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CMLL 9/20/2019

CMLL 9/20/2019

Sonic and Super Astro Jr. vs Espiritu Negro and Grako


The finish

Sonic has a great color combo that no one else wears with the gold/purple/pink/silver. The rudos did a neat combo on Sonic where they sit down powerbombed him, then the other lariated him from the top. Astro took a nasty looking face first pancake on the mat then later in the 2nd fall took a backdrop where he waited until the last minute to flip. They did a cool spot where Grako laid down, Astro flipped off of Grako's feet then hurricanrana'd Espiritu. The faces won with a top rope spanish fly and Astro did a top rope rolling pin off the top. The crowd did not care for Sonic at all.

Átomo, Gallito, Microman vs Chamuel, Mije, Perico Zacarías

Gallito is awesome. I swear they even had the girls doing the chicken dance with him. The rudos all stayed in the ring for the first fall, then Micro made this awesome comeback where he battering rammed Chamuel out of the ring. Chamuel beating up Micro here was just so wrong as its like a baby getting the whoopin'. Poor Micro got his mask ripped off in the second fall and Cham was DQ'd for it, which was the finish. Micro has this weird hair with long white highlights and Atomo has even odder hair. Cham and Micro talked crap on each other then Cham came in and gave Micro the whoopin' again, which was great. This was fun.

Atlantis Jr., Dulce Gardenia, Flyer vs Felino, Hechicero, Hijo del Villano III

The finish

Hijo de Villano III has shown some promise. Him and Atlantis are engaged in a never-ending feud. V3 is in his cool red and black tights. Felino and Atlantis had a real fast exchange where Felino has shown that he is still quick. Hechi looks so cool with the black paint around his eyes and he did a nice headscissors takedown and a cool side surfboard to follow. He also took a huge bump off of a 2nd rope hurricanrana. Hechi did the Tenryu chop/punch combo on Atlantis. Hechi badly telegraphed a tilt-a-whirl, then he rolled Flyer and they double dropkicked him. In the 3rd fall, Flyer took a nasty german from V3 and ended up submitting to a Hechi submission where he locked his arms with his legs and locked his legs with his arms and then rolled over and held him up with it to win the match.

10 Minute Lightning Match - Soberano Jr. vs Templario

Soberano is one of those dudes who looks really cool with a title. There was a ton of freezing and buffering during this. May have been me, may have not been. Temp did a Sasuke Special over the top here and walked the top to give Sob a dropkick. Sob ran at him and he flipped him up, which he then caught in a sit out powerbomb. Real cool. They did just about everything they knew here and Sob did a hurricanrana and got powerbombed onto the ramp as we went to a 10 minute draw. The crowd was not happy and I don't blame them. They fought after the bell with Sob ripping his mask up(and Temp returning it) and this ended up being more of a showcase for Temp than Sob.

Cavernario, Ciber the Main Man, Volador Jr. vs Big Daddy, Gilbert el Boricua, Último Guerrero

This is a mix of stuff that doesn't really look any good. Ciber has actual rubber skulls on his knees which are cool. All of Cavernario's team nailed each other in the first fall which lead to them losing after some brawling. Gilbert hit Ciber with a nice right cross. Gilbert then hit a big spear on Ciber and won the match with it. Everyone argued and made challenges after. This wasn't anything special.

Carístico, Místico, Valiente vs Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Negro Casas

Mistico did a flip dive over the top on Euphoria and got caught and slammed into the barriers. Euf and Gran gorilla pressed one of the Mistico's, flipped him and caught him, then did it again the other way. Then they went on top and gorilla pressed Valiente from there. They tried some weird flippy celebration pose but one of them fell. Then they gorilla pressed Mistico and tried to toss him but dropped him instead. The heels did the pose where they stand on their opponent while the other two hold him and one of the Mistico's hurricanrana'd him off of it. Valiente then won the 2nd fall with a bad single leg crab. Caristico botched some armdrag from the top. Tons of hurricanrana's from the top in the 3rd fall. The Mistico's then won it with dual La Mistica's. Pretty sloppy night by the heels. Negro then grabbed a camera on the outside and was taking pictures of Mistico for some reason.

Overall thoughts: The show basically got worse as it went on. Nothing was that bad, and trust me, CMLL shows get bad.

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