Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Kenny Omega to WWE?

Kenny Omega to WWE?

I did a podcast on this subject here:

Kenny Omega tweeted this, starting lots of speculation:

Reasons why Kenny Omega could be WWE bound:

- WWE already raided NJPW last year when they took Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows, AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura last year. They clearly targeted NJPW to hurt them and to help themselves. NJPW has risen in status in the last few years and seems to be taking the place of the 2nd or 3rd top promotion in the US through AXS TV and shows.

- WWE is actively recruiting tons of talent for NXT and WWE as a whole, since WWE wants three touring brands in Raw, Smackdown and NXT. WWE has a ton of TV time and a ton of cards to fill with talent.

- WWE can pay Omega much more than NJPW can. WWE's bank account is endless and giving Kenny $2 million a year is nothing, while I don't even think Okada makes that much in NJPW. NJPW cannot compete on pay with WWE.

- WWE offers more than NJPW does. WWE is the top promotion in the world and is miles above NJPW. They go anywhere and everywhere. The exposure is priceless, the money is more and they have just as good of talent to work with.

Reasons why Kenny Omega is not WWE bound:

- Many people are putting this tweet together with Omega being off of the next upcoming NJPW cards, but are missing the big reason for this. NJPW's next big tour is Fantasticamania where many foreigners from Mexico are brought in. It is expensive to have all of these wrestlers and they simply don't need their usual foreign crew along with the luchadores of Mexico. Typically, NJPW doesn't bring in non-Mexican foreigners for these shows.

- Omega has been anti-WWE and very critical of them. He was in WWE developmental before and didn't enjoy his time there. He thought he didn't get a fair shake. Will things be better the 2nd time around?

- NJPW has treated Omega well. He was one of the most pushed people this year and they've made him a star. With him being mostly a DDT guy beforehand, this is a pretty big deal and it shows they have faith in him. Omega should be safe as a top star in NJPW.

- There are no guarantees in WWE. Mistico failed. Alberto Del Rio never hit his full potential. Nakamura has yet to make the main roster and Hideo Itami has been injured most of his run. While Omega is different being a native English speaker, being a star in another promotion in no guarantee of being a star in WWE. If he goes there and flops, it could hurt him long term.

My take:
Omega has a chance of really growing his career by going to WWE. At worst, he doesn't get the push he feels he deserves and could cancel the contract and leave. At best, he becomes a WWE headliner making tons of cash and being known worldwide for years to come. If I were him, I would have a hard time turning down a strong WWE offer. He can always return to Japan, but who knows if he could go to WWE down the line. While I think his career will be relatively safe in NJPW, the growth potential is not anywhere close to what it is in WWE. Kenny should have all of the bargaining power in the world right now and he'd be a fool to not play both sides.

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