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WWF Prime Time Wrestling 3/30/1987 Review

WWF Prime Time Wrestling 3/30/1987 Review

Last week's show is here:

"Hello everyone, I'm Gorilla Monsoon." - Gorilla | " And I'm your host, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan." - Heenam
"This particular edition of Prime Time Wrestling was put to bed before Wrestlemania 3." - Gorilla

"Leaping" Lanny Poffo vs "Outlaw" Ron Bass

Poffo had a poem:
Tonight I've got "The Outlaw" with the handlebar mustache
He is much more powerful but I've got more pinache
Who will be the better man?
We'll have to wait and see
The biggest joke I've seen tonight is "Luscious" Johnny V

"Can you picture Ax and Smash handing out autographs?" - Gorilla  | "They don't have to. They hand out enough autograph's in guys jawbones." - Johnny V
"I call him "Leap" for short." - Gorilla on Poffo
"You see that handlebar mustache? I understand there's an AM/FM radio in there. Is there any truth to that?" - JV
"There's only so many shots to a cannon and I think he's down to his last explosive." - JV on Poffo
"Anytime you have a chance to get married, you should take it? Wouldn't you say so?" - JV
"How about that poetry? Roses are red, violets are blue, you're gonna be purple durple and that's no jive man." - JV, quite the poet

"You know what Blackjack Mulligan calls his ranch?" - Gorilla | "Anything he wants, I guess." - JV | "How am I supposed to know? What am I a real estate company or something?" - JV
JV said that the horseshoe's on Bass's tights are significant of the Double Horseshoe ranch of his.

Bass got the win with the Blackjack Mulligan back elbow. This was okay but went too long, which hurt it. JV was pretty good on commentary and I didn't have many qualms about the match. Loved that straight punch Poffo took in the gif above.

"I know the name of it - The Flying Dumbbell." - Heenan on Bass's ranch
Fuji General
This is one of the skits Mr. Fuji and Don Muraco did, with Fuji Vice being the most well known.

"Louise, what's with this doctor business? Call me Norman." - Muraco
The story here is that Muraco had an affair with the nurse pictured and he just went back to his wife. He said he still loves her though and she got mad.
"You're cute when you're mad." - Norman Muraco
Muraco wasn't showing enough finesse and the director called him on it:
"I know you're not an actor, you know you're not an actor, she knows you're not an actor and they know you're not an actor. Why do we have to convince them?" - The Director
"Louise, kiss me and we'll be back in the mountains again." - Muraco
"Nurse Peacock, Dr. Muraco, what in the world is going on in here?" - Mr. Fuji
Fuji ripped on them for bringing the drama and wasn't pleased.
They went to go check on the patients, with Muraco saying they didn't neglect the patients.

"I checked on Mr. Webster only a few minutes ago." - Muraco
 Fuji brought up Muraco fooling around with his wife at home and Nurse Peacock got mad:
"Nobody tells The Chief of Staff what to do. Nurse Peacock, you are fired." - The Chief of Staff, Mr. Fuji
"And you, you just stood there." - Nurse Peacock

"I had my career to think about and if I said what I really felt, it would be all over, don't you see?" - Muraco

"CUT! Stop being a wrestler for a while. Act." - The Director
"There is the look I love so much." - Muraco
"Now prove you love me with a kiss." - Muraco | "Go home and kiss your wife." - Peacock
Peacock still wasn't impressed and Muraco didn't help himself explaining that they had a good thing but he still loved his wife.

"STOP! STOP! What are you trying to do? Kill me too? Put me in a bed with him?" - The Director
We then had a big 5 person argument to end the segment. I was amused by it but it was clearly pushed to be as cheesy and bad as it could be. Muraco was really funny with his facials as was Fuji and the guy in the bed. Nurse Peacock is pretty fine too.

