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CMLL 86th Anniversary Show 9/27/2019

CMLL 86th Anniversary Show 9/27/2019


Cometa and Tiger have a nice exchange to start out. Tiger is wearing special gear for the show and looks great. Misterioso pins Stigma with his version of a Gory Special Drop. Rey goes for a headscissors, Tiger spins him and powerbombs him for the fall win. Rey hets hiptossed into the ring to start the 2nd and Tiger delay suplexes him. Misterioso double underhooks Rey into the turnbuckles. Audax springboard dropkicks Virus. Audaz goes outside and Tiger goes on the chase then gets caught with apron hurracanrana by Rey. Audaz does an outside to inside tornillo on Virus. Audaz then did a running spinning armbar to Virus and submitted him. Audaz frlips ovr the top to the ramp then hurricanrana's Virus. Sitgma tilt-a-whirl armdrags Misterioso. Rey does a running canadian destroyer on Tiger. Tiger pop-up powerbombs Rey. Audaz tries for a double jump moonsault on Mist but gets caught with a foot, then he gets reverse slammed. Virus climbs the ropes and get caught up there, then Audaz hurracanrana's him. Audaz does a great inside 2nd rope flip dive onto Virus that the camera's catch. Techs get the win with a Rey 450 on Tiger and a Stigma hurricanrana on Mist. Good match with a ton of highlights and people stepping up their game for the big show.


Azul comes out with fog sprayers and ensures half of the entrances aren't seen. V3 is wearing a real nice purple glittery bullfighting jacket. Rey comes out with his old mask. Titan spins around V3's back and they mat wrestle a little. Titan handstands out of a headscissors, turns it around then headslips into a leg hold. Titan keylocks Hechi, then he lifts him. Titan turns it into a headscissors. V3 puts put on the middle rope and Azul smashes him in with knees. Hechi does his move where he flips around Dulce and then puts him in a grounded sleeper. Azul and Hechi collide in mid-air with elbows.  Azul sloppily monkeyflips V3 into the ropes. Rey randomly pulls off Azul's mask and loses the fall. Stupid. Hechi and Titan slap each others chests and Hechi voodoo poses. Titan limbos on a lariat then comes back with a kick. Azul does a running lariat over the top. Dulce did a corkscrew moonsault off the top and did his usual lame spots. Titan did a lariat through the ropes on V3 and ended up on the floor. V3 did a not so great dive over the top taking everyne out. Then Titan jumped on Rey's back and took a swinging backbreaker by Hechi. The heels gorilla pressed Titan to the floor on his partners and were DQ'd for beating up Dulce for some reason. A real stupid and unnecessary ending to an average match.

Women's Title - Metalica vs Dalys

The finish

Metalica also comes out with a fog sprayer. Dalys comes out with feathered headwear. Dalys traps Metalica and lifts her, then she gets out of it. Metalica does something like a spinning reverse figure four. Dalys rocking chair's here and Metalica topes her. They came back in and Dalys hit a spinning powerbomb on her to win the fall. Dalys swings her hard by the mask then stretches her. Metlica does a neckbreaker on her with her knee and takes the 2nd fall. Dalys hits a running la silla off the arpon in the 3rd. She hangs her up on the top turnbuckle then double knees her. Metalica then catches her on the middle rope and backcracker's her for 2. Metalica hits a swanton off the top for 2. Dalys hit  a swinging side slam for 2 and then reverse slammed her. There was pin with Dalys having her shoulder clearly up and Metalica having her feet on the ropes that was allowed and made no sense. Metlica was awarded the win. The match wasn't that bad but didn't have much heat and the work was pretty plodding and unimpressive. It never really felt like a fight. The finish was truly awful though.


