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CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide Ep. #86 1/4/2017

CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide Ep. #86 1/4/2017

I did a podcast on this show here:

Hey I'm back. I'm out of things to do and thought doing a review would be the best way to spend my time. I don't know anything about this fed but the production values looked okay so I thought I would give it a shot.

Rising Generation League Championship - Dirty Daddy (c) vs Cain Justice

Cain is your ECW Taz type of Judo guy and I thought Daddy would be a Bruno Mars or Honky Tonk Man type of dude, but apparently he was "blacklisted by the NWA for 30 years" and has come back as a rookie. Uh okay.

The finish
Cain Justice got the win with his version of the AT Lock. Match was really quick and Dirty Daddy is really bad. He throws the wimpiest strikes ever that are just impossible to buy. He kind of reminds me of No Way Jose. Justice was fine here but it was too short to say much else.

Zane & Dave Dawson vs. Devin Dalton & Walter Eaton
The match hasn't started but I've decided I like the Dawsons.

"Somebody better come out here. Anybody. Let's go" - Zane Dawson

"This is gonna be a grown man match" - Commentator

Dave Dawson got the win with the finishing lariat right above. Quick match, probably a bit too quick. The Dawsons are hard hitting nasty big dudes and Eaton is your dude that wants to scrap with people. The Dawsons mostly choked, eye gouged and cheated their way to the win here and it was totally fine.

Brad Attitude did a promo from his kids bedroom. He said he helped get Trevor Lee the title at a previous show. He was mad Lee didn't pick him as his opponent for a title match and it seems like he turned on him.

Worldwide Television Champion - Arik Andrews vs Smith Garrett

Garrett got jumped when he entered.
"Ring that bell and count him out. Raise my hand" - Aric Andrews
Garrett crawled back in and made the count. Boooo. Booooooo. I wanted to see someone get counted out for a change.


Andrews got the win in another quick match with a full nelson slam. Garrett got destroyed before he even entered the ring but made the 10 count and fought. It went so short that I don't have a ton to say but he got a bunch of offense in and almost stole it before Andrews picked up the win. Little too short and this wasn't quite Sting/Rude from Clash '91 here.

Mid-Atlantic Tag Titles - Sandwich Squad - Aaron Biggs & Mecha Mercenary vs. The Storm of Entrails (Shlak & Dan O'Hare w/ Riley Madison)

Dan O'Hare "The man who in 2017 will be given his own surgeon general's warning"


They had an old-timey announcer out there for the Sandwich Squad who may have been one of the guys at the Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest each year. I couldn't make out everything he said, but Biggs is wearing a sandwich shirt and he made some food puns. I can't really boo people that are putting over sandwiches.

"They drilled him with the Hero Sandwich"
The finish
Mecha Mercenary got the win with the big elbow. Fun match. Crowd was hot for the whole thing and the heels worked the legs of Biggs up until the hot tag on Mecha. Mecha took out the heels then had to do a 1v3 as the heels' female manager attacked him. The promotion's face lady announcer(sorry I don't know this promotion well) then went after the manager and Shlak grabbed her. Shlak took a Hero Sandwich squashing and the Sandwich Squad got the win. I got no problems with this one whatsoever. Crowd was hot, the work was believeable and it's nice to see some dudes who look like fricking pro wrestlers do pro wrestling. 3.5 stars for this and it was a really good time. Rating: ***1/2.

They announced after that they would be doing a tag title tournament for Impact Wrestling with the Hardy Boys.

Overall thoughts: The show was fun overall. The matches were a bit too quick but on the other hand didn't have enough time to be bad or get stale. Maybe that's the key? The crowd was pretty hot all show and the main event was a solid match. You don't really need to see anything but the main here but in all it was a fun hour of pro wrestling with a hot crowd, people who mostly look like pro wrestlers and solid commentary.

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