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Continental Championship Wrestling Vol. 1 1985 Part 1

Continental Wrestling Federation Vol. 1 1985
Dick Slater introduces his friend Gordon Solie and Solie says, "Fair enough, Richard. Let me thank you."

The Nightmares (South Eastern Tag Team Champions) vs Brickhouse Brown and Nick Patrick
Former WCW referee, Nick Patrick
Brickhouse Brown
The Nightmares switch
They switch again
Then they pull the tights!
The Nightmares won this one after a ton of cheating at 7:14. I counted two switches, illegal double teams and pulling of the tights. Rating:*

Then they did a segment called, "Where's Johnny?". Johnny Rich, Tommy's cousin was apparently injured and this was a video on him:

"You know, they say, where's Johnny? We got flowers for him." - Nightmare
"We got some flowers here, but nobody knows, where's Johnny?"
"We got somebody...WAIT A MINUTE, THAT'S JOHNNY RICH." - Solie
"and oh brother, are they ripping the daylights out of the Nightmares." - Solie
"He's got it! He's got the mask. Boy what a triumphant return to the squared circle they got for him." - Solie
"I came this close to dying Solie, and I want everyone to know it."
"Nightmare's, I'm gonna be your worst nightmare boys." - Johnny Rich
Check his stomach for the scar
"Where's Johnny? He's back." - Solie
"Somebody say somethin about the Flame cryin' the blues?"
"You want a Continental title match? I'm the people's champion and I'll give you one anything. Just don't go cryin' when your tricks backfire on you, jack." - Tommy Rich
"You've heard Tommy Rich, What's your thoughts on Tommy's comment?" - Mike Jackson (announcer)
"I'm a man that has my priorities in order Tommy Rich. My priorities are: to regain the Continental title that you stole from me like a thief in the night. The second one is: I'm gonna take care of you personally and put you out of wrestling." - The Flame
"I know you're glad that the dog is back. I came to wrestle anybody. I come to gain some titles." - Norvell Austin
"We told you BOY, don't go snatchin' no microphones when I'm here besides you. We're the champions baby." - Nightmare
Bill Ashe with a stomp from the 2nd
"The Nightmares have become exactly that to Norvell Austin." - Solie
Roy Lee Welch makes the save
And Brickhouse too
"These two men have never been close or friends at all but it seems they have found themselves a common foe." - Solie
"The Nightmares may have some nightmares in store for them in the near future." - Solie
United States Junior Heavyweight Title - Bill Ash vs Roy Lee Welch
"The Doctor of the Ring, Bill Ash." - Mike Jackson

These two started out with a heck of a gunfight:
This was all Welch with him strictly punching Ash in the face. It was oddly booked though. Ash played the babyface role in a way while being the heel. He got color and went down many times but wouldn't stay down. Ash gave it up though by throwing Welch over the top and getting the automatic DQ. Great selling and great work by both men, but stupid booking. Rating:***
Ash struggles to walk back
"I'd like to talk to the man who barely held on to his title." - Solie
"BUT THE THING IS, I STILL GOT IT. I'm telling you Welch, when you come after this belt, you make it personal. BUT WHEN YOU SHED MY BLOOD, IT'S MORE THAN PERSONAL AND I WILL MAKE YOU PAY. " - Ash
"Ash, you're not gonna make me pay anything, all you did was get disqualified to keep that title and it's not gonna happen again." - Welch
"Nobody butts in on us and nobody steps on our toes." - Nightmare
Southeastern Title: Exotic Adrian Street vs Ted Oates
How much would you charge to wear those tights?
Miss Linda holds the foot
Adrian won this one after Linda held the foot of Oates while Adrian got the pin. This wasn't bad but too quick.

"Robert Fuller, when it comes down to it, I hope it's me and you because I want to take that marshmallow belly that'll be going in and out because you'll be sucking air, and I wanna jam my fist so far in to your backstabbing throat that you can't stand it brother." - Scott Armstrong
"Ron Fuller, you long, tall, drink of water. I'm gonna tie your leg in knots and cut you down to size and have my way with it." - Brad Armstrong
"You gon' get it Brad Armstrong." - Ron Fuller
"I don't think they daddy told them what they was in for, but they in for a hard time." - Jimmy Golden
"You talk about me being out of shape? I could put on 50lbs on my belly son and whoop yo butt, son." - Robert Fuller
"I know you don't have us on the format daddy, but we on everybodies hearts and minds all the time. Now you see this stretcher right here, Gordon Solie? It's the same stretcher they haul Bob Armstrong out of. We wanna have a stretcher match with his punk boys." - Ron Fuller
They showed footage of the Ron/Golden vs Robert/Bob Armstrong cage match here Robert turned on Bob:
"Looks to me like we got a Judas and a Benedict Arnold wrapped all into one." - Solie
"We watch this all the time on our home VCR machine. This was a great moment in our lives. We love it." - Ron
"That's the last time I wanna see that film. I've seen him hurt too many times. It's hard enough to see him at home walking around on crutches and a cane." - Brad
"Y'all challenge us to a stretcher match? Ya'll got one."

The Flame, Mike Thorn and Mike Cooper vs The Battling Armstrongs (Scott, Steve, Brad)
The Armstrongs won this quickly after a top rope splash by Brad at 2:04.

We then cut to a Armstrongs vs Stud Stable promo battle:
"Yo daddy knows how to ride a stretcher and I'm guranteeing that you boys will be next to ride." - Ron
Overall thoughts: This was pretty great. Everything was good with the promo's being awesome. The Stud Stable is where it's at! Definitely check it out.

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