"If they've hung both of those guys for being good actors, they've hung two innocent men." - Gorilla
"I thought it was great. The delivery Muraco had and how he got in to his character and how you could just feel their hearts entangled in that dramatic love scene, I like it." - Heenan on Fuji General | "It's like a good movie that you could just see over and over. I could watch that all day long." - Heenan
"What an amazing lack of talent between those two individuals." - Gorilla | "Well, that nurse and that director were pretty bad." - Heenan
Demolition vs "Golden Boy" Dan Spivey and Jerry Allen

"You and he together could get locked up." - Gorilla on Jimmy Hart and JV
"It wasn't my fault I wasn't big enough to be a professional wrestler." - Hart | "You could have been one of the great midget wrestlers." - Gorilla
"Hello? Earth to Brain." - Gorilla | "What'd you do? Win The Masters?" - Heenan on Gorilla's jacket

"Look at that tongue hanging out. Like a lizard." - Gorilla

The Demo's won with a clothesline on Allen. the match was fine but nothing too special. The Demo's worked on Allen until he got the hot tag on Spivey and then they cleared out Allen anyway.

"Because he wants to." - Heenan on why JV wears ring attire to manage | "What kind of an answer is that?" - Gorilla
"Ron Bass, you are not even considered part of this family of Texans, because I believe he's transported from New Mexico or somewhere." - Blackjack Mulligan
"What you should do when you get in that ring and see Blackjack Mulligan is get ready for some knuckle sandwiches." - BJM
Heenan laughing on the phone with JV

Gorilla talked to JV and apparently he was told that all of JV's old stuff was sold to Heenan. Heenan didn't agree.

Rowdy Roddy Piper's Farewell Piper's Pit

"First of all, we got all these TV camera's here. I wanted to mention the people. How y'all doin?" - Piper
"If it wasn't for WWF Wrestling, I'd probably be in jail someplace." - Piper
"I've been shot three times, stabbed at and went down in an airplane twice." - Piper

"I'm proud of this country because they let a jerk like me come in and do whatever the hell I wanted to do for as long as I wanted." - Piper | "Thank you to the WWF and daddy, daddy's coming home now man."  - Piper
Piper talked about wanting to spend more time with his kids and returning home.
"You're being facetious now." - Gorilla | "What? Because of that? I slammed the phone too hard and hit my eye." - Heenan
"Did you see that painting? Amazing! Can't even see the numbers." - Heenan
"Talking about two pieces of garbage." - Gorilla on Honky and Jimmy Hart | "You mean the paintings?" - Heenan
We went to the recording studio with Honky and Jimmy Hart.

"Elvis Presley couldn't carry a tune if it had handles on it." - Honky
Honky said he didn't care at all about using various things at the studio that Elvis used. Honky talked about how he was better than Elvis and was legit while Elvis wasn't,

"I wouldn't doubt if Honky Tonk Man could put his pants on two legs at one time." - Heenan after Gorilla said the only similarity was that Honky and Elvis both put pants on one leg at a time
Gorilla said he didn't think Heenan would be back at PTW after Mania as he would either be too hung over in victory or too embarassed in losing.

Sivi Afi vs The Red Demon

"I'd like to see King Kong Bundy do that." - Gorilla | "He could do it." - Hart
Sivi Afi won with the flying crossbody. The Demon just choked Afi with tape/string the whole time until Afi picked up the win.

"I certainly would like to see King Kong Bundy do that." - Gorilla | "I'd like to see him do that on you." - Heenan

Saturday Night's Main Event - King Kong Bundy vs Jake "The Snake" Roberts

" I merely took that thing out and threw it in the dumpster out back." - Heenan
Bundy won by DQ when Jake kneed the ref for no real reason. KKB was in control the whole time until Jake made his comeback and then nailed the ref when he went for the snake. Afterwards, Jake threw the snake on the ref while Vince cheered on the mic.

Blackjack Mulligan and "Golden Boy" Danny Spivey vs Salvatore Bellomo and Tiger Chung Lee

BJM got the win with a back elbow. Not a good one here. They blew the spot near the end above and it was just a boring squash.

"You know what the busiest thing at his family reunion was? Jumper cables." - Heenan on BJM
"Good on ya, America." - Outback Jack
Outback Jack didn't say much as he just encouraged the crowd to cheer for him.

The British Bulldogs vs Demolition

The Bulldogs got DQ'd after using a chair after getting tripped by JV. The match was very short but they kept it moving. Not too much else to say here.

They previewed Fuji Bandito for next week.

Overall thoughts: This was pretty much the same as usual. JV and Heenan were good and the matches weren't that great. I did enjoy Fuji General though.

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