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WWF Prime Time Wrestling 1/5/1987 Review

WWF Prime Time Wrestling 1/5/1987 Review

I did a podcast on the show here:

"This is Gorilla Monsoon." - Gorilla | "And your host, Bobby The Brain Heenan." - Heenan

"Anybody that draws a circle around their eye, leaves a lot to be desired." - Gorilla on Adrian Adonis

They went over the card and Bobby talked about having a headache.

The Dream Team - Greg Valentine and Brutus Beefcake vs The Islanders

By the 10 minute mark, we had almost no action whatsoever. Johnny V rubbed Brutii's shoulders during the entrance at least 5 times alone.

Brutus got the win on Tama after Valentine put him crotch first on the ropes. This wasn't good at all. It went too long and 3/4th's of it was all stalling. The finish was totally lame as well and it had little heat, which I don't blame the fans for at all.

Gorilla had Bobby make some New Year Resolution's and Heenan promised it for the end of the show.

"Well folks, 1986 is history and it's only right that we take time to recognize the world's greatest professional athlete and give the honor to...what are you smiling for?" - Gorilla | "You're gonna show some footage of Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff." - Heenan | "Hulk Hogan" - Gorilla
"He had the luckiest year I've ever seen." - Heenan on Hogan
They showed some clips of Hulk's 1986.

It mostly featured the Hulk Hogan vs Paul Orndorff feud with a little bit on the Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage feud and some other stuff.

Tito Santana vs Jake The Snake Roberts

"If I were wrestling Jake The Snake Roberts and I got him in a compromising position, I might go for the sack myself." - Gorilla on Damien

"Where do you get tights like that?" - Gorilla | "Probably the same place he got those boots." - Resnick

"What am I, Marlin Perkins? How do I know how many snakes the guy has?" - Heenan on Jake's snakes

They goofed on the announcement of the finish. The announcer said that it was a draw due to Jake not giving up to the figure four and Gorilla said the time limit ran out, causing the draw. The match went really long, at least 15 minutes, and wasn't that good. They stalled a lot and stuck to punches and chinlocks. The punches were good as was Tito's come back near the end, but it didn't make up for the long and boring match.

"Are we gonna bury the hatchet this year?" - Heenan | "Probably in your forehead." - Gorilla
Heenan talked about a new years eve party with Ms. Betty and his presents for the PTW cast didn't arrive:
"She said she mailed them. Somebody left it. I know who did it. Alfred Hayes and Okerlund." - Heenan

King Harley Race vs Sivi Afi

"I didn't see anyone get on their knee's, did you?" - Vince | "Yeah, I saw Bruno." - Ventura

"I don't have no king." - JYD on Race
"Sivi Afi there with one of the worst moves I've seen in a long time." - Vince

The finish
Harley Race beat Sivi Afi in a quick squash with a fisherman's buster. Vince ripping on Sivi was great.

"And there goes Bruno back on his knees again." - Jesse Ventura

"The fans are applauding so loud that when he comes by, it sets up a draft." - Heenan on Race's elastic on his crown
"Danny Davis is a great referee. We are gonna party baby, like Egyptians." - Jim Neidhart on Davis being a good ref
"You're looking at and will continue to look at the next heavyweight champions for a long long time." - Bret Hart
The Hart's said they were ready for the Bulldogs and Anvil promised to drink no wine until they win the titles.

We got more clips from 1986.

Heenan celebrated Albano retiring from wrestling and said PTW wouldn't be on without him.

The Hart Foundation and Adrian Adonis vs The US Express and Special Delivery Jones

Adrian beat Jones in not much time at all with a Goodnight Irene sleeper. There was nothing to this at all and it was just brawling before the finish.

Bobby said his #1 resolution was to manage the tag champs but he didn't have a team ready yet. #2 was to manage an interncontinental champion.

The Magnificent Muraco vs Hillbilly Jim

Hillbilly won by DQ when Fuji used the cane on him. Awful and slow match with no action and tons of stalling. This was as bad as you would expect and the finish was dumb. Fuji nailed Jim in the gut with the cane after and ripped his overalls.

Heenan then talked about his 3rd resolution of being the manager of the year. #4 was to make more money than ever before. #5 was to manage the world champion. #6 was to be commentator of the year. #7 was SYM. Apparently it means "shut your mouth" or "so you mad?".

Overall thoughts: Bad show with some very boring and lazy matches. Skip this.

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