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CWA Memphis TV 11/20/1982

CWA Memphis TV 11/20/1982
They showed highlights from the Nick Bockwinkle vs Jerry Lawler - Hair vs AWA Southern Title match. It looked like a heck of a match. Lawler sold really well and then made a nice comeback. Nobody throws better punches than Lawler, nobody. Bock sold big and then Lawler won with three straight diving fists from the middle rope to regain the Southern Title.
Lawler cut a nice promo here. He said that it took a lot of money to get Bock to come here and have this match and that he is going to get some money “because it will take a lot of it to get Bockwinkle to put up” the AWA World title Belt.
The Sheepherders said they slapped Eddie Marlin just to get a shot at Lawler and Dundee. Marlin apparently put up a $500 bounty on the Sheepherders and they said that Lawler and Dundee would need all of it to pay for the hospital bill. They then said they will put another $100 so Lawler and Dundee can get plastic surgery. Boyd said, “Dundee, you think you look like Elvis Presley? He been dead quite a while, you gonna look like him” – Johnathan Boyd, 1982.
The Sheepherders vs Dennis Uptown/BUDDY LANDELL
Landell was still a brunette hair and was easy to miss if you didn’t know it was him. He was good in this, but Boyd was the freakin man in this. He made everything look good and looked like a vicious old dude that you don’t want to mess with. Boyd won here with an elbow and he choked Uptown after the bell.
The Fabulous Ones vs The Masked Marauders – THE REMATCH!!!
Squash City, Baby. The Marauders flipped and flopped everywhere. I think the crowd was starting to even feel bad for them. Keirn jumped off of Lane’s back with an elbow for the win.
Aaron Holt/Ira Reese? vs Bobby Eaton/Sweet Brown Sugar(Koko B. Ware)
The Sheepherders came down and challenged Eaton/Ware. Hart accepted but told them that if they want to fight someone, fight the guys in the ring(the jobbers).  
Aaron Holt/Ira Reese vs The Sheepherders
Hart keep saying, “Look at em, they’re wrestling for free, those idiots”. Eddie Marlin came down to stop this and Boyd promptly decked him. Don’t mess with Johnathan Boyd. Jimmy Hart LOVED this. The Sheepherders then double teamed Eddie until the Fabulous Ones and Lawler came down to help. Hart said, “Give him mouth to mouth resuscitation, Jerry”. Marlin then chucked something hard at Hart.
Highlights from Sweet Brown Sugar/Bobby Eaton vs Bill Dundee/Dutch Mantell
Lots of brawling here until Hart interfered. He ended up hitting Eaton with a stick on accident and then Jesse Barr came in and helped to take down the faces.

Promo with Jim Cornette/Jesse Barr
Jim Cornette showed Barr’s wrestling medals and said that if hadn’t had asthma as a child, he would have been in the Olympics too. He then said when Mantell won the Mid-American title he was carried out on fan’s shoulders, but after he loses it, he will be carried out on a stretcher. He then said Lawler is next, once Barr takes the title.
The Enforcer/Jesse Owens vs Bobby Fulton/Bill Dundee
Not much to this one except Dundee riding Owens in an amateur wrestling position and then literally spanking him. Dundee grabbed Owens’ hand and forced him to tag, then he slapped him silly. This was a 7:55 squash that Fulton won. It went way too long.
Overall thoughts: This one was all about the Sheepherders and that’s what made it good. Johnathan Boyd can do no wrong right now. Check it out!

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