Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thoughts on NJPW wanting to fight WWE

In this week's Wrestling Observer, they talked about NJPW having plans to run shows and expand further into America.

While I get the idea from NJPW's side, I think trying to start up a fight with WWE is just asking for trouble.

WWE has as many NJPW stars as NJPW does right now with AJ, Balor, Nakamura, Brock to a degree and others to go along with their own roster. They have no lack of talent that can bring in some fans in Japan.

If WWE wants to start teaming up with other Japanese promotions like All Japan, Wrestle-1, Zero-1 and Dragon Gate, NJPW isn't ready to fight that war. Yes, DG is the only one close to NJ's level out of that group, but if they want to pull a WWF/SWS from 1991 again, I think it will be a lot more successful. Those promotions are going to want that WWE exposure and WWE money and likely aren't going to say no.

WWE would be at a good time to hit Japan as every promotion outside of DDT/DG/NJPW are running a bit weak and have little power. Promotions like AJPW, Z1, NOAH, W1 and others would absolutely love a huge show right now.

WWE could easily:

- Go up against every big NJPW show without question, with 1/4 being the big one, since it HAS to be 1/4 every year.

- Run a PPV/Network Special there thanks to the Network

- Lend one or two of their guys out for a show to a company and convince them to run the same day as NJPW

- Do a big dome show with WWE vs Japanese matches

- Give the Japanese companies some exposure through their network and feature one of them on an NXT show

- Open up a promotion over there. I know a ton of WWE guys would love to work Japan like that and it's always been a big country for wrestling.

Let's face it, NJPW is at WWE's mercy right now. WWE's got tons of money to play with and lots of these ideas are going to make them money and the promotion they work with money. NJPW should keep doing what they are doing and not test WWE, as WWE could easily reek havoc on them.

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