The finish
These teams are nonsense with heels and faces on both sides. Lame early match stuff to start before Sober hits a tope. Euphoria puts a sleeper on Oro and Roja randomly rulls him up for a quick count pin in a stupid first fall. Gran blasts Roja with a shoulderblock. Angel rolls up then jumps on Gran's shoulders and hurracanrana's him. Mephisto pops up Sober and he comes back down with a hurracanrana. Mephisto takes the Guerrero's usual double team gorilla press from the top. Gran runs the ramp and Euph lifts him over for a clothesline. The Guerrero's get some monentum, throw one of them on the top rope then they come down with a splash. Then Sober and the Guerrero's pose together. Sober and the brothers all get on the top, and Sober pushes them off and comes down with a tornillo on Mephisto. Mephisto hits a Canadian Destroyer on Sober but only gets 2. Sober then does his usual corkscrew dive over the top onto Mephisto on the outside. The brothers grab the Guerreros and sitout and slam one of them on top of the other for the pin(see gif). Overall, it was what it was. Nothing too special and there wasn't any need for this to happen at all. Pretty much just filler.

Mask vs Mask - Chamuel vs Micro Man

Micro Man comes out also with a fog sprayer. Were these on discount or something? The ring girls are dressed up in Chamuel's fire designs. Micro jumps Cham during intros. Micro goes for an apron hurricanrana and gets slammed into the rails. Cham pulls Micro's mask. They fight on the stage and Micro whips him into the stairs. Then Micro dives off the stage onto Cham. Micro then throws Cham in. Micro spinning headscissors Cham and then dives on him from the apron. They trade strikes and Cham misses a swanton dive on him. Micro then hits a vader bomb for 2. Cham surfboards him. Micro gets slammed on his stomach then comes back with a Yoshi Tonic and wins! Chamuel then unmasks. Obviously there were some smoke and mirrors here but it was a fun match for the limitations these guys had.

Mexican National Trios Championship:  Nueva Generación Dinamita - Sanson, Cuatrero, & Forastero (champs) vs Caristico, Mistico, & El Valiente

Basic stuff to start. Mistico tries a springboard hurricanrana, gets caught and thrown into a pile with his partners in the corner. NGD does their monkey flip move nailing them all and then pinning them all in a quick fall. NGD hits Caristico with their triple baseball slides. NGD then does their top rope double stomp move. The faces come back with hurracanrana's and take the 2nd fall pretty much out of nowhere. Val hits a big monkey flip on Forastero and does it again. NGD gets cleared out with hurracanrana's and triple topes. Valiente's tope really slammed one of NGD into the rails. NGD then does a rare triple tope. Fora takes a Mistico springboard swanton. NGD puts Val on the ropes then jumps down on him with double axehandles. NGD holds Val while one of them poses on top of him and Caristico springboard hurricanrana's the one on top. Val does his double jump blind moonsault which we haven't seen in a while. Caristico dives over the post and Mistico runs up the post from the ramp and flips over it. They do a tower of doom spot. Fora does a swanton on Val from the top. Then Caristico instantly taps out Fora with a La Mistica. Cuat hit a canadian destroyer on Caristico, then Mistico hit one on him. Sanson hit what they called an Argentine Powerbomb(blue thunder in a powerbomb) from the top on Mistico and got the win. The first two falls weren't anything special, but they pulled out all the stops in the 3rd fall and it ended up being a good match.

Loser loses their hair or mask cage match: Big Daddy vs Cavernario vs Ciber The Main Man vs Gilbert El Boricua vs Negro Casas vs Ultimo Guerrero vs Volador Jr.

 Cavernario jumps Volador during his entrance. Vola later gets in and splashes everyone from on top of the cage. Big Daddy is the first out and Gilbert followed soon after. Cav starts posing and then goes out without much of a struggle. Ciber grabs Negro and Volador tells him to hold him. Then he goes to the top and escapes easy. Negro dropkicks Ciber in the corner and Ultimo tries to escape. Negro catches him and they chop each other. Ciber lariats both guys and then escapes easy. We are down to Negro and UG. They strike each other and Negro hits a senton for 2. Ultimo hits him with a gordbuster from the 2nd rope for 2. They trade facekicks and Negro puts the STF on UG. UG hits the ropes. Negro tries a hurracarana from the top then UG powerbombs him down for 2. Negro puts on a la magistral for 2. UG hits a top rope reverse slam on Negro and wins. Poor Negro gets his hair cut but he has pretty thick hair and I'm sure it will grow back. I felt like someone else should have lost their hair here. The UG vs Negro section was good but the rest of the match was pretty dumb and a waste of time.

Overall thoughts: This had some bad stuff on it, but the semi-main was good and the mask match was fun. I wouldn't recommend this.

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