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Ring of Honor TV 9/6/2014

Ring of Honor TV 9/6/2014

I did a podcast on this show here:

Hey guys, I've been in the mood to do some wrestling, as you can tell, so I'm reviewing this. I read that ROH TV was now on Sundays at noon in Pittsburgh. The listings don't say anything about it, but I figured I'd take a look. Note to ROH - You might want to let it be known on the listings that your show is on. Just saying.

As usual, no gifs in this unfortunately as ROH put the ban on that. But I will do some pics. I'm doing this show live too so it may look a bit different than other reviews.

Tadarius Thomas cut a promo on ACH. Saying he was a master of martial arts that ACH can't even pronounce. Wasn't really a great promo as TD just doesn't look threatening at all and really doesn't have the voice nor the look.

Caprice Coleman and Watanabe vs The Decade - BJ Whitmer and Jimmy Jacobs

Watanabe looks a lot like Shingo Takagi with his new mohawk and jacket. BJ did an awful slap early on and the faces hit a droptoe hold combo into a splash on the back. Caprice hit some kicks and Watanabe hit a cool spinning side slam. Coleman had an awful comeback but hit a cool clw STO and he hit a hurracanrana off of BJ who was on top. He also hit a neat triple northern lights combo that looked cool, but looked equally painful for him at the same time. He followed it up with a cool asai moonsault from the inner rope ala Manami Toyota. He then hit a big splash for 2. He dropkicked both Decade members and Watanabe and BJ exchanged some bad strikes.  The faces were gonna do stereo dives from the top when BJ pushed Caprice into a camerman and Jacobs hit the spear. BJ hit the All Seeing Eye with Jacobs and they got the win on Watanabe. Not a great match here. Just too many bad strikes and Watanabe is devoid of charisma and fire. He's young but he's slow. Caprice is your stereotypical indy dude that can hit cool moves but looks awful doing anything else and I expected a lot more from a 10+ year guy like BJ.

The Decade tried to recruit Watanabe after by giving him a shirt. Coleman told him not to join and threw down the shirt saying "Don't listen to them". TD stared down Caprice and honestly Caprice came off so lame.

Silas Young cut a promo. He said his nephew was being cyberbullied, so he hit him in the head with the keyboard and said "now you're really being bullied".  They also had a quick clip of him spitting everywhere s as he was talking.

Silas Young vs "Spanky" Bryan Kendrick

Kendrick is really interesting. He used to be good but overrated then he totally fell off the cliff in and after WWE. Kendrick was rocking a Japanese style robe here. Spanky went for the hnadshake, he got pushed. So he superkicked Young and then tope'd him. He did a springboard knee onto Young's neck. Young hit a big lariat putting Kendrick down.   Kendrick hit a nice rollup for two and then took a backdrop onto the mats on the floors.

We then had a Jay Lethal commercial for a knee brace. He was wearing one so this worked.

The Briscoes then said they'd face the "two hottest babes in professional wrestling", the Young Bucks. The Briscoes said next week would be a "pretty damn ugly ass whooping" next week. Well, I'm sold. We then got an Adam Cole commercial for home remodeling.

We came back with Young working the chinlock on Kendrick. There was a cool big over the top slam by Young that Kendrick turned into a schoolboy. Kevin Kelly said Kendrick's views on the world were "conspiratorial".  Young hit a big rolling front samoan drop, then missed his flipping moonsault in the corner, only to take a Sliced Bread #2. Silas Young was then on the apron and suplexed Spanky to the outside. Geez, these dudes take big bumps for meaningless midcard matches. Crowd loved it though. Kendrick then did a handstand off the apron, bouncing off the ropes into a DDT on Young on the floor. Kendrick then hit a frogsplash for a two.

Young hit a big penalty kick on Spanky and a lariat on his knee to slam him down. Young hit a King Cobra hold but couldn't submit Spanky. He then hit his handstand on the top rope moonsault for a 2.  They fought on the ropes with Spanky getting crotched. Spanky then hit a Slicked Bread #2 off the top rope for a 2. Okay, this match just peaked. They are totally going indy 2.9 style. Kendrick then tried a sunset flip but got blocked for the Silas Young win.

