Wednesday, October 9, 2019

New Japan Pro Wrestling 7/20/2019 - G1 Climax Day 7 - Kota Ibushi vs SANADA

New Japan Pro Wrestling 7/20/2019 - G1 Climax Day 7 - Kota Ibushi vs SANADA

They start off slow with Ibushi grabbing onto his neck. Then they do a big counter reversal exchange that ends in a stand off. Then they both get up on the turnbuckles and try to get the crowd to cheer for them, which ends up being even. Ibushi tries a paradise lock and is kicked off and lead over the top. Sanada teases a dive but fakes it and then does a cool flip in. Then Ibushi sprinboard dropkicks him. They start trading shots and Ibushi goes for a standing moonsault but gets knees. Sanada front and back leapfrogs him then he plancha's him.

Sanada misses something off of a springboard, then is slammed and 2nd rope moonsaulted on. Sanada goes for a baseball slide and Ibushi leaps it and double stomps him.  They trade some shots on their knees, then on their feet. Then they trade more and Sanada gets flipped on a clothesline. Ibushi hits a wild ligerbomb on him. Ibushi goes for the kamigoye, Sanada gets out and they do a cool reversal into Sanada doing it. Then Ibushi hits the boma-ye on him. They trade dragon sleepers and do some reversals then Sanada gets lan darted into the buckles. Sanada gets german'd, but lands on his feet, then he gets pele'd and comes back with a spin kick. Sanada dragon sleepers him and whips him around. When he grounds him, Ibushi comes back and a sequence ends with a high kick. Ibushi does a boma-ye for 2 then does a not that great kamigoye to win. I thought this was a really good match from start to finish. They did get a little too cute near the end, but this was about two dudes countering each other all the way and doing a lot of cool stuff off of it. They also gave enough breathing room so you could take it in and didn't end up taking too many moves, because they reversed most of it. This was a real fun match.

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