing for air instruments instead. I thought this was alright and it was entertaining. Rating:*1/2

Today is Family Health and Fitness day so they are going to focus on that theme with some in-shape superstars.

Saturday Morning Spotlight with Cody Rhodes
They called him "The American Nightmare".  They showed a small highlight package on him.

Fave Five with Cody Rhodes - Top 5 Vanity Superstars
5. The Narcissist Lex Luger
4. Rick "The Model" Martel
3. "Ravishing" Rick Rude
2. Shawn Michaels
1. "Dashing" Cody Rhodes

The Third Degree - What was your favorite sport growing up?
Cena said football, Daniel Bryan said he played all sports, Kofi said football, Phoenix said Tennis, Kaitlyn said Soccer and Dolph said wrestling,

Pop Quiz - Which WWE Superstar won the first Iron Man match?
A - Steve Austin
B - Shawn Michaels
C - Bret Hart

We then got a feature on athletic WWE stars from the WWE video vault.  It featured Simon Dean, The Goon, Abe Knuckleball Schwartz and Mr. Perfect (good call here).

They revealed the pop quiz result which I bolded above.

John Cena's Health Tips
1. Start everyday with a balanced breakfast
2. Be Active
3. Get a good night's rest

We then previewed next week's show with a feature on Santino.

Overall thoughts: This was a quick show. The one match shown was decent and I usually get a kick out of the old videos of terrible WWE gimmicks. Skip it though.

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