Tuesday, September 24, 2019

CMLL on TV Mexiquense: 9/22/2019

CMLL on TV Mexiquense: 9/22/2019 taped 9/15/2019

NOTE - The video quality is not great, but it's a lot better than nothing.

Angelito, Kaligua, Shockercito vs Pequeño Nitro, Pequeño Olímpico, Pequeño Violencia

They do the usual technical wrestling and armdrags here. Shockercito started hotdogging it and Olimpico kicked him right in the face during it. Kaligua got hung on the ropes and took a dropkick to the butt. Olimpico went for a weird pin on Angelito and got reversed then pinned to end the 1st. Kaligua ran the ropes, flipped down then did headflips to the other side. Then he came back with a double seated springboard armdrag. Shocker got hung up in the arm and got dropkicked in the butt also. Angelito got hung up on Olimpico's shoulders then was dropped, spun and splashed for the 2nd fall win. Shocker had a nice babyface comeback in the 3rd. Angelito did a nice 360 onto his feet then came back with a backflip handstand into headscissors. Angelito did a great dive over the top post. Shocker then won with a spinning rack hold on Olimpico in a good match.

Blue Panther Jr., Dulce Gardenia, Rey Cometa vs Okumura, Sagrado, Virus


Blue Jr and Virus do some technical stuff to start and Oku/Rey continue. Okumura is one of those guys that the more you watch, the more you appreciate him. Dulce does the little fruity hops over Sagrado and Sagrado gets up and trips him during it which was great. Dulce tries to tope him and Sagrado just throws him into the rail which was great. Oku puts Cometa on the 2nd rope and walks with him and cutters him, then Sagrado pins him with an elbow to win the 1st. Mije jumps onto Rey's crotch from the top. Blue does his usual tilt-a-whirl backbreakers and the heels are cleared out with the faces diving. Blue then does a rolling head and arm stretch to take the 2nd fall. Rey clears out all the heels with hurricanrana's. Azul hits Virus with a hard spear. Sagrado then jumped out a sunset flip, stomped his opponent and elbowed him all in one swoop. Rey got the fall on Sagrado with  a Toyota roll and Okumura got pinned as well to end it. I liked this one. The heels were really good.

Stuka Jr., Titán, Valiente vs Ephesto, Felino, Hechicero

Val took the first by picking up Felino in a tombstone position then falling back and landing Felino's face on his knees. Felinto steamrolled Stuka. In the 2nd, Val spanked Felino hard. Hechi did a bad version of the Tenryu's punch/chop combo. Hechi did a super complicated submission to Stuka to win the fall that you will have to see the gif to get. Ephesto was hip tossed into the ropes and landed on Stuka on the rebound. The faces won the match after Hechi took a TOP ROPE RELEASE GERMAN right on his head. Bless Hechi. This was fine and maybe even good, just not as good as it could have been. It wasn't given the time it needed either.

 Diamante Azul vs Último Guerrero

Azul gets jumped during intros. Azul gets his head slammed by a door. Azul then brings him in and does a one handed gorilla press slam and pins him. Ultimo tripped running over top of Azul. UG took a couple of monkey flips then got his stretch muffler submission out of nowhere and won the fall. They came back and traded some bad slaps. Azul did a flip dive from the ramp onto UG. Azul ran up the turnbuckles to suplex UG, but UG caught him and slammed him down. Azul hit a rotating side slam on him then ran down the ramp and clotheslined him over the top. UG helped shove him into the ref, then took his mask and pinned him for the cheap 3. This was alright. It had its moments. Nice to see some of the bigger dudes go at it.

Overall thoughts: Not a bad ep at all. I liked all of the matches atleast somewhat.

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