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WWF Prime Time Wrestling 3/23/1987 Review

WWF Prime Time Wrestling 3/23/1987 Review

Last week's show is here:

Heenan was mad about having the footage he didn't want aired shown last week.

Dino Bravo vs Hillbilly Jim
I think everyone knows by now how much I hate Dino and I can't see this one working out in any way, shape or form. It would have to be the work of a miracle to make this good.

"The only hit that I know of that you got is The Hitman." - Gorilla to Jimmy Hart

"Hillbilly not looking too good as he's laid out there." - Gorilla | "He didn't look too good when he came into the ring." - Hart

Dino Bravo got DQ'd here for either hitting the ref on accident or for Johnny V stomping Jim. This wasn't as bad as I had expected Dino did some okay bumping but that was the only notable thing of this match.

"Luscious Johnny tried to be a nice guy and help the referee up, then the referee turned on him. He should be suspended for life." - Heenan on the ref
Sivi Afi vs Ivan McDonald

"Danny Davis is a black belt in karate, I'm sure you didn't know." - Hart | "The only black belt he's got is the one that holds up his pants." - Gorilla

"Sort of an upside down figure four." - Gorilla
"Sivi Afi currently looking for a partner in the World Wrestling Federation." - Gorilla | "He'll never find one." - Hart | "Wait, you know, maybe he will. You know who else is looking for a partner? Golden Boy Danny Spivey." - Hart
Sivi Afi won with a headbutt to his fallen opponent. This was pretty good for Afi. He stuck to working the legs before putting him away.

We got a Wrestlemania report and clips from an SNME battle royale.

"It takes 8 wrestlers to get 1 giant out of the ring but it only takes 1 giant to get Hulk Hogan out of the ring." - Andre the Giant
Bob Uecker posed while they both tried to get on track together.

The Can-Am Connection vs Demolition

"It says on his jacket - I Love Johnny." - Gorilla | "Well, maybe he does. A lot of people love JV." - Hart | "I'm sure you could count them all on one hand and have a few fingers left over." - Gorilla
"It took two of them to do it." - Hart | "Well a double dropkick usually involves two individuals." - Gorilla

Demolition won by countout when Zenk got counted out after getting posted. The Demo's were a bit raw here but this got good near the end. Zenk took a good post shot that I couldn't get a good shot of and the Can-Am's had nice fire. JV made for a weird fit for the Demo's though. JV teased fighting Martel after.

"Santa's coming to the Pontiac Silverdome and he's bringing me a World's Championship." - Heenan
Savage did an interview:
"This is Ricky The Dragon Steamboat's cup of coffee in the big time." - Savage
Savage said he also wasn't worried about Steele or anyone else at ringside. Gorilla made a stupid comment that Steele is allowed to be out there because he loves Elizabeth. Well if that were the case, half the Silverdome would have been at ringside.

SD Jones vs The Red Demon
Gorilla called this a special match.
"Kick 'em when they're up and kick 'em when they're down, that's The Hart Foundation's motto, baby." - Hart
"I'll even send my special plane, The Honky Tonk Marie, to pick you up." - Hart on his challenge for Gorilla to come to Memphis | "Peggy Sue's got a lot to do down there. We have the Honkyland USA with Honky burgers." - Hart | "We use Honky Cream on his hair." - Hart
"That first punch that SD threw was below the Mason-Dixon line." - Hart

SD Jones got the win with the sunset flip. The Red Demon used every cheating tactic in the book and SD made a comeback with some punches to take it. The crowd really got into SD.

Sika and Kamala vs The Killer Bees
"What do these two guys have in common?" - Gorilla | "They bought oughta be weighed at the truck scale probably." - Johnny V
"How about that music, Monsoon? Kinda getting into you or what?" - JV | "Oh yeah, it's very catchy." - Gorilla | "Is it American Bandstand or what? Dick Clark, eat your heart out." - JV

"This guys thinking about going out there to maim people then swinging for banana's in the tree...the other guy ain't thinking about opening a 7-11. Titles don't mean anything to these people." - JV
"The Grand Wizard turned over all his rights to Mr. Fuji." - Monsoon
"Here comes Jimmy Brunzell. I don't know if it's to the rescue or to a slow death." - JV

"What are you doing over there?" - Gorilla | "I'm fixing the phone." - Heenan

"It's like telephone, telegraph and tell Gorilla Monsoon and he'll tell the whole world, I'll assure you that" - Hart | "This is like the Dear Abby of professional wrestling, there's no doubt about that." - JV
The Bee's won with the dropdown/dropkick combo. The match wasn't too bad at all.

"What do you need, a lesson?" - Gorilla | "I was showing her the proper way to use this." - Heenan

We got an interview with The Hart Foundation:
"We've got the two washed up British Bulldogs and now Tito The Chihuahua Santana." - Bret Hart
"These two have been training me every single day. Eight hours a day minimum."  Danny Davis
Danny Davis mostly talked about slapping around the Bulldogs and Tito.

Johnny K-9 vs Jose Luis Rivera
Worst Match of the Year candidate?
"Looks like he fell down stairs with the lawnmower." - Monsoon on K-9's hair
Rivera won in a quick one with a missile dropkick from the top. There was nothing of interest here and Gorilla just ripped K-9 the whole time.

King Kong Bundy and Paul Orndorff vs Don Muraco and Bob Orton
We've got a rare heel vs heel match here.
"Mary Hart is my favorite because after all, I think she might be related to me somewhere down the line." - Jimmy Hart on WM3's celeb's
"Anyone's pretty compared to Bundy." - Monsoon | "I'm sure there's a woman out there in the tv audience that would like to have a date, okay maybe a blind date with King Kong Bundy. But again, listen, there's a lid for every pot as I said earlier." - Johnny V
"Every painter knows when the picture is finished, ya understand? And I think Hulk Hogan knows the picture is finished." - JV
"Look at this, the cane! Fuji stuck the cane in there." - Gorilla
Orndorff pinned Orton after a missed cane shot. This was short but fun. Paul had a nice fiery comeback and it was cool to see what a face Bundy would have been like. I really liked this team and this match and thought it was a nice refreshing change of pace.

They promised a review of Fuji and Muraco's acting ordeals with Fuji Vice and Fuji General for next week.

Overall thoughts: I liked the main event and the Bees tag wasn't bad. There was nothing must see here but Johnny V was really good all night.

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