It was a good match but they did wayyyyyy too much. Suplexes to the floor, DDT's on the floor, kickouts from top rope moves, and this isn't even the main event. It led me to think about why we don't see people like John Cena doing all these big moves and I came to this conclusion: The more over you are, the less you feel you have to do be to over. The less over you are, the more you do to try to get over. Of course, the big difference is, no one has to follow John Cena and JC is getting big money, while these two have matches after them and are getting paid squat to wrestle in front of few fans.

After the match, Young and Kendrick shook hands.

The Addiction - Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian vs The Young Bucks - Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson

Admittedly, I tuned in just for this match. I do think TYB also do too much, but I do usually find them entertaining. I never used to like Kaz until his Bad Influence days and now I'm pretty much into them. TYB teased kicking the camera man and the camera sold the kick which was cool. One of TYB superkicked a part of a streamer, LOL.

Please note, if you haven't been able to tell, I cannot tell one Young Buck from the other.

Handshakes to start and both teams are wearing matching gear here. Cool. Matt did a backflip into a hurracanrana. TYB did a dropkick where one of them got tossed up into it.  They got onto the outside with The Addiction throwing one of the bucks onto the other.

We went to the break with that same Adam Cole commercial.

Back from the break and we're back into the ring. The Addiction did a sequence with a kick to the chest and a lariat to the back with one of the bucks on their knees. TYB hit some bizaare flipping neckbreaker then did a backflip holding Daniels with their feet. Another then came in to superkick him. They've been pushing a "superkick party" all show. A young buck did a cartwheel and backflip into a backrake with Nigel yelling "Supaaah Backrake". Daniels hit a bulldog/ddt combo on both bucks. Daniels hit the Koji clutch when Matt came off the top rope. The Addiction hit stereo over the top rope elbows and Kaz held one of them up for a delayed vertical.  Daniels backdropped Kaz onto a buck and then did an asai moonsault onto the same buck. Kaz threw a buck down with authority with a gutwrench as we went to the break.

We came back with Addiction in control. One of the bucks hit some botched flipping neckbreaker from the corner. One of the bucks did over the top rope facebuster into a tornado ddt back on the outside off the apron. God is this match hard to write about. The addiction hit a mid-air powerbomb and neckbreaker combo. Daniels then grabbed one of the bucks by both arms and hit like a flying curb stomp. At least two other spots happened while I tried to write that. The bucks did a superkick into a sunset flip combo with Daniels then doing sumo slapp on a buck LOL

The bucks did a double team slicked bread with the crowd loving it. Kaz went over the top rope and hit a DDT, before taking a DDT. We got a palm strike and STO combo from Daniels before he took a superkick. Kaz took one as well as all four men were down. One of the kucks hit a cool TiP kick and Daniels somehow got a pin on both bucks with a Northern lights. Kaz took double superkicks as Kelly yelled "SUPERKICKKKK". Kaz then got powerbombed into the corner and onto a head kick. One of the bucks got crotched on the top rope and Daniels did an sitting asai off the top rope. A buck then superkicked Dnaiels off the top onto Nick. Kaz slipped off the top then hit a single spanish fly that he calls the Flux Capacitor for the win.

Crazy match. Very good of course and they did so much I couldn't even keep up. Tons of action here and I do recommend checking it out. Everyone did too much of course bu the crowd loved it and it did keep your attention. Rating: ***3/4

Overall thoughts: ROH definitely upped their production from before, but the style is still the same if not worse. It's like an Expendables movie. Lots of big action scenes, but missing the stories and little things that make a movie great. The main event was a good and super fast match, but it was a bit too fast. I couldn't even write down things with how fast the match was going. It's good have all the action, but I think it would be easy to get desensitized to it. The Caprice Coleman match was awful and Spank/Young went way into overkill mode for a throwaway match. I did enjoy the show as a whole, but a lot of the issues ROH has still prevails. I did like the ROH stars doing commercials as it made them look big league and put over the stars. Overall, I enjoyed it, mostly due to a bonkers main event.


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