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CWA Memphis TV 11/6/1982

CWA Memphis TV 11/6/1982
Lawler did an interview talking about his trip to Georgia Championship Wrestling. He talked about some guy named Roddy Piper who shot his mouth off and Gordon Solie, who he called a terrible announcer. He said he got booed immediately for fighting Piper and mentioned that now everyone likes Piper. He said everyone hated him because he’s from Memphis.

The members of the Gordon Solie fan club

Cornett came out and introduced his new protege, Jesse Barr:

Cornette said that he was supposed to be an Olympian but the US didn't do the 1980 Olympics. Cornette said that if he captures the Mid-America title, his mom promised that he can pay to bring Nick Bockwinkle back in. He said, "This is Moscow all over again".

Aaron Holt vs Jesse Barr

Nice Hair
Barr did a great job on the mat against him. He rode him and rubbed his face against the mat. Barr won this one quick with an almost deadlift belly to belly suplex in 1:37.

The Sheepherders cut a promo and Boyd said, "This isn't a sport, this is a buisness". He said, "Dundee can't even make a good tea".

The Donald Trump of New Zealand
Jimmy Hart then cut a quick promo with his crew, talking about all the different ways he was going to get his opponents.

A Family Portrait
He said it's going to be 5 against 4 and he "can't wait to have his dream match".

The Sheepherders (474lbs) vs Don Donovan/Pat Hutchinson(420 lbs)

The Herders saluted the flag to start us off and Boyd was not in a happy mood. Boyd put Luke on his shoulders and then drove a knee down on Don. That was it.  The Herders beat down on their opponents after the match and he said, "You'll have to get better Yanks than that if you want us to wrestle them".

Nick Bockwinkle cut a promo on video.
The Champ
Jimmy Hart said that this is revenge for Lawler using Jimmy's services against J.J. Dillon and Kamala months back. He said, "You used me Jerry and I used this man here to take away from you the Southern belt and the shot at Ric Flair and the World belt". 

Bock said that Flair won't put up the NWA title against his AWA title. He said that if it happens, he won't let it happen in Memphis. Bock said that he might retire the Southern belt after he wins the NWA title since he can't defend those plus the AWA title.

The Masked Marauders vs Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee
My second favorite Marauder
My favorite Marauder
This was the debut of the Marauders. They didn't get out to a hot start though. Dundee did nice amateur wrestling as usual. Lawler went to pull off the red Marauder's mask and he smartly left the ring. I'm calling for a DQ. Dundee won this one with a roll-up soon after.

The Angel and Jesse Owens vs The Fabulous Ones

Owens and Angel
They kept the Fabs' entrance to a not so disturbing level for this one. Keirn rode Owens and then spanked him. This is the second time I've seen Owens get spanked. The Fabs won this one quickly with a flying forearm. The Angel then complained about his partner after the match. Jobbers have higher standards than I thought.

Buddy Landell, Terry Taylor, Jacques Rougeau and Bobby Fulton vs The New York Dolls, Bobby Eaton and Sweet Brown Sugar (Koko B. Ware)

The Dream Team
This is a heck of a match on paper. Atleast 6 of these guys belong in the Hall of Fame.
Hall of Famers
Hart said that Koko was 22, Eaton was 23, Dream Machine was 23 and Rick McGraw was 24. If that's true that's really interesting. This match was so fast paced. McGraw did a great bump off of a missed dropkick. Hart yelled, "Watch the hair" when Fulton got a headlock on the near bald Koko. This was getting ready to break down quick when Eaton hit someone with a stick and a chair came into play. Koko got the win on Fulton after a swinging neckbreaker in a terribly short but good match.

We got a quick promo from Dundee/Mantel and Lawler. Lawler promised to make it go down to 4 on 1 in the upcoming 4 on 5 handicap match. Lawler promised that Hart would be the last one left.

Overall thoughts: Good show. This went pretty quickly and I enjoyed the short but good main event. Check it out to see atleast 6 HOF'ers in one match.

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