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CMLL On Televisa 7/9/2011

CMLL On Televisa 7/9/2011

Lightning Match - El Hijo Del Signo vs Rey Cometa

This went to a 10 minute draw. Really good match here. The first few minutes were all technical wrestling until they started getting into the dives and the selling of the dives which closed out the match. Both guys looked really good here and I would have been happy to watch another 10 or 20 minutes of it.

Metal Blanco, Palacio Negro, Valiente vs Misterioso Jr., Pólvora, Shigeo Okumura

Rudos take the first with the gifs above

Simple lucha to start. Polv goes to get in but checks out when Valiente gets in. They taunt each other on the ramp and don't come back in. Nice technical wrestling sessions from Negro and Misterioso. Not long after, Misterioso hits his Gory Driver and Okumura brainbusters Negro hard for the 1st fall win. Val's face got blurred out for some reason. It was the oddest thing to as the blurring stopped for a bit as the heels beat him up 3v1. Val hit a bit moonsault from the top to the outside. Negro hit a backflip onto Misterioso to pin him as Sagrado hurracanrana'd Okmumura for the 2nd fall win. Polv and Val started fighting on the ramp. Sagrado springboarded off the second and top rope to hit Oku with a hurricanrana. Negro did a cool walk up armdrag on Misterioso, then did a handstand headscissors where they both rolled out. Negro hit an awesome springboard twisting moonsault to the outside. Sagrado then did a cool springboard moonsault to the outside. Sagrado went for some kind of body bouncing hurricanrana on the top rope but Polv caught him and won the fall. The 2nd fall was a little boring, but the first and third falls were real good with some crazy stunts in the 3rd.

La Máscara, La Sombra, Máscara Dorada vs Averno, Ephesto, Mephisto
No sound on this.

Techs get jumped to start this. Doraga gets hiptossed onto the ramp. Sombra gets held up on the outside and Averno baseball slides him. Mascara then gets triple teamed with an Angel's wings to start it and the rudos win the fall. Averno then goes after Mascara's mask to start the 2nd. Mascara dares Sombra to boot him in the face for whatever reason, and he does, then they beat up on him. The 3 heels tease dives then Mascara jumps on Averno. The techs hit a bunch of dives and the techs win the fall after a Sombra asai moonsault and a missed Dorada corkscrew moonsault. They stall on the ramp to start the 3rd. Dorada hits a hurracanrana then runs the ramp and jumps over the top rope with a hurracanrana on Averno. Sombra runs up Ephesto with an armdrag then does a sit down springboard on the top into a hurracanrana. Mephisto and Mascara chop each other. Mascara dives off the top with an armdrag then all 3 techs dive on their opponents with Sombra and Dorada going over the post. We get back in and Mascara huracanran's Averno and the heels miss triple headbutts as Mascara moves. Dorada and Sombra springboard in with hurracanrana's for 2. The heels triple powerbomb and pin Dorada and Sombra spingboards and dropkicks two of them. Mascara la magistal's Mephisto to eliminate him. Sombra then moonsaults from the top onto Ephesto on the outside. Mascara tries a pin attempt on Averno but gets kicked hard in the nuts by Mephisto and pinned by Averno. I found that to be hilarious personally. As usual, this picked up a lot in the 3rd fall and ended up being a good match with lots of action.

Overall thoughts: I enjoyed all 3 matches, so this gets the thumbs up from me.

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