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AAA on Televisa 8/12/2012

AAA on Televisa 8/12/2012

Dinastía, Mascarita Dorada, Octagoncito vs Mini Charly Manson, Mini Histeria, Mini Psicosis

The finish
Dinastia did a super cool side sunset fip here to start and did a crazy flip into the ring. Dina did a cartwheel out of an irish whip and him and Hysteria did a cool stand off. Charlie did a release backdrop on Oct then superkicked him and posed on him for 2. Oct did a good powerslam on him. Dorada was lifted up like a powerbomb then armdragged Psicosis. Charlie laid the whooping with punches on Dorada. Then Dorada was gorilla pressed into a dropkick. Dina took a side Veg-O-Matic. Psic chopped Dorada and he ended up planking on his head then rolling forward again in a cool sell. Dorada got whipped around hard by Charlie. Dina came in and missed a high spin kick then did a leg sweep. He tried for a handstand move and Hysteria dropkicked him down. Dina did a bunch of cool headflips for no reason. Oct then did the same with kip-ups. Oct then did a cartwheel and some headflips before hitting a armdrag on Psic. He then ran up the ropes and flipped back on them with an armdrag. We then got another cool one out of Oct. Dorada did a top rope headscissors on Charlie and another nice armdrag and a reverse headbutt. Dina did an SSP to break up a pin lol Dina got Hysteria and did an Ultimo DDT, but at the end, he dropped him while turning around. Dorada hit an awesome satellite armdrag. Dorada then did a cool flip over the post that you have to see the gif of. Dina did a cool backhand stand into a headscissors then an asai to the outside. Oct undershot a tornillo to the outside. Dorada then did a great rotation headscissors into a pin to win it. This had some of most innovative and cool flips anyone has seen and was a highlight reel from start to finish. It wasn't purely a spotfest either as the heels brought some good heeling along with it. If you love the flippy stuff, you will love this.

 Infierno Rockers(Devil Rocker, Machine Rocker, Soul Rocker) vs Aerostar, Alebrije, Fenix

Armdrags to start. Aerostar enters on the side of the heels and taunts them going in backwards. Aero hits a nice back elbow after springing off the ropes. Aero does a nice rotation armdrag, then a 619 over the top rope. He then cartwheels into a wild armdrag off the apron. Cuije spars with Alberije and wants in. Alb and Cuije double team him, which the ref doesnt care about. Then Machine has enough and kicks Cui down. Alb headstands on the turnbuckle then ends up doing an armdrag. Cui pulls on the Rockers spikes. Fenix and Machine chop it out. Fenix does headscissors from outside to in then sunset flip powerbomb's Machine to the outside. Machine is down and people are coming to help. Aero does a wild series of headflips to get in. The Rockers 3v1 Alb then he ges put on one their knees while one of them flips on him. Fenix then takes his 3v1 whooping. Cujie comes in and gets slapped in the back of the head and stomped. Then one of the Rockers gets hiptossed into the ropes and lands on him. Cujie gets thrown to the outside but then caught. Aer does his flip tope from inside the 2nd rope to the outside. Cujie does a tope to the outside, gets caught and thrown into the crowd. Fenix does an asai outside but overshoots it and lands hard. Aero then takes a chaos theory german and the Rockers win it. This had a lot of highlights and had some cool stuff. I enjoyed it.

El Elegido, Extreme Tiger, La Parka vs Chessman, Octagón, Último Gladiador

Chessman hits Tiger with a chair during his entrance then does the same to Elegido. The heels continue with the chairs and beatdown the faces for a while. Parka topes Ultimo on the outside and Tiger does a spinning DDT on Chessman. The faces then get the chair and make Chess pay. Tiger takes a big Ultimo superkick. Chess throws Tiger up, turns around and Tiger pulls his head down into the mat. Parka and Chess botch a tilt-a-whirl into a clothesline and parka clears out the heels. We get a whole bunch of dives in a row and we finally get the Parka/Octagon confrontation they have been teasing. Konnan then comes out to distract Parka and Octagon kicks Parka in the nuts to win the match. Bad and lazy match.

Overall thoughts: The minis match was pretty awesome and I liked the Rockers match. The main stunk. I really think you should go see the mini's match